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Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland's jet. Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland’s jet.

Eugenio Scalfari asks Francis if he wants to convert him. Francis answers “Proselytism is solemn nonsense”. The Pollyannas run to explain to us that Proselytism doesn’t mean Proselytism, it means being a nasty guy.

Wannabe Anglican Bishop asks Francis, probably after one grappa too much, to make a video for his Proddie confreres at the great Proddie convention. Francis readily complies. Not one word seeking conversion to the Only Church ( = Proselytism). A lot of fluffy “I am OK, you are OK” instead. The Pollyannas run to explain to us this is all part of a cunning plan, by which you are nice to people, and the Holy Ghost converts them: no unpleasant words necessary.

Francis then proceeds to receive a couple of extremely un-Franciscan Proddie grandees: among them, the ever-smiling Joel Osteen, privately called “this is my Bible”, and…

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