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The question whether he "fosters adoration" was taken very seriously by those present. The question whether he “fosters adoration” was taken very seriously by those present.

From Rorate Caeli: emphases theirs.

Pope Francis then asked: “Are our temples places of adoration? Do they foster adoration? Do our liturgical celebrations foster adoration?”. Judas Maccabeus and the people “were zealous for God’s temple because it was the house of God, God’s dwelling place, and they went as a community to find God there, they went to adore”.

“But, I think – I say this humbly – that maybe we Christians have lost a little the sense of adoration, and we think: we go to the Temple, we come together as brothers – that’s good, it’s great! – but this is where God is. And we worship God.”


Yes. Have we?

What about the Pinocchio Mass, for example? Does it foster adoration?

Or perhaps is the Tango Mass more in tune with…

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  1. … and some/many churches are completely sterile of atmosphere of the Real Presence.

    What I find amusing [not] when visiting ancient hill chapels in France, are framed notices stating that the same have been ‘re-ordered’ in accordance with the requirements of Vatican II.

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