The Risk Of Catholic Infiltration In Ireland

The news has been widely publicised that Archbishop Martin of Dublin has criticised those young Irish priests who, uncaring of the new Age Of Catholic Protestantism, insist with such an obnoxious and uncharitable nuisance as Catholic teaching.

The way the Archbishop criticises the young orthodox priests is very telling: they would be, we are informed, “conformist”, and “closed”.

Well I never…

Last time I looked, the first duty of a priest was to espouse conformism; to be, in fact, the very epitome of it. Or since when has anti conformism become a positive trait in a priest? Who is a good priest for Archbishop Martin? One who teaches his sheep that it is not necessary to convert anyone to Catholicism?

The same goes, of course, with the “closed” thing; a word which means nothing (the bishop himself is “closed” to pedophilia, surely?) but clearly conveys a clear message that orthodoxy itself must now be seen as narrow-minded. Which explains what “closed” means in this context: Catholic.

One seems to understand how Father Martin made a career, does one not?

Still: it is a consolation to know that in this vast lake of mud, Catholic nymphaeas in the form of orthodox priests are still growing here and there; so much so, that the Bishop must intervene, lest one day Ireland should become Catholic again.

You see: certainly, Francis is a huge problem, because before him the Popes were at least presentable. But the other and vaster problem is the very many little Francis running countless dioceses; they have been left, in essentials, unpunished and even undisturbed by those very same presentable Popes now so fondly remembered, and they were allowed to slowly infiltrate the ranks of the Cardinals. The accident of the election of one like Francis to the Papacy was therefore, given time, unavoidable given the mentality with which the former Popes have made their appointments.

No, I do not think the Cardinals – most of them anyway – really knew what they were doing. But when you have so many rotten apples in the Sistine Chapel, it is unavoidable that at some point one be given a Mozzetta. Which he will then, rather coherently with his rotten thinking, refuse to wear.

My prayers are with the young orthodox priests in Ireland, whose Catholicism so much alarms the Archbishop; and with all young and less young priests who take their vocation seriously, and believe they will have to give an account for it one day.

Frankly, I very much doubt Archbishop Martin has the same belief as them.


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  1. And to think that that conclave could have elected Malcom Randjith, as, say, a Leo XIV! Alas the day!

    • I doubt if there was one who is not infected with V II mentality. One can have some hopes on the likes of Burke and Piacenza, but they are still sons of their age.


  2. When I lived in Cork its churches were sparsely attended tombs where leprechauns in roman collars just about had to spit the name of Jesus unwillingly out of their sacred pie holes.

    It’s no wonder that the likes of a Bono have sprung forth from the liquored swamps of spiritual turpitude otherwise known as Ireland.

    Even the Jesuits in Amsterdam are more in line with authentic Church teaching than those despicably passive aggressive and modernistic Church leaders of Ireland.

    “!Vaya LiLo!”

  3. Yes, but Randjith reportedly said that if the SSPX were “regularized” he would ask them to run his seminary. I have heard as well that he speaks ten languages. No Francis, he.

  4. Mundabor,
    “the bishop himself is “closed” to pedophilia, surely?”

    Where did you get THAT, Mundabor!? This is IRELAND. Named after God’s ire, they will come to know eventually. They aren’t that closed-minded anymore… 🙂

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