Mundabor’s “Strong, Silent Statement”

Mundabor made a "strong, silent statement". ABC News was delighted...

Mundabor made a “strong, silent statement”. ABC News was delighted…


Apparently, Pope Francis has made a “strong”, “silent statement” against abortion because he… stopped in front of a monument to aborted children in Korea. He even – we are told – “bowed his head in prayer” before the monument; which is rather big news because, as far as I know, it is more than he does in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Again, it turns out this Pope is never weary of doing what is comfortable on the moment, provided he does not land in an uncomfortable position himself. Short of speaking sternly against abortion and become a clear target of the liberal masses from which he wants to be adored, he will do whatever it takes whenever it is convenient.

Hhmm…let us see…

Today is Saturday.

I wonder if I should not gather one or two buddies and go to Stringfellow’s, or to another such establishment where rather fetching professional strippers exercise their trade. 

After which I could always “bow my head” before, say, the statue of Thomas More in Chelsea.

It would clearly be a “strong, silent statement” against strip clubs, wouldn’t it now?




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  1. As long as you kept your head up at the “club.”

  2. Indeed. Ugh. I’m guessing you read the brief piece at Rorate about the Pope’s “moment” in front of a cemetery for the aborted. Underneath the photo there is a powerful and strong collection of coherent thought and words, speaking clearly against the sin and abomination that is abortion. While reading it, I was floored, stunned, that Pope Francis actually said this! And it was quoted? Then I got to the end and read at the bottom who actually said these words. Mother Teresa, of course. Wow, they really had me there. What a sucker I am.

    • It’s not that Francis can’t say sensible things in public. But this is only when he reads statements prepared by others.
      Left to himself, he lawys gives the impression either his IQ is below 50, or he thinks ours is.

  3. Mundabor, you are right about the dangers of a Pope seeking publicity.

    This morning, the front page of the Wall Street Journal printed, below the fold, a photo of Francis having a selfie, with the caption “SAY CHEESE: Pope Francis poses for a selfie at a lunch with young people in Daejeon, South Korea, where he drew large crowds.” Headline: “A Picture of Papal Popularity”.

    Above the fold, we find a photo a woman with the caption “In a school building used to quarantine Ebola patients in Monrovia, Liberia, Uma Fambulle stands over her infected husband after he fell.” Headline: “For Want of Gloves, Ebola Doctors Die”.

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