Is It Just Me?

I started noticing it some time ago. At Mass in Rome – undisclosed time and location; wonderful church, but there are thousands of them there only in the Centro Storico, so I have not revealed anything 😉 the homily was entirely, and I mean entirely, devoted to the simple fact that there is no salvation outside of the Church. Which doesn’t mean one who dies a Protestant is ipso facto damned, etc. You know, the whole enchilada.

Whilst the priest refrained from saying that, therefore, Proselitysm is the contrary of solemn nonsense, there can be no doubt the watchful pewsitter perfectly understood the message.

It has happened, in the meantime, on several other occasions. In England, Germany, and Italy. Even in Belgium. Yes, even in Belgium!

It happens now with beautiful regularity, and I start to wonder. Does it happen because the Pope has expressed himself in a heretical way on so many subjects, that it is difficult to listen to a homily and not notice the difference with what Francis says? Or is it because more and more priests – even V II priests, but sound ones – have decided that their duty now consist in guerrilla warfare or, if you prefer, counter-insurgency operations from the pulpit, but without mentioning the main culprit?

I have now lost count of the homilies where some anti-Francis point was made very clearly. It even seems to me – but I might be biased – that the number of anodyne “do not kick the cat”-homilies is decreasing, as a number of priests who were given to such an exercise now feel a duty to say a couple of things straight, implicitly – alas, very seldom openly – making clear who the target of the criticism is.

A silent counteroffensive is, I think, forming. The Pope confuses the faithful, therefore the priest must drive home a point or two. They are no lions, mind. It is very seldom they even mention the man. But this is, if you will, exactly the point. They are saying to the wise: “ignore him; and please understand I cannot say more”.

I do not know to what extent a priest cannot “say more”. But we, the laity, surely can.

Not encumbered with a nasty bishop as our superior, and in no risk of being transferred to some elephant cemetery for being Catholic, we can say it as it is, carrying on and amplifying the message of the priest. And the message is very simple: do not listen to the old man. Stick to sound Catholicism instead.

If anyone of you could briefly report of what happens in his own neck of the wood and whether he also notices the trend I have described, I would be very grateful for two lines in the comment box.

It might be just me. It might be that I read all the bollocks of the man and am therefore more easily led to comparisons between that and a sound homily. Or it can be that the message is being sent increasingly more forcefully to the faithful: don’t listen to Francis, he does not speak for us.


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  1. Don’t be so confused about all this Mundy.

    Just wait a day or several until an appropriately knowledgeable Francis apologist cum blog will assure you that this is the REAL Francis effect which Papa Bergo intended all along.

  2. “Not encumbered with a nasty bishop as our superior…”

    How did you manage that? …perhaps by going undercover?

    • I mean the priest, not I…
      There must be non-nasty bishops, somewhere… I hope…


    • ” I do not know to what extent a priest cannot “say more”. But we, the laity, surely can.

      Not encumbered with a nasty bishop as our superior”….

      I do not think the laity are free at all of vindictiveness by a nasty bishop, and perhaps this is behind some of the restraint by the Catholic media and blogs, by teachers in parishes, and students in post graduate theology programs to mention a few. But this is not to say that many of these lay people are manipulated and have been duped. By remaining anonymous and uninvolved ( I assume) in any sort of lay ministry or School of Theology, you have a greater degree of freedom of expression
      than many other lay Catholics.

    • True.
      But I were not anonymous, the last problem I would have would be the bishop. The bishop would, in fact, be rather terrified at the idea of confronting me.

      No: if I were not anonymous the backlash would be rather in my professional life: the first avenue of persecution.

      The bishop could certainly not do anything to me, though he would greatly harm himself. I am not a deacon, you see. The bishop who orders me to shut a Catholic blog is purely an idiot, and a I would do my best to allow the world to become aware of it.

      For priests and deacons it is different, of course; as it could be for teachers at wannabe “catholic” schools.


