Stupid Worries

Mundabor's way. And Blessed Pope Pius IX's, by the way...

The emotional, feel-good society of the twilight of the Western world is obsessed with things that would have made our ancestors laugh. One of them is the absolute necessity to know that people who are executed avoid any suffering.

Expensive new ways are developed, from the electric chair to ever new chemicals. It shall never be said we don't do our best to treat murderers in the most considerate way, up to the end.

Our ancestors made a noose, looked for a very robust tree – or prepared a very robust scaffold – and let the condemned fall down until the rope comes to the end of its length, and breaks his neck. It must have worked most of the times, because when a body starts falling down at 9.8 meters per second the strain on the neck at the end of the fall is simply massive.

Still, at times it doesn't. Then the end follows rather fast, anyway. Which is a treatment no, say, convicted murderer has the right to deem too harsh.

But no. Common sense has no place anymore in our societies. In the last case, the convicted murderer needed, oh, almost, oh, two, oh, hours to die as the new cocktail of poison did not work as expected. Mind: the man was unconscious and did not suffer in the least, but headlines of “botched execution” are going around the world anyway. Someone must feel very good at being just stupid.

Did the Popes of the XVIII or XIX century worry about such problems? Not really.

A rope, a scaffold, a priest, and an executioner. A public too, so that everyone could see what happens to, say, murderers.

Blessed times of innocence and common sense, now sadly gone.



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  1. Yeah, all these tender hearted fools like Mark Shea are sooooo concerned about the poor suffering criminal, but what concern do they have for the victims of these fiends? None!

  2. Compressed bile? Nah, compressed dung!

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