Inclusiveness Dreams And Nightmarish Reality

The human piece of excrement appearing in the video of the (not entirely proven I gather, but extremely probable) execution of the American journalist James Foley spoke with a strong British accent and is being identified as I write. From London, apparently. Finally, Londonistan is introduced to the world. In HD execution video.

One wonders how many of them are now learning their ropes – or rather their swords, knifes and firearms – in the quasi-statual ISIS territory, a reality that must at all costs not be allowed to consolidate into an established State.

To those of us who have always said that “inclusiveness” of “diversity” is a dream, and the only possible inclusiveness can only be the including of those who want to be like us, the recent events are no surprise at all. Rather, they are the obvious result of such an obviously stupid behaviour, that it can only be dreamt of by brainless liberals who hate Christ and Western Civilisation.

It is, certainly, possible to integrate people coming from outside. Italy – a country that has invaded, or has been invaded by, almost everyone else – always did it beautifully. But it generally did so by insisting on – and favouring the ingress on those inclined to – the assimilation of the newcomers to the ways of thinking and living of the locals. Wisely, more recently the Italian government encouraged for decades the immigration from the Philipines or the Green Cap (the latter mainly black; Italians aren't racists) as the strong Catholicism and the limited language barrier would make it natural for them to want to become like us. It was only with the growing Socialist (atheist and anti-Catholic) influence that a limited door was open to the citizenship of non-Catholic Arabs from the Maghreb; and even they had to be rose water Muslims to accept to live in a Country that did not accept veiled women, and did not give any possibility to raise a family of seven children at taxpayer's cost whilst plotting terrorist attacks.

Britain did. It welcomed the many Abu Hamsas – with or without the hook – and told them they did not need to make any effort to become like us, celebrating an inclusiveness and tolerance with which the people object of the celebration did not agree in the least.

Several decades later Mohammed is the most frequent name given to boys, and a number of violent nutcases – around four hundred very probably already abroad, which allows to presume a reservoir of several thousand “ripening” in the next years – are preparing themselves for a “war” that to them is indistinguishable from massacre.

Well done, British liberal nutcases.

I do not wish for any tragedy to happen, for any woman to be raped, for any man to be beheaded. But If women have to be raped and men beheaded in this country of yours, I dare to hope that the treatment is reserved to your daughters and grand-daughters, to your children and grand children; so that the immense, godless stupidity of the generations of the Sixties and Seventies be visited upon their own blood. At which point one would, in hypothesis, be tempted to ask them what they think of the inclusiveness with which they have made themselves beautiful all their lives.


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  1. Mundabor once again you say the right things at the right time. Its true the labour party hate Christ and His Church and the remains of Christian civilisation that is England. Thats why they let thousands of muslims in with the intention of not wanting them to integrate or assimilate. So the process of dismantling our beautiful Christian country started by Henry VIII can continue aided by the BBC and all the other Godless liberal elites who think they they can build an earthly paradise without God or His Holy Church. Sadly some of our own bishops are of the same mind set.

  2. I have often said that since liberals are the enablers of thugs, then it would be fitting for the liberals to be the victims of the thugs — and hopefully decent people would not be the targets.

    Foley the “journalist” was an advocate jihadists, but I doubt you can find one word by him decrying murders of Christians by Muslims.

    … a liberal in many ways, he reaped what he sowed.

  3. Amen to that last paragraph. I could not bring myself to watch the video, but heard it was horrific. Sad, but not surprising, that the Muslim executioner was British. Was it your site that had the stat which listed ‘Muhammed’ as England’s no. 1 boys’ name? Sick. Too bad ‘James the Moor Slayer’ wasn’t no. 2.

  4. They don’t worry about death because they are totally convinced that 72 virgins are awaiting them in heaven. The only enemy that can deal with them are new crusaders who know that Islam is Satanic, that death is not the end and that to die in the defence of the innocent or to be martyred for Christ will result in eternal joy. Where are they? Our watered down version of Catholicism will not provide the successors of the defenders at Lepanto and Vienna. We are defenceless against genuine zeal and religious certainty because we have abandoned those things. (Francis – ‘don’t look for certainty’).

  5. Hi Mundabor. I’ve just started a new Traditional Catholic forum. I encourage you and your readers to join.

    • Have you not become a Sedevacantist, Sbyvl?
      Or am I confusing you with someone else?
      Why on earth would I encourage anyone to follow a sedevacantist blog?

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