Forgetting Who We Are

Dum Romae consulitur, Mosul expugnatur.

Dum Romae consulitur, Mosul expugnatur.


The usual Rorate caeli has a translation of an excellent article from Ernesto Galli della Loggia on the indifference with which the West faces the persecution of Christians not only in the Middle East. As always, I invite you to follow the link and read the article in its entirety there.

I would, for myself, only add one or three observations which, I think, should be made.

1. I do  not think fear of the Muslim world plays the role that the author of the article ascribes to it. It is a component, certainly; but I have never experienced that whenever the West has seen Islamist fundamentalism as a threat to our own security, it has failed to react. The crackdown on Muslim hotheads after the bombs of 2005 here in England was so strong that nothing of the sort (I mean nothing even remotely comparable; it is difficult to prevent two madmen from butchering a soldier in the middle of the road, in broad daylight) has happened again in the intervening nine years, and the invasion of Iraq notwithstanding the whining liberal cry of what horrible things would happen to us if Bush had provoked a “worldwide jihad” have been listened to only by the irredeemable professional wussies. No, I would say that whilst many in the West find it un-PC to attack Islamist fanaticism, when they  see that the public opinion demand that they act they crack down on the menace all right.

2. Which leads us elegantly to the second point. The Western politicians do not act on the Christian persecution in the Middle east because they see that their electors care much more about who is the last prick literally introducing himself into some third-class “celebrity”. It’s not a case of raison d’etat which leads our leaders not to do what the people will. It is a case, rather, of now two generations raised in abysmal ignorance, without moral compass, without a spine, and without the ability to care anything that does not titillate their worst instincts.

3. Interestingly, the internet site of the newspaper that published the article, the Corriere della Sera, is a prime example of this involution. The internet site looks like a gossip site and a purveyor of soft porn for housewives and acceptable office use (Italians are far more tolerant in these things than many in Britain). It is shameless crap comparable to the internet presence of the “Daily Mail”. Again: housewife porn.

Nor is the “serious” part of the newspaper (and its print version) much better: you may not have the topless or almost-topless photos and the continuous sexual innuendos and gossip, but you have a completely rotten mentality, which fully espouses the heathenish thinking of our times and therefore creates the very same indifference Galli della Loggia laments in the column of the very newspaper. They can’t ever write “homosexual” anymore, “gay” is the only word. “Gay” is only seen in terms of “gay rights”, and every “novelty” in the matter is clearly presented as an “advancement”. They are, in a word, completely sold to faggotry, and one shudders at thinking how many of them are faggots themselves.

In a word, the Corriere is a very powerful vehicle of the same indifference to Christian values it decries from its own columns.

This used to be, a long time ago, at least a reputable newspaper. The advent of the Internet and the desire to create an established, mass Internet present obviously led them to an involution of their online content, adapted to the taste of the proles they wanted to attract. From there, I think, the utter ruin of the printed content has followed, as the stupidity now prevalent among the masses is reflected in the content of a newspaper that does not have, as it was for decades, the ambition to educate the people to right thinking, but rather feels itself compelled to follow it in every vice. 

Yes, every now and then you get the brilliant article, written for the minority of well-educated readers out there. But the main thinking of the newspaper, the editorial line, the collective mind preparing the newspaper, is 100% the crap that is causing the problems. We have forgotten who we are. Our newspaper follow us in our madness. Our politician are happy to go with whatever we think, or rather do not think.

Democracy at work. Which should lead every thinking person to a more sober judgment about this deity of our times. 

The clergy must wake up. When the clergy wakes up, slowly the masses will start demanding a different content from the media they buy. The medial will duly follow, and start to adequate their content to the mood of the masses out there. Before long, the politics will react. Give it some more time, and persecution in the Middle East on this scale will not be unpunished anymore, because the democracies of the West will not accept it.

Of course, in times in which the Pope sends slimy and slavishly praising greetings to Muslims for the start of Ramadan we are very far from even the first step. 



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  1. My Dearest Brother Mundabor,

    I daily read your blog (although I do admit to having Our Pope Emeritus Ratzinger translate some of your vocabulary and explain to me some of the elite and high-brow theological terms you toss around like communion wafers at my last World Yute Day), and mostly I enjoy your satirical and tongue-in-cheek approach you take on my Papacy. My, if I even suspected that you were ever being serious I’d excommunicate you faster than I do a mafioso!

    I must take minor exception to your blog post above. Namely, I do very much admire and read the Daily Mail. Both online and I receive a copy underneath my hotel room door each morning which I read in the loo.

    I like the pictures and I get to keep up to speed on my good catholic (small “c” so as not to offend!) friends such as Bono, Beyoncé and Barack Obama. I like to read the viewer comments with each article so I can keep informed of the smell of my sheep.

    And, they even have articles about me! I have my Boy Friday, Msgr. Ricca, cut them out and he puts them in my scrapbook. I now have many volumes of my scrapbooks and at nights in my hotel room I get comfy in my bed, call room service for yet another grappa, and I giggle and blush as I read about all the cool things which the Daily Mail says about me! It’s fun and afterwards I ring up room service for my final grappa of the night and I fall asleep until the next morning when I hear my bell boy push that day’s Daily Mail under my door. Then I know it’s time for the loo!

    So, in a fraternal spirit, please accept my minor correction so that your blog can continue to be the bestest!

    Love from Your Pal,

    Frankie “Goes to Hollywood” the Firstest and Bestest

  2. You ought to have a newspaper column.

  3. Just in case you have not seen this story, over on RC is this gem:

    Personally, I wonder if the Vatican has their equivalent of “men in grey suits”?

  4. Sir, the Corriere started to resemble the Ddaily Mmail years and years ago, before any I internet appeared. Tthey stated publishing on their first Page( la Prima Pagina del Corriere!) a love affair between aTv actress ( la fidanzata d’ Italia, si diceva allora) and his lover just weeks after her wedding with another famous( in Italy then) TV actor. Many intellectuals ( all PCI ) were offended, but the newspaper sales soared to a level attended only on May 10, 1940.
    Perhaphs when it happened, you were already living aborad.

    • Do you mean June 10, 1940?

      I am not surprised, as in this way they tap on the huge reservoir of proles thinking only of one thing…

      This summer, we have been regaled with semi-naked “selfies” of “entertainment” girls, and basically nude photos of Balotelli’s “girlfriend”, among many other things.

      Crap has become mainstream.


  5. Yeah, of course, June 10, 1940.
    By the way, they are changing director ( De Bortoli is out in 10 momths).

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