Methodists Vote Their Own Theology On Sodomy. For Once, They Vote Right.

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As a Catholic, I never cease to be amazed at the very concept a group of faithful calling themselves a church can think of voting their own theology, the same way as a council would vote whether they want a new bridge or to enlarge the hospital. Apparently, the thinking behind that is that  the Holy Ghost guides them. So if community A is guided in a way and the neighbouring community B is guided in a different one…

This, let me say this, utterly ridiculous and childlike system of deciding what is right and what is wrong must not necessarily lead to the wrong results.  Let us say, there is on average a 50% probability they will do what is right. This happened to the biggest US mainstream Protestant denomination in the US, the Methodists.

The Methodists have defeated attempts to modify their own theology in a way which…

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  1. The Methodists are not the biggest Protestant denomination in the US by quite a large margin, the Baptists, Presbyterians and ‘non-denominational’ Protestants outnumber them easily, more’s the pity.

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