Life Insurance Needed

Francis has just said something very stupid. Gaenswein looks in horror as he gesticulated wildly.

The Unholy Father is soon to meet with another proddy pastor.

I suggest to Mr (Mister, Signor, Herr, Señor) Giovanni Traettino that he is well insured. Particularly so, if Francis should call him “brother bishop”.

I know, this is a thorny issue.

But I thought it should not remain unsaid.



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  1. Another one will bite the dust!?

  2. Hello Mundy,

    It would probably be advisable for those coming into contact with Papa Pinnochio to pursue Term Life Insurance rather than Whole Life Insurance. The premiums, much like modern Catholicism, come at a much lower cost for Term than traditional Whole Life.

    On a similar note, I am led to understand from Vatican Actuarials that being a friend to Papa Frank leads to a shorter life expectancy than mafioso or Ebola victims. Corky Skorka and Msgr. “Sweet Pants” Ricca are on borrowed time, unless they might have made deals with the Devil. Which might be likely.

    “Vaya Lilo!”

    • Pinocchio himself is about to sue Francis for the damage made to his reputation with that horrible mass.

      The real (fictional) Pinocchio would never be so stupid or impious.


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