“Remnant” Petition To Stop The Synod

The Remnant website has the usual intelligent and very pertinent reflections about several issues also touched on this blog; but this time, the issues are seen in the light of the upcoming Synod, for which the preliminary liberal cannonade is now well and truly ongoing before the Great Offensive starts in October. 

The Remnant has, at the end of the article, a petition to stop the synod in the first place.

I do not need to tell you that such initiatives are not relevant according to their probability of success, but according to the signal they send. “Without me”, is the signal that should be sent.

I invite you to follow the link, read the excellent article and sign the petition.



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  1. I signed that petition. It is true that:the probability of success is not the issue. Hence, my one-person letter-writing campaign: one letter every week or two. It appears trivial, but with enough ‘trivial letter writers’ it can send a signal.

  2. Euh… a lot of contradictions in the process : the Remnant knows and tells there and there, that the Church is not a democracy. And now they pretend to put a kind of pressure on Her ?
    On another hand, do you imagine our humble-very-humble-look-at-me-I’m-so-humble-Francis changing his mind and cancelling his synod for a few “neo-pelagians” and “dinosaurs” american people ?
    For the reasons I think it’s rather a quite desesperate attempt by the Remnant “to do something”…while there is nothing to do except to PRAY…

    • There is no contradiction.

      Dictatorships and absolute monarchies can be put under pressure exactly as much as democracy, if they are smart. It is only just that the top knows that the roots are angry.

      And again, the petition is made for the statement, not for the prospects of success.

      The more “lio” (from us Traditionalists) there is, the more diffciult will be for Francis to smuggle his heresies as what the Church is and wants.

      Also please note that you are also not only praying, but also stating your oponion in public; exactly as they do.


  3. I have questioned all along the necessity of the synod which definitely has the potential and it appears also the backing to create more problems for the Church. What puzzles me, after reading the Remnant article is that if 85% of the Cardinals who elected Pope Francis oppose Cardinal Kasper’s ideas about Church teaching on major moral issues and Pope Francis supports Kasper, then why did those same Cardinals elect Pope Francis in the first place?

    • A number had no idea what they were doing, I think.
      Argentina is very far away, and bergoglio’s troops certainly let comment filter like “pragmatic, good administrator, from the Americas, and takes the bus”…
      The rest is… tragedy.

  4. I, too, think an unknown Argentine sounded good to many cardinals. The pragmatism , the bus rides, sounded ‘fresh’ yet non-threatening. Now the reality has set in.

  5. I think you are absolutely correct, M. I did read that the BoR went to Italy only rarely (a smart decision, for him) in which case the cardinals had only a superficial acquaintance of the man who also, allegedly, had his CV done and dusted for the Conclave. In the UK there is an old warning from the Middle Ages about not buying a pig in a poke (poque, Fr – sack), ie do not buy without first seeing and examining thoroughly what it is that you are buying. Caveat emptor, indeed.

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