Be Strong, But Be Patient

Francis was so sad he was not allowed to spread his heresies in peace.

I never can hold a smile whenever I read statements along the lines of “the madness of V II is certainly going to end soon”. The thinking seems to be that a shameless tool like the Unholy Father must surely be the last station, where this mad train finally ends.

I would love to share the optimism, but I must say I cannot bring myself to do it.

In my eyes, God is punishing us with an overdosis of the same drug we have been demanding for now 50 years. If this is so, it is in my opinion very reasonable to assume that the aim of this overdosis is to lead the faithful to see the error of their ways, and to come to the – if not unanimous, at least very widely held – view that this mess is the direct result of V II, and we must ditch the latter if we want to put an end to the former.

It seems, to me, very optimistic to think that God would allow 90% or 95% of the Catholics to escape their richly deserved punishment for the sake of the few who continue to believe what their forefathers believed, and will not subscribe to any modernist rubbish wherever it may come from (which, nowadays, is generally from the very top).

It is, I think, reasonable to believe that mass rebellion will be met with mass punishment: an utterly corrupt clergy, fitting the utter rebellion of the sheep, and leading countless to the reward both the corrupt clergy and wayward sheep have so loudly asked for.

If this is so – and again, it seems to me only reasonable to think that this is so – we must ask ourselves whether the great majority of Catholics have seen the light. The answer to this is, in this August 2014, obvious: not only they haven't, but a large part of them actually want more of the rubbish. This is nothing more than the continuation of a process that has now going on for decades. Francis has not come out of nothing. He has come out of V II.

Every stupid act of divestment of Papal authority leads to the next stupid act of weakening of Church teaching. One Pope gives away his tiara, another renounces to use it to be enthroned, a third one is perceived to apologise for the crusades and prays together with infidels, another one beatifies him, still another one refuses to wear the mozzetta and spits all sorts of heresy. The slippery slope of V II is following its course without any sign of nausea from the faithful.

Is, then, an even worse Pope than Francis thinkable? Of course he is! If the masses applaud this cretin, what prevents the Cardinals from electing an even worse cretin, if – as we are assuming – God is allowing the punishment to continue?

Why would the mob, asking for more rubbish, not be humoured by the Cardinals? Why would God, seeing the continuing blindness, allow the faithful to avoid drinking the bitter chalice of their own stupidity to its very end, so that future generations may be warned?

Every madness prepares the way for a bigger madness, to which the (un)faithful have now been “primed”. The ditching of the Mozzetta would have been impossible without the ditching of the tiara, the daily heresies of a Francis unthinkable without the far more occasional, but undoubtedly present heresies of his V II predecessors. You may say that if once, say, fifteen years were necessary for the material of the first “Iota Unum”, the second will take only five years, and the third one. Francis alone would, in his seventeen months of pontificate, make for a heavy tome.


I fear that after Francis, an Über-Francis will follow, unless the scandal becomes widespread enough to stop this cancer from spreading further.

After a Pope Bergoglio, is it so unthinkable that, say, a Pope Maradiaga would stretch the fisted arm in the Communist gesture? What would prevent a Pope Dolan from going to all possible talk shows and make an ever bigger ass of himself than he already is, saying he has “no feeling of judgment” towards public sodomites?

Why would the next Pope not wear jeans? The one after him, Bermudas and flip-flops?

Why would the next Pope not be openly supportive of sodomy? The one after him an old, former sodomite?

Why would the next Pope not apologise for the Syllabus or Errors? The one after him, for Christ's lack of “sensitivity”?

Have we not had Popes kissing Korans, and praying with infidels? Openly protecting public sodomites,and even promoting them? Saying to us that Christ deceived His disciples, and that “perhaps” the Blessed Virgin felt deceived? Factually denying the Only Church, and unofficially preaching some sort of unofficial “One Love” Church Of Everyone In Good Faith? Shall I go on?

Where's the mass outrage? Where's the mass awakening? Where's the mass repentance?

On the contrary: the more modernist shit the rebellious sheep are served, the more shit they want to eat. At least as per today, at the beginning of August 2014; when some theologians and intellectuals are starting to complain very loud and resistance is starting to form, but the vast mass of the Catholic world still swallows Francis' daily dosis of Modernist excrements whole, without complaining, and asking for more.

