Of Bastards, Beards, And Beheadings

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I read somewhere that when in Canada the percentage of children born out-of-wedlock reached 40%, a magazine gave the news a cover with the rather politically incorrect title of “A Nation Of Bastards”, or the like. Of course, the fact is true, but it is very insensitive to say the truth, and therefore such inconvenient truths should be rather ignored in favour of inclusiveness and sensitivity. 

Some days ago the same percentage for the UK was announced, and it was (by memory) north of 47%, certainly abundantly in the Forties.

Inconvenient truths come to mind as to what a nation this here is, but in the case of England at least another phenomenon certainly plays a role: Islam. 

The Mohammedans are of the opinion that a husband must be able to ditch his wife rather easily if he thinks it fit. I suspect it even applies to the wife, though in this case the temptation must be somewhat less frequent and far less strong. Still, the Mohammedan idea of the sacredness of marriage clashes a lot with the very feminist praxis of the tribunals of these isles, which actually share the conviction that not even pre-nuptial agreements must be allowed to come between a woman and the half of the assets of her husband once the marriage has proven itself for a while.  Therefore, the number is probably so high also because a substantial number of Muslim children are officially bastards born out-of-wedlock, whilst unofficially they are the product of a stable marriage of the heathen kind; heathen, yes, but far more stable than many marriages of their once Christian counterparts. 

Another evidence of this is in the frequency of the name Mohammed, now the most frequent child’s name in Britain. 

Contrarily to what the article states this fact has been known for years now, but the fact still remains: no boy’s name is as popular as Mohammed, or one of its many variations.

 Therefore, this is a Country of and more… children born out-of-wedlock, who are in non irrelevant part belonging to a religion that will make them carry rather thick beard, and of whom some are destined to become, at least in their aspirations – may their wish not come true – specialists in brutal killings. 

A country of bastards, many of them with future beards, some of them aspiring to beheadings.

This is Britain in 2014.




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  1. Dim witted marching toward dhimmitude.

  2. Uh, don’t think it’s better here in France, in case you had some illusion about.
    Plus, I should add that most children below 18 AREN’T baptized : more than 70% according to my own experience (and their parents are not mahometans either : “simply” atheists). Actually, I have some students in my classroom (highschool i.e. young adults) who never entered a church (I mean, the building), who don’t know what Easter, etc.
    But don’t panic : for sure it’s the “new civilisation of looooove” 😦

  3. It’s the same here in Germany, I know many people who are in their early 20’s and they proudly say they aren baptized or never entered a church but they are very eager to tell they had homosexual experiences, used drugs and support irak.

  4. See now the Vatican is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee – – not just because Christians are being slaughtered, but because their own comfy lifestyles, including exorbitant meals on a private Alitalia jet, are now seriously threatened by the expansion of Islam ISIS. ISIS has vowed to fly its flag over the Vatican. That seems to have gotten Francis’s attention after the disastrous “inter-faith” prayer summit.

    We have been down this road before people. It is either kill them, or be killed by them. There is no middle ground.

    • As the public opinion starts to demand more action, Francis & Co. are sure to follow.

      They will take care never to blame Islam, though.


  5. Mundabor,
    “A country of bastards, many of them with future beards, some of them aspiring to beheadings. ”
    I vehemently take exception to the radical beardist sentiment on display here. In the name of non-discrimination of out-and-proud beard-bearers like myself and countless others, you absolutely must expunge not only this post but the whole blog-effort which has now discredited itself by its incredibly discriminatory and hurtful statement directed against people of facial hair.

    As to the substance of the post:
    Cut all welfare assistence to non-married parents and their children.
    Give assistance to every Islamic person willing to self-deport.
    Stop all Islamic immigration.
    Repeal all non-discrimination laws (especially those that stop employers from discriminating in favor of married fathers),
    Repeal no-fault divorce laws.
    Let them scream and plead, if they wish, but crush all violent protests that might ensue with an iron fist.
    Then, lean back and watch bastardy, crime, and beheadings drop fast.
    Oh, and do away with universal suffrage. Only those who have a stake in the long-term fate of a country should be able to vote. That is, married fathers who pay taxes. That should reduce backlash at the next elections.

    Presented in the right way, by a charismatic politician, such a platform might cut right through political correctness and could be very successful a few years down the road, when the collapse of civilized institutions is much more obvious than it is now. We are not quite there, yet – there is still enough economic wealth for people to delude themselves into thinking all is well. Wait until after the current governing elites are discredited.

    • Nice ideas, but I must say your country is very far from that mindset.
      I’d say sweeping changes are more likely to be introduced by a Francisco Franco, than by an elected politician.
      Here in the UK, the UKIP is bastardising itself fast.

    • Mundabor,
      “I’d say sweeping changes are more likely to be introduced by a Francisco Franco, than by an elected politician.”
      I agree. But I thought you were in favor of democracy…

      “Nice ideas, but I must say your country is very far from that mindset.”
      It is, indeed. But so is almost every country in Europe. Even those that still retain some semblance of sanity (like Poland, Ireland and Malta) are falling fast. There are very few exceptions – Russia is one. No wonder it is now singled out for sanctions and isolation by the anti-Christian elites of the West. Hungary could be another, but within the EU they will not achieve anything significant, and Orbán does not seem willing to leave, even with the EU massively sabotaging everything he does. I do not believe anything will happen before civilized institution collapse. And after that… I am not sure Christians will manage to restore Christian civilization, because most of them do not want to (including the Catholic hierarchy, with very few exceptions). Christianity and the Church will survive, but the world will look much more like Iraq, with an endangered Christian minority, many of whom will suffer martyrdom.

    • I prefer democracy in principle. Say, in a solidly Catholic country, of which I doubt even one has remained.

      By fag “marriage”, you will see me on the side of Francisco Franco.


    • :: Applause ::

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