Do You Guffaw Enough?

I always thought I am a rather serene chap, provided with a robust sense of humour which, at times, even manages to amuse others. But I have now discovered – to my dismay – that this is not enough.

I should, in fact, continuously crack jokes at others and myself; because if I don’t, how can I advertise thejoyofChristthatwemustproclaim?

You see, thejoyofChristthatwemustproclaim, and its sibling thehappykokingaroundtoshowothershowhappyinChristweare, are nothing less than… the New Evangelisation!

Gone are the times when Catholics told non-Catholics some harsh truths about life and death, salvation and damnation, orthodoxy and heresy. Not only was this uncharitable, but – far, far worse – it wasn’t even funny! How those dour men and women, those old maids, those professional sourpusses hoped to ever convert anyone is truly beyond me. They should have cracked jokes all the time instead, non-judgementally showing to their interlocutors, in the appropriately sensitive manner, how much better it is for your quality of life if you become a Catholic; not that there is anything bad with not doing it, of course! But think of all the fun you’re missing!

I have, therefore, decided that henceforward this blog will undergo some changes. The extremely serious photo of Pius XII will be substituted for a pic of a guffawing Cardinal Dolan, and I will add links to The Onion, Comedy Central and, of course, the one or other VII light blogger priest who, in the last months, has become so invariably hilarious himself.

My sincerest apologies to all of you, dear readers. A serious Catholic is a bad Catholic. Next time I read about the plight of persecuted Christians, or am informed about the latest heresy or stupidity of Bishop Francis, I will look for the next mirror and guffaw to myself until I feel like a (much) thinner Dolan. Then I will go around with a face like an idiot on marijuana, in order to show the people I meet the beneficial effects of beingjoyfulallthetimeinChrist. I might add a kilo or three of tiramisu’, just to make myself a bit less dissimilar to the Great Guffawer. Albeit to start seeing some resemblance the tiramisu’ should be weighted in tons.

No doubt, I will convert many people to atheism to my non necessary, but certainly life-improving religion. Prozac needs a medical prescription. Choose Catholicism instead! Boy, it’s powerful!

The same lesson applies, obviously, to you. Do you guffaw enough? Where’s your Red Nose? How many shoulders have you poked today? Do people laugh when they see your face from afar?

And now please excuse me, but I feel the urge to guffaw to myself for five or ten minutes, just for exercise. The people around me, sitting in the bus in the most un-guffawing manner imaginable will, no doubt, be impressed.

Then tell me I am not serious about “evangelising”…


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  1. Mr. Mundy, please open your mouth wide and say “ahhhh”.

    Just as I suspected.

    Not only do you have a coat on your tongue but you also have a vest and trousers.

  2. And don’t forget a link to (Sean) Penn and (Edward) Teller.
    More comedic characters.

  3. We are called to be Christ-like. Our Lord didn’t go around making an idiot of Himself by joking, laughing and being “joyful” 24/7. He called people to repentance, constantly avoided people trying to kill Him, spoke the truth and commanded His apostles. This is what happens when you get people addicted to their emotions in power…their flesh and emo run the show…devoid of reason/intellect and their free will is being strangled by a pop tart. *sigh*

    King St. Louis of France they aint.

    God love you Mundy:+)

  4. Lol. Oh Mundabor, so timely. Only this past 24 hours I’ve let myself be drawn into a combox exchange with a load of GushingLoveOfJesusCanMakeYouSoHappyCanIHearAmen and PrayTheDivineMercyChapletAndLetJesusShineInYourHeart crowd. Silly me trying to remind them that warm-fuzzies are not necessarily from God, and that if you walk out of the confessional and don’t automatically feel TotallyFreakinAwesome (TM) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, honest. Now I’ve learned. Starting today I’m going to start learning to play Kum Ba Yah on the guitar with a tamborine taped to my foot and a clown nose on my face. No more accusations of being a legalist for me!
    1…2…ah 1…2…3…4 Kum bah yah m’Lord…. All together now.

  5. 🙂 🙂 Spot on, Mundabor, as usual.

  6. Thank you. Same here.

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