Do not be so optimistic, say I. Francis might only be the beginning of the last stage of madness, the one of open lunacy. But how long this stage will go on, with how many Popes, and to what extent of turpitude, it is not given to us to know. Particularly so, because the blind mob keeps asking for more.

They will, I am much afraid, get more than they have bargained for, and one day hell will be full of their cries. An atrocious rebellion is being punished in the harshest of ways: a very fitting punishment for people who in their arrogance refuse to believe God may punish anyone, much less them, harshly.

But as long as the sheep keep asking for more modernist shit, I can't see why God would not punish them with another overdosis, and then another, and then another. Until they see the madness of their way, and ask for sound Catholicism again.

Do not lull yourself in the thinking this is certainly the worst. We might have the flip-flops Pope, the X-Factor Pope, or the sodomite Pope before long.

A fitting punishment for people making light of the Pope's dignity and teaching, and of the perversion of homosexuality.



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  1. Mundy,

    Ouch! Your post hurts as a slap across my cleanly shaven face, but it is truth which you offer.

    Many thanks and blessings and may I offer you my continued Hail Mary’s for your firm and steadfast example.

    In you honour, I shall drink only Campari and Soda thru-out August whilst I peruse your writings.

    “Vaya Lilo!”

    • I am a great fan of Campari. Not the soda, the liquor.
      But you will never see me making video calling a proddie “brother bishop” with a rather liquid voice.
      It is astonishing that we live in times when a Pope can grab a phone and send his half-drunken rants to the world, and be praised for that.

  2. Well, we are sheep, and sheep are not known for their brains. I suggest reading some Chaucer; the sheep follow the shepherd, and when he tosses crap in their way, they are the worse for it!

    I would add that the coming Synod may well be an earthquake. Which tends to wake up even lazy sheep.

  3. Theresa DeSimone

    Dear Mundabor……….Sad to say we have already had the sodomite pope. If you have the stomach for it read Chiesa Viva. Monsignor Luigi Villa has done an amazing job exposing the horrifying truth .

    • I have heard rumours about one Pope of the past; but I tend not to believe rumours based on rumours, rather than harder facts.
      Homos are notorious primadonnas, always ready to lie for some motives of theirs, mainly vanity.

  4. Damn it, Mr. M – that’s very depressing! Though I have a feeling it won’t last as long as you might think. My personal opinion is that we are living in the time envisioned by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Also, isn’t it interesting that Pope Benedict XVI had beatified Sr. Elena Aiello and made Saint Hildegard of Bingen a Doctor of the Church – both mystics who also spoke about our evil time. If Our Lord doesn’t act soon, who can be saved – especially the young people being born and raised in this terrible world.

  5. Mundabor,
    we have now reached the stage where Martin Luther is a better Christian than the Pope, because the former actually believed and followed some Christian Truths, while the latter only aims to subvert them. But things will continue to go downhill for as long as they need to, as you said. We still have it very good. The Pope has not yet started openly to proclaim abortion as a sacred right (as one of them is sure to do at some point). He has not yet “celebrated” a homosexual marriage in St. Peter. He has not yet openly denied Christ and trampled a Cross underfoot while proclaiming his allegiance to Satan. I mean, the “open” part has not happened yet… I do not know anything about the current Pope’s private ceremonies and do not presume to judge him… 😉 We have a Pope who is silent about the persecution of Christians by the “religion of peace”, all the while supporting Islam and extolling its “virtues”. But he has not yet openly joined in the persecution.

    All in all, we have a long way down before us. It will get much worse before it gets better. At some point we will start to look back fondly on the current pontificate, because some trappings of Christianity and some resistance among the “regular” clergy still existed. Just as we are now looking back on Benedict XVI, even though he unashamedly proclaimed all the errors of the Council, because he still believed in Christ.

