Who Will Be Beatified Next?

Phew! For a moment I thought they would forget him...

I am informed the way is paved for the beatification of JP I.

I am almost relieved, because I was already worried Francis might, between a tango and a selfie, have forgotten the man.

One is reminded of the Asterix cartoons: “it is 2014 and all VII Popes have been at least beatified…

Wait…. All?….”

One wonders what will happen when (wishing Benedict a long life, and assuming he would be considered worthy of the honour) the list of “eligible” popes end. Who will be next? Bugnini perhaps? Tyrrell perhaps? Hey, he did a lot of lío, so Francis should like him much? Von Balthasar? What about Rahner? And if Hans Kueng euthanasises himself fast, could one not think of him? Yes, he wants to commit suicide, but remember: if one has good will and seeks the Lord, who are we to judge?

I am so old that I remember when a beatified Pope was a seldom occurrence indeed. Now, an entire generation of Catholics will grow up believing if you are Pope, of course you are going to be beatified. At least if you have become Pope in the New Springtime, when empty churches and anti-Christian legislation elevate the spirit so much.

I bet my pint on Bugnini.

Küng is still very much alive, and may well bury Francis before he disposes of himself. But Bugnini or Rahner or Tyrrell, they do appear safe bets.



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  1. I guess the system of beatification and sainthood has now descended to the level of the Queen’s Birthday Honors List. One good thing about the very long path to sainthood that used to be normal – nobody was “surprised” to hear that someone had become a saint. By the time several decades (or centuries) have gone by, everyone already KNOWS that someone is a saint, before the Vatican makes the official announcement. Now it’s going to be like Bergoglio’s Christmas wish list.

  2. Radical Ratzinger?

  3. I think Francis might well canonize himself first. AWS

    • Well, this is not possible.
      But there can be no doubt all these beatifications create an expectation for the mob to see everyone beatified.
      Whoever succeeds Francis will, no doubt, be confronted with a thorny issue.

  4. Actually, a JPI beatification/canonization is the least problematic among the recent popes. He did not inflict any damage with his papacy; that, I think, is a remarkable achievement in the past 50 years.

    A question, if I may,for you, Mundabor. I remember what you said about canonizations in the wake of the JPII canonization. If, in the future, Pope Francis were canonized, would that cause you to reconsider your position?

    • JP II did not inflict any damage? Where have you been between 1978 and 2005?
      Assisi? Koran kissing? Hippy liturgy? The transformation of the Church in a media spectacle as the Western mass dechristianised themselves at alarming speed? The controversy with the SSPX? I mean, these are only the ones that came to mind first. The list is endless.


  5. Mundabor, I think you misread and misunderstood my post. The first part says POPE JOHN PAUL I [First, not Second] did not inflict any damage. He was pope for only one month.

    The second part asks in light of your stated position about the actual canonization that has now occured for Pope John Paul II if you would reconsider your position if Pope Francis were to be canonized at some point in the future.

    • My most heartfelt apology about JP I. You are right. Actually, I am among those who think Luciani might well have rained back the V II media far more effectively than JP II. Which you must do, if you want to do it, by calling yourself “John Paul” and saying you want to continue the work of the Vatican II, “in the correct spirit”…

      As to the canonisation, if Francis were to be canonised I would think that he is in paradise out of, no doubt, abject repentance.

      But unless he changes his style and, well, converts to sound Catholicism, I would not consider his papacy 1% less made of first-class shit than I do now.


  6. Mundy, I’m shocked that you’ve not mentioned the Pope’s Argentinian cobbler for potential beatification. You are remiss.

    He’s the guy who keeps the entire Church properly navigated as he stamps in red permanent ink an “R” on the bottom of one of Frank’s shoes and an “L” on the other.

    Even Ricca the Licka can’t do that. He just sews on an “R” or an “L” on Frank’s socks and he even manages to screw that up.

    “Vaya Lilo!”

    • I am reliably informed the cobbler has been advised to keep documentation about his saintly life ready and easily searchable.

      Ricca will also be beatified, provided he does not die in a gay sauna, or knifed by some confreres, which would make things a bit more complicated. He has been informed, though, that the Pope will dispense with the necessity of the miracle.


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