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Commonwealth Games: A Passionate Plea For Inclusiveness.

Gender theory at work, and everyone is smiling...

The Commonwealth Games are ongoing. For those of you who don't know, these are the house-made Olympic Games of the Commonwealth Countries.

I have noticed, in the headlines I have read – I don't care to watch – a rather worrying phenomenon: the patriarchal and very oppressive division of the athletes according to biological sex.

I am flabbergasted. Where's the fairness? Why such hate and discrimination?

If, say, a faggot feels he is a woman and wants to compete among them because this is his “gender” of choice, who is anyone to judge? Isn't it fair, and part of elementary human rights, that anyone would be treated and considered as he feels he should? Why all the hate?

Yes, I know. The faggots would dominate almost all the disciplines once reserved for biological women. But why should this be a problem? The biological women should embrace the gender-elective women with open arms instead, celebrating the inclusion in the name of sisterly love. Were they not themselves, I ask you, for so long oppressed by the same patriarchal societal structures now oppressing their “sisters”?

Or should it be so, that women – of all people – discriminate against minorities for the sake of the conservation of outdated, unreasonable, fully racist sex privileges? It should never be said!

I therefore expect that, from the next Commonwealth Games at the latest, and possibly from the next Olympic Games, self-selected gender instead of biological sex be the criterium of admission to the competitions.

Fairness, inclusiveness, and a correct understanding of Human Rights demands no less.

I know that you, my good readers of whatever gender, support these battles. I therefore invite you to write to the Prime Minister and demand that this great nation be once again at the forefront of the battles for Human Rights, Justice and Inclusiveness for the FDSRTGSDER people, and refuses to participate to any international competition in which such principles are not applied.

Stand up for the rights of the oppressed, you brave persons of whatever gender and sexual orientation, aberration or abomination.

Let us put an end to homolesbotranniepervertophobia!!


It had to be said.

I feel so good with myself now.



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