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Pope Francis, unhappily reigning, has made another rather strong remark about the possibility that he would resign, and hinted in that way used by old men who want to be told they will live many years on his now two or three years remaining. For a twist of fate, the statement were uttered just hours before Francis was informed of a horrible tragedy within his family, with his nephew and his two very little children perished in a car accident. As I was praying for the soul of the poor deceased – for two of them paradise is assured, assuming they were baptised – I could not avoid thinking Francis must perforce see in this tragedy another sign of how uncertain our permanence on this earth is. If he believes in God – which I strongly doubt; at least if by God we mean our God – he might have felt additionally motivated to resign when he reaches Eighty and go back to his cobbler and newspaper agent in Buenos Aires.

For this, it seems that no strokes or heart attacks will be necessary, nor the reaching of 84 and the third or fourth bypass surgery. It will be enough, we are told, that he feels he is not sufficiently strong anymore.

I cannot, in conscience, hide from you my spontaneous thought at the end of this reflection.

Please, Lord, please!! The sooner, the better! Before he appoints too many atrocious Cardinals! Before he attacks Truths not only with daily nonsense, but with extraordinary Synods! Before he confuses even more Catholics, and encourages in their error even more of the others!

Here's wishing to Francis a long, happy and healthy retirement.

You see? Don't say I am not the nicest guy…


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  1. Let us pray for what is best for the Church.

  2. are telling the truth ,thats al!the sooner we get a pope like st pius 10th the happy memory.i can’t believe that we have been sent a man who spouts inanity and banality around every corner-but then ,i believe ,it is for a reason:.the liberals have emerged from out of the shadows and are seen for what they are-heretics.the conservatives ,in this coming synod, will spot them easily now and ,hopefully never make the same mistake again and vote for a pope who actually believes in the one true mystical body of christ.god bless . philip johnson.

  3. The upcoming synod will result in the ‘bishop against bishop’ and ‘cardinal against cardinal’ prophecy at Akita being fulfilled. It wouldn’t have been fulfilled without Francis or his spiritual ilk. So he was meant to be here to (unintentionally) separate the ‘men from the boys’ spiritually speaking. It took him no time at all to create the groundwork for Our Lady’s words to become imminent. He was meant to be here at this time to open the currently hidden schism and will unwittingly fulfill Our Lady’s prophecy. This is the Fatima ‘plan B’ in the absence of the Consecration of Russia.

    • I must say, I have seen precious little men among the Cardinals up to now.
      Let’s hope they are closing their ranks for the October battle.

  4. I think that dire prediction by Frankie is just his way of goading everybody to move quickly in enacting his liberal changes.

    I also think that his ultimate aims include rewriting scripture itself, for starters as in the “Queen James Bible”.

    Yes, I do believe that Frankie was an active homosexual in his younger days — because of his “copraphilia” interview and also because of his tango days.

    That also explains his radical opposition to everything that is normal and good, and his embracing of everything that is politically correct.

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