    The only thing to do is fasten your seatbelts, pray, and hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. I do not put my hopes in princes anymore. Not even those very few princes of the Church who still weakly defend some parts of Christianity against the onslaught of heresy from Rome. Sure, I hope they will salvage something from the ruins. I pray for them. But I do not expect them to succeed. I do not even expect them to risk their comfortable positions for the Faith. Generally, they aren’t that kind of man. We do not know when we will get a hierarchy back that actually believes in God, and divine judgement, let alone the whole Catholic Faith. We do not know when the actual “hard” persecution of Christians in the West will begin in earnest, but we may be quite certain that most of the hierarchy won’t even try to protect us, because they will probably be involved with the persecution. It’s much more comfortable that way.

    In the end, Christ and His Church will triumph. In the meantime, the Church triumphs with every soul that still manages to get to purgatory. This is the only thing that really counts. Every soul adds to the army of the saved, to the Church Triumphant.

    Even when everything seems lost, the Devil is still losing.

  6. Mundabor,

    How would you respond to those who would claim the opposite? Namely that with such a catalog of papal horrors spanning some 50 years with no end in sight, this proves that Catholicism cannot be true? If it were, God would never have permitted such a devolving of Catholicism into such a horror.

    That those critical of Catholicism can now point to a Church that is at war with the very Catholicism it should be championing as solid proof that Catholicism cannot be true, since for Catholicism to be true, it must have a faithful and incorruptible magisterium at the helm.

    • I have never heard a proddie making such a childish claim.

      He would not be able to explain why Christ chose Peter in the first place.

      Truth needs only to be true to show its truthfulness. The saintliest or most evil of Popes can’t make truth truer if it isn’t, or a bit less true if it is.

      A Proddie thinking in this way would show, once again, that he confuses truths with people.


  7. Wise words Mundy:+) I agree that we are being punished…although it seems more intense to those who have remained faithful since they see the insanity and have to endure the crap for what it actually is. I too hope people begin to wake up soon…they are soooo dumb…and why wouldn’t they be? They’ve been denied their rightful heritage of catechesis and have leaders who make Beevis and Butthead look like Einstein. Thank you for helping me see that the punishment is for the unfaithful…and to offer up the suffering for their salvation. God bless~

    • Whenever I think of it, I reflect that I am privileged in being at least able to see the crap for what it is.
      It may stink mightily, but it is better than to be a pig accustomed to it and marching every day toward the slaughterhouse whilst happily routing about how good Francis is.

  8. I see that the Pope said that the miracle of the loaves and fishes was a miracle of ‘sharing’, in his Sunday address. So, if anyone was in any doubt about Francis, their doubts should, by now, be turned into certainties. He is an intellectual pygmy and a theological ‘wrecking ball’. He loves Evangelicals (whose main Italian body have made clear that they do not reciprocate his affection) and he hates the FFI.

  9. So I am wondering, with the cries of ‘Where is the protest?!!?’, why it is nearly impossible to get Catholics to do something easy, like a once per month letter to the Pope? It isn’t hard. I know many fear confrontation with their priests/bishops, but there is no realistic chance of persecution with a short letter sent on the first of every month, complaining of a different concern, to Rome There could even be a ‘recommended concern’ before the first day of the month, and it would cost very little to most Catholics. Those who can’t afford postage could pray for good results. Please let me know why this would be useless. Each letter-writer could also add a ‘Rosary count’ to the message, informing the B of R of their prayers.

    I know it seems hopeless. But what if 1 or 2 thousand (or more!) messages came in to him on top of the messages he already receives. The homo lobby gets attention by constant harassment. What would Catholics have to lose by doing some actual legal harassment thing to show their irritation at the goings-on in the Church? I don’t expect an answer from Rome . I expect to cause annoyance. And the more people doing it, the more annoying it will become. Just an idea that persists, and that I hope to continue….

  10. Of course, Francis doesn’t care. But he’s not opening the mail. Somebody in that mail room will be afraid of the numbers. Word of mouth would spread the idea that all is not well. With Francis’ vanity problem, it would hurt him at least a little to find that not everyone thinks he is a walking saint. More importantly, it might deter some of his weaker fans….

    • yes, but if you want to hurt Francis in his vanity problem it is not a mountain of letters sent by pelagians he despises that will upset him.
      It’s the ridicule for all the world to see, it’s being made a joke of by millions.
      There was one post today… 😉

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