  3. Alas, no such homily heard in these parts. The same treacly pablum served up in great quantities. Monsignor was strident that even if 70% of Catholics are saved the crucifixion was a failure because 70% is a failing grade. So of course pew sitter is to figure all are saved because Jesus deserves the best grade doesn’t He? Very queer spin on the crucifixion isn’t it?

  4. I do hope it’s not just you, Mundabor.

    Sadly, however, our parish priest’s homilies make Pope Francis sound like St Pius X by contrast. :/

  5. Oh I do so hope you are right Mundabor, please, I hope you are right. We always get sound homilies….but then hey, we would…SSPX you know, but I can report that the number of people coming to our chapel seems to be growing.

  6. The very same thing happens here in Brazil! At least in my city (I live where Hélder Câmara lived) and with the priest Paulo Ricardo ( This man is converting many former Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, young silly atheists… He just explains to the people what Catholicism truly is and used to be in these 2000 years. He does it using clear words and making people pray the and fast and study!; showing saintly examples. etc. etc.
    Let’s pray harder for the clergy. 🙂

  7. Actually, the correct is: padrepauloricardo.ORG. (Portuguese only, excepting the following: where he speaks Italian).

    Your blog is excellent, Mundabor. Thanks for doing this!

  8. Actually he said “if even 70% of people are saved, the crucifixion was a failure, because 70% is a failing grade”. Can’t even imagine the Monsignor insinuating that only Catholics are saved.

  9. At Mass this Sunday, for the first time, I heard the Assistant pastor who has never spoken of anything that would pass as controversial state that we, as Roman Catholics have been encouraged to be ashamed of our Faith. He said we are hearing this message all around us.
    ” We belong to Jesus’s Church the first and only Church founded by Jesus Christ. ” The whole Church looked like shocked. Some acted as though they didn’t know that.

  10. I think this is indeed happening bit by bit. But I am still astonished at just how many otherwise orthodox priests insist that any alleged heresy coming from Francis must be the result of an abuse media effort to twist his words. As if he is not speaking clearly enough? At any rate, I’m afraid the much bigger problem are the Dolans and Maradiagas of the world, which far offset any progress made at priest/blogger level.

  11. I think this is really happening, but very slowly.
    But now that I think of it, Pope Francis is almost never mentioned in homilies. This wasn’t the case with Benedict, and certainly not with JP2.

  12. I think among the worst priests are those who went off as missionaries from the 1960’s on forward. They took Modernism/Relativism with them and never looked back. Every so often one of them comes to our Church and gives a “talk” that has nothing to do with the faith. Last Sunday we had a priest from Grenada who said: “Isn’t Pope Francis wonderful! He’s so humble! He lives in a house with others instead of in a palace; he walks – doesn’t ride in limousines; he dresses humbly – no rich clothing for him – Francis has brought a new spirit into the Church, a new openness, a focus on the poor, the marginal – he tells us to smell like the sheep . . . I have a friend who went to see him and he was brought up to the rooms where Francis lives and FRANCES HIMSELF! opened the door in JEANS AND A T-SHIRT! and smiled and said, ‘Would you like me to make you a sandwich?’ – can you imagine a Pope asking if he can make you a sandwich!!??!!! – isn’t he wonderful!!?!! and wouldn’t you like to have a selfie of THAT meeting!!??!!!”

    Finally moving on to Grenada, the priest spoke of the corporal works the Church there were providing – which, hopefully, is all to the good – but he never ONCE spoke of any spiritual works of mercy being offered to the natives and wouldn’t know what you were talking about if you brought it up to him. This is a priest who one guesses has taught nothing of the Catholic faith for 40 years. Rather, he has spent his entire priesthood being a glorified social worker who thinks it’s culturally awkward to impose Christianity on the natives and now he’s found a soulmate in Francis. So much for Grenada.

  13. I do believe I heard such a homily last Sunday, but the significance, in respect of the non-Catholic doings and sayings of the current pope, may have been missed by most who pay little attention to what one is required to assent to in the Faith.

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