Quite The Boor

If you need further proof Pope Humble hates to be in the middle of good Catholics and avoids them whenever he can, you only need to google a bit, and look at the last events in Caserta.

Firstly there was the blunder with the programme. Francis just wanted to spend the day with his Proddie friends, so he gave instructions to do just that.

Predictably, the local Catholics wondered what was going on, and how it can be that, of all people, a Pope goes out of town to meet the heretics and does not care one bit for his local sheep. It is because he does not give a fig for Catholics, of course; but they found it difficult to accept, and complained. The programme was then suitably amended, with some activities in favour of the local joyless rosary-counters.

And then Francis does go to Caserta, and regales us with the usual heresies about extra ecclesiam omnia salus, according to his utterly heretical, now twenty times repeated ideology. But this post is not about that.

Francis is then eating and drinking with the Proddies, and he enjoys both activities so much – presumably, the second one more – that he decides to continue to eat, drink and be merry and simply cancel his next appointment, where he was supposed to meet some nuns and, I have read, children and other faithful.

Now, the nuns were probably orthodox ones, which would explain Francis' dislike for them. What is truly indicative of the man, though, is Francis' decision to just ignore his next appointment, whatever it may be, because he is amusing himself so much where he is now. If you remember the episode of the Beethoven concert and the empty chair, you realise that for this man not showing up is always an option; only, this time he does not even have the boorish excuse of not being a “Renaissance Prince”. This time, he is truly being a 2014 Francis.

If timeliness is the courtesy of the Kings, not showing up because one does not feel like it, or is enjoying himself too much, or perhaps has even drunk too much, is the behaviour of spoiled models and rock stars. It is, certainly, not fit for a prelate, and is utterly disgraceful for a Pope. And note that this chap here is so brazen in his behaviour that he never ever looks for other people to cover his own boorishness with a veil of convenience (a headache; a light indisposition; fatigue due to the heat), but simply has no problem to let it be known he preferred to stay with the heretics and, no doubt, enjoy their wine.

Now, in case you still have not got the message, let me state it very clear in two languages: questo Papa e' un grandissimo cafone.

This Pope is quite the boor.



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  1. Hola Mundy!

    How dare you for implying/stating that the pope has poor manners!

    In all seriousness, however, I might suggest that most if not all of the problems of his papacy might be related to his alcoholism. If one were to look thru the lenses of grappa, it would seem that bergoglio is an alcoholic.

    I really think this might be his root problem. It just might be that simple.

    • If I may, Señor Mundy, take advantage of your patient indulgences so that I may elaborate upon my original statement of opinion:

      There seems to be two Bergoglio personas. The first is the silly and chatty Bergoglio, that utters nonsensical but popular banalities as if he were playing theological badminton whilst quenching his thirst with Pimms & Lemonade.

      The second Bergoglio persona is the insulting and bullying dry drunk that lashes out at those traditional Catholics whom he perceives as preventing him his happiness and liquid joy (likely when My Friend Ricca hides the keys to the grappa closet).

      That’s my opinion.

    • It might, in fact, be that simple if this would not be just the manifestation of an arrogance and boorish attitude that must perforce be present also when he is sober.

      Whilst I do no think he is an alcohol addict in the proper sense, this could be another signal that he drinks too much, and is then unfit for public appearances in front of nuns. Think of the video with the late “brother bishop” and reflect how happy the nuns would have been to see him in that tipsy state.

      But in the end, one who drinks too much at time and realises his error then pays attention to avoid such embarrassments. He revels in them.


  2. I wonder if he will be the first Pope (and hopefully last!) to convert to Protestantism? At the rate he’s going, he might ass well!

    • He would have to resign first?
      But in fact, he is abdicating as head of the Catholic Church, sending the signal that he is the First Dalai Lama of the United Church Of Good Chaps Who Seeks The Lord.
      This, of course, if he understands the magnitude of what he is saying, of cares a fig for it.

  3. This post got me thinking. Eating and drinking with heretics could be like the Lord doing the same with the publicans, except that He admitted He was going to the sinners. He sought to help the lost sheep, and our pope instead kneels down for their blessing. This is what bothers me so much.

  4. I have an impression that the current ideology is “omnia est in ecclesiam” (ergo salus).

  5. Pray for the Church. It’s so hard to understand how they could have elected such a heretic.

    • I doubt the Cardinals, or at least many of them, were aware of the scale of the problem.
      They must have read on the CV “likes the poor, travels with the bus, speaks Italian, comes from the Americas, will be a good uncle”.
      That was enough, possibly.

  6. An alcoholic? Any proof? Sounds like rash judgment to me!

    • To accuse me to call him an alcoholic sounds like rash judgment to me.

      But looks at hsi video to the late “brother bishop”, and you’ll see a man who would be called “alticcio” in every language of this planet.


  7. He’s an alcoholic? Explains why he rode the bus!

  8. He appears to be a little tipsy here:

    “When I went to greet him at the end,” Mazza revealed, “I asked if I could embrace him and he held me tight and said to me: ‘This is a real man’s hug’. Then he showed me how he had once been taught to embrace his confreres, showing a certain distance. ‘This is not good,’ he said to me. ‘I liked your hug better’.”


  9. Stephen Dalton’s post made me laugh out loud. Well done. “Pope converts to protestantism!” I can see it coming.

  10. The Cardinals wanted a ‘third world’ Pope but the Africans and Asians were (mostly) too traditional. Where to go? South America, of course, the home of liberation theology, exactly what we need a Pope who will demand that western governments rob their citizens of even more of their income and give the proceeds to various intermediaries who will vastly overcharge for their ‘services’ and send the remainder to third world dictators who will in turn spend most of it manipulating ‘elections’, buying support and augmenting their personal Swiss bank accounts.

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