Francis For The Stubborn

The amount of questionable or outright heretical statements of the Unholy Father has reached such dimensions that it discourages amateur bloggers like your truly from creating a section dedicated to the collecting of Francis’ heretical statements, divided by category, for the benefit of those who want to learn Catholicism the right way and avoid the pitfalls of this pontificate. 

It is, therefore, always very useful when a blogger posts a little collection of flowers – or rather, carnivore and poisonous plants – from the treasure trove – or rather, landfill – of Francis’ more or less official statements.

Steve Skojec has an excellent one.

He also points out to the impossibility that everyone – even his close friends – conspires in giving the wrong account on the Pope’s mindset and intentions, without being ever rebuked or corrected by the man himself. 

The result is, as Mr Skojec very pointedly says, that “there is simply not a shred of evidence that Pope Francis wants to disabuse people of the notion that he both believes and said these things”.

I add to this that even more than this is happening: Francis’ hammering on “these things” is so insistent, so obvious, and so shameless that, on the contrary, he is launching the very clear message that the faithful are not allowed to have any doubt about what he thinks, even if he will not formally state it. I cannot explain otherwise the barrage of interviews and other statements – some of first, some of second, some of third hand – that always follows the … lack of correction concerning the latest scandal. 

Francis gives heretical interview (off-the cuff comment, etc.) number one. Father Lombardi says to the press he doesn’t really mean it, and does not mean to be a heretic. There is no word of Francis to disavow the heretical interpretation of what he has said. After a short time, another interview or statement follows, with exactly the same content. Father Lombardi says you should not read too much into what the Pope says. The process starts again.

In the end, the whole planet understands. Only the Pollyannas don’t.



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  1. The spiritual blindness that seems to be covering the eyes of otherwise good and faithful Catholics must be a form of chastisement. It makes no sense, otherwise.

    Thank you for the link.

  2. Mundabor,
    there are two, and only two, explanations for his actions: Francis could simply be a heretic, genuinely believing all these false teachings, intending to change the Church (in his honestly mistaken view) “for the better”.
    Or it could be that he knows the Truth of the Catholic Faith, but has actively chosen to work against Christ, against the Faith, against the Sacraments, and therefore against the salvation of souls.

    Both theories explain the data, so we cannot objectively say for certain which one is true.

    But I sure know the difference between a “normal” heretic, and a demonically inspired destroyer. It’s the latter who inspires that strange gut reaction Mr. Skojec and many faithful Catholics (including me) had right upon seeing this man after the Habemus Papam; that utter dread, that sinking feeling that something terrible has happened. Like animals shortly before an earthquake, we know something is afoot, and our souls and bodies react accordingly. There are evil men high up in the Church who were seduced by the flesh, by illicit passions and the like; there are also those seduced by worldly aspirations, who dare not proclaim the Faith, because they want to be popular or relevant. These two categories are the most common; but then there are some people who are directly in league with the devil, who know they are in league with the devil, and who approve of the situation. They hate the Church; they hate God; they hate the Faith not because it denies their passions free reign, or because it obstructs their worldly ambitions, but because it is the Church of Christ, because she leads souls to heaven, and they know it, and they do not want any souls in heaven. They want them safely with their master in hell.

    Now, I am aware that this is all sub-rational, that no gut reaction can ever replace solid proof, and I do not claim any kind of objective certainty, but I have learned to trust those instincts, and if I saw someone in person who inspired that kind of dread in me just looking at him, I would cross myself and walk away immediately, no matter the situation, starting to say the prayer to St. Michael as I go. This reaction is extremely rare – I have experienced it only twice, and never with someone I knew personally. First in 2007 with Barack Obama*, and then in 2013 with Jorge Bergoglio.

    *Back then I was still an atheist. I had always believed in the existence of absolute evil, though I would have rejected the term “devil” except as a metaphor. My gut reaction in regard to Obama, however, was the same.

    • I can’t see the first explanation working.

      Francis is astonishing in his saying exactly what is interlocutor wants to hear: orthodox with the orthodox, heretical with the heretics.

      He is able to say “if you don’t worship Christ you end up worshipping Satan” and that no one needs to be converted to Christianity.

      No, I cannot leave him one shred of good faith anymore.

      As to the dread… blog post coming!


  3. Yes, Steve. I think this strange, sudden, widespread blindness or loss of reason regarding the objective reality of objective words and deeds of Pope Francis by so many good people (who used to be paragons of reason) is one of the most terrifying signs of diabolical activity. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

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