I Had A Dream

I had a dream. In my dream, every time Pope Francis said something extremely laughable, or worse, thousands of Catholic blogger reached the nearest keyboard to openly moch his un-Catholic silliness, whilst thousands of other Catholic bloggers reminded their readers of how a good Pope should think and act; upholding the Papacy, as they make clear the unworthiness of the present occupant of the position.

In my dream, sincere bloggers who suffer at seeing an old boor walking over Truth and Tradition understood that – at least in peace time – there is no more devastating weapon than ridicule, and the end either of this Papacy or of most of his antics can be brought about by demolishing the reputation of this Pope as the dignity of the Office and the worthiness of his predecessors, are widely disseminated.

There was, on my dream, no danger that “the papacy could be damaged”, because people understood at this point the only way you can damage the institute of the Papacy for a long time is by allowing this man to go on unchallenged. They also understood that, as Francis continuously extols how good he is compared to his predecessors, relentless mockery would help even the common citizen – those who do not go to Mass and do not care for Catholicism or even religion – to understand that this is one who is mocked by his very own.

What the bloggers all had (in my dream) was a keen appreciation of what makes Francis tick: a boundless vanity. To hit him in the main driving force of his behaviour is, so they reasoned in my dream, the best, most rapid, most effective way to force him to at least downplay his senseless waffling, lest he should experience once again a tsunami of mockery in words, videos, cartoons, and the like. A deadly threat, this, for a person moved mainly by a clearly pathological desire for mass adoration.

In my dream, the result of this change of attitude was absolutely devastating. The good Popes of the past enjoyed a rediscovery, as their writings were mentioned more and more often to refute Francis' kindergarten waffle. The papacy was incresed in prestige, and this increase caused the current Pope the look the more childish, because the difference with a good Pope was made the more evident. The faithful first, and the public at large later, realised that this here is one whose statements would have sufficed to have him burnt at the stake under very many of his predecessors.

Slowly, in my dream (you know how dreams are…) an awareness of the tragicomic nature of this pontificate emerged. The mockery became mainstream, but it was in essence mockery of a horrible Pope, not of the Church; mockery of a man so unworthy of an office now more clearly understood, because the scales have finally fallen.

In the end, Pope Francis announced that his lung problem forced him to resign the office, and announced he would go back to Argentina and his 2 bedroom apartment, because he wanted to be free to ride the bus again, have a chat with the newsagent, and get the shoes from his favourite cobbler. Merriment everywhere at the hypocrisy to the end, but huge relief at his decision to get away from the ridicule and open the way for a decent man…..



Then I woke up.

I woke up, and discovered that Francis had just said, in so many words, that all Christians belong to the same “very big Church” whatever their allegiance, and the Holy Ghost wants that there are Protestants, because it's good for diversity.



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  1. Is that good for “diversity” or “divisiveness”?

  2. Oh, Mundabor, don’t be so rigid and retrospective with your concern for objective truth as revealed to us by God for all time – don’t you know the first commandment is now “Live and let live (except for lots of babies in utero and sick or disabled – don’t obsess about them)? If you are not happy with the world and the world is not happy with you, you obviously are not evolved enough, and have not moved beyond the need for salvation through the Church given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Yes, someway I seem to be stuck in the year 1958, when babies lived and Popes were Catholic.
      My bad, I know.
      Should get out with Protestants more.

  3. I could never have imagined such a mass disorientation among Catholics who were rational about the Faith up to March 2013. Truly diabolical. Mass hysteria, blindness.

  4. Go back to sleep Mundy, and keep having those sweet dreams!

  5. Mundy, what about them bloggers who defend the Pope Francis no matter what he says or does?

    • I divide them into two categories: the opportunists, the stupid and the sincere catholics who think they are truly limiting the damages.
      the first are legion among more or less professional bloggers, and many priests are among them; the second are the vast majority of housemade bloggers; the third are mainly priests who think this is the best way to be loyal to their superiors; few of them at that.

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