First Scandalous “Repubblica” Interview Up On Vatican Site Again

Do you remember the first Repubblica interview?

The one with the all controversy about the Pope not reading the draft, or reading but not paying attention, or reading and paying attention but perhaps having a headache?

The one of which cardinal Mueller promised – and delivered – that it would be taken down from the Vatican internet site?

The one of which all Pollyannas were saying it was all fault of the old man Scalfari, because the oh so holy Holy Father would never say such rubbish? 

Well, that very interview is up again

The wolves truly have no shame.

God, please free us from Francis.

In your own good time. But please, please free us from this scourge.


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  1. I’m glad it’s back up. People have to stop running away from what he said and face it. One way or another they have to engage and grapple with the awfulness of it and the consequences and think it through.

  2. Had any remained, who wondered what Our Lady was referring to as “errors of Russia”.

  3. There are probably two reasons for the BoR’s latest interview and the reposting of the first:
    (a) The World Cup knocked him off the front pages so a need to say something, anything, to get himself back in the spotlight.
    (b) The majority of cardinals are paying no attention to his nu-Church agenda, therefore he has to seek another outlet.
    By the way, Maradiaga has been rather quiet of late.

  4. I just read on The Remnant site that this scandalous first interview that suddenly reappeared on the Vatican website has now been taken down AGAIN.

    Article by Chris Ferrera: “Well, the same interview suddenly reappeared on the Vatican website this week, in both English and Italian, and was included once again among the Pope’s speeches. But, after this stupefying development was noted by Antonio Socci and the Mundabor and Chiesa et Postconcilio blog sites, the “interview” was removed again, and the link provided by these bloggers now redirects searchers to the Vatican home page.”

    “As Socci asked before the interview was taken down for the second time: “What is going on at the Vatican?” What indeed?”

    What in the world is going on?

    • I am extremely honoured that Mr Ferrara would even mention me (I know he reads this little effort).
      What might have happened (and I am very charitable here) is that someone at the Vatican thought that we live in the “time of shamelessness” and thought he would get some brownie points by the Destroyer.
      Not wrong, of course.
      Only premature.
      Alternatively, Francis has given order to post it again as a ballon d’essai, and when he has seen the times aren’t quite right yet he has said “oh well, take it down again; it will be for another time…”

  5. Sir, they have again taken it away. Check by yourself.
    Perhaps it’s too hot in Rome.You know, if ” il ponentino” doesn’t blow, it’s suddenly 35degrees !

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