I Want A Parody Blog!

I was made aware of the existence of a parody blog aimed at the effort of a blogger priest. Needless to say, this particular blog is the attempt at humour of some rabid enemy of the Church, allergic to truth and with who knows what other problems. It never ceased to amaze me how judgmental these “do not judge” people are. They must think if they do it themselves is good, if others do it isn’t. Anyway, this chap – or chapess, or unsure which – doesn’t like me, so I followed his link to me and discovered that dissent, faggotry and blind stupidity are alive and kicking in the blogosphere.

I am no “do not judge” type, because mother made me too smart for that rubbish. I try to judge with right judgment, and actually am persuaded I do it most of the times. My very “judgmental” blog has been blessed with some success, and is pretty established in the sound-thinking blogosphere.

It’s not all roses, of course, and many of you have noticed that my blogging activity has reduced to around half in the last months for reasons that I will, as always, not disclose; but my blogging enthusiasm is unabated and I will, so to speak, not “pull a Werling” anytime soon. In short, though I am very unhappy with what is going on in the Vatican and the way Catholicism is being raped daily, I am very happy with my little blog. But is my happiness complete? No.

I miss my own parody blog.

A blog, I mean, created by some dissenter, or pervert, or friend of both to (try to) mock me. Such a blog would, of course, attract a steady readership of reprobates; but as they are lost to the cause anyway this is something that does not bother me. My very own parody blog would, though, have the following positive effects:

1. It would alert a number of people to the existence of this little effort of sound Catholicism, causing the one or the other to slowly understand what is truth and what is lie. It happens rarely, I know, but it does happen. Therefore, the parody blog would result in unintended evangelisation help as indirect result of its crappy pretend Catholicism. God does have sense of humour.

2. It would make me proud as a Christian and Catholic. I wear every mockery, slander and insult caused by my Catholicism as a badge of honour. The idiot creating such a blog would still be an idiot; but in his idiocy, he would still make me proud.

3. It is the ultimate status symbol for a sound Catholic blogger. It elevates you from the mass of the common bloggers out there – even if successful – to the very elite, the crème de la crème of Catholic blogdom.

Will I ever have such a blog, devoted exclusively or almost exclusively to me? Will I ever be able to reach this summit of Catholic glory?

Who knows. God willing, one day I will have this honour. For the moment, I must be content with the occasional closet faggot hating me because he (she; it) is a pervert; or with the liberal nutcase terrified of a truth too uncomfortable to be let alone; or with the VII nincompoop thinking that everything before VII must be expunged from the Church.

Perhaps, one day. For now, allow me to daydream.



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  1. Don’t worry. You’re in good company. The Pope thinks this is a parody blog.

  2. But you do write parody, Mundabor! You do it quite well, at that. Nobody does Pope Frank better than you, Not even Pope Frank. I write parody, too, although my blog is a wee thing and not to everyone’s liking. Here it is, for your perusal.

  3. I was thinking of granting your wish and making you a parody blog but I couldn’t think of a good enough title. Actually, the problem is more that I can think of lots of titles but none of them I really agree with. It would be an act of bad faith. Not just that calling it “Dumba More”, “Moribunda” or “Mundane bore” wouldn’t be very nice, but that I whole-heartedly disagree with the sentiments such titles would convey.

    So, I decided what I would have to do is make a blog which is even more radically traditional, while using even more choice terminology and phrases typical of an English-as-a-second-language pasta-munching “a whats-a-matter-you? Ah shaddap a yo face” eye-tie. Then I realized another problem: I lack the talent.

    The truth perhaps is even more troubling for the wannabe troll/parodist: you are un-parody-able. Any attempt to mock would end up being completely unfunny, and would probably backfire in other ways, not least the completely wrong-headed stuff such a blog would need to say in order to pick problems with your fine efforts.

    So well done sir: you win the internet!
    (Hopefully this doesn’t mean that you are having your reward now, but if it does I pray God let’s me know so I can get started on “Dumbledor’s Bog – Tradidio quad ellipsis” immediately).

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