Coexist! No, Really!

With kudos to Father Z.





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  1. I got a Ruger and a Beretta,o I’ll have to get the rest so I can co-exist!

  2. I’ve only got a Ruger. I seem to have a long way to go!

  3. How providential that you posted this two days before I sat through a sermon at Sunday Mass on the wheat and the weeds, in which the priest stated we should not be judgmental. Although the Church is against abortion, it does not advocate “killing abortion providers.” (Of course he used the politically correct term coined by the abortionists and their supporters.)
    It only got worse; in addition to those who kill abortionists, he mentioned that “fundamentalist Muslims” and “white supremacists” are also wrong to kill. In addition, many people on death row are in for crimes they have not committed.

    His point was that we must avoid judging and “coexist” with evildoers, and in eternity God will judge them by their fruits and send them into fire. As English is not his native language, maybe he might be excused for this statement–but I suspect it’s the company he keeps and the circles he travels in. He seems not to realize that while we are busy “coexisting” with evil, the evildoers keep escalating. Forty years ago, Planned Parenthood provided birth control and abortions; today, it teaches 15-year-olds how to practice bondage with their boyfriends, and it does not report statutory rapists to the state. Similarly, “fundamental Muslims”–who believe the Koran when it advocates killing infidels (us)–keep escalating their atrocities while Father and others like him concentrate on being the best they can be and winning these extremists and fanatics and killers by their wonderful example. (Sound familiar?)

    Father was right when he mentioned “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” That was my interior reaction to his idiotic sermon. Think I will have to travel across the river to attend the nearest Latin Mass if this continues!

    • I don’t think th elanguage is the problem.
      I think cowardice is the problem.
      Already mentioning “white supremacists” and “fundamentalist Muslims” in the same breath tells you the kind of person he is.

  4. The next time a cleric opines on judging, ask him if he’s familiar with the question posed by Christ in Luke 12:57 and then ask him if he knows the difference between judging sinful behavior; the duty of all followers of Christ, and one’s particular judgment.

    “And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just?” Luke 12:57

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