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Feast Of The Assumption: No Friday Abstinence

In case your priest has not told you and you are in doubt, today is a solemnity, which means that you can eat meat even if it falls on a Friday. 

It is, put it another way, a day in which the feast character of the Assumption overcomes the penance character of the Friday.

Enjoy the feast day, then. We can still do so without open persecution. For how long, is another matter.





The Feast Of The Assumption Is A Day Of Obligation

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Just in case your local trendy priest has not informed you of the fact, here in the United Kingdom (and, I am sure, pretty everywhere else) the feast of the Assumption is a day of obligation, in the sense that the obligation is not moved to the following Sunday, (in which case is no obligation anymore: every Sunday is obligation) but must be fulfilled on the day. 

It might be good to plan in advance, and if possible have a plan B if the train fails one.

Again, in normal times there would be no need for this post.

We do not live in normal times.


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