Pope Sellout Strikes Again

It is difficult to expand on Louie Verrecchio’s blog posts, because the man handles the issue at hand so thoroughly that one has difficulties in making meaningful additional reflections.

In this case, Mr Verrecchio gives us another impressive demonstration of his thoroughness, as he dissects the – once again – heretical statement of Francis concerning the alleged “real” meaning of Jesus calling Peter “Rock”.

I would have laughed if Francis’ ridiculous and fully un-Catholic, or better said anti-Catholic, explanation had come from a Proddie nincompoop like, say, Mr Welby, the pretend “archbishop” of Canterbury. But as this heretical waffle comes from our very own nincompoop in chief, I don’t find it funny at all.

This is the first Pope who claims the position of uniquely cool Pope, whilst even denying his unique position as Pope. It is as if a King would announce his support for the Republicans among the cheers of the mob, neither the one nor the others grasping the absurdity of the situation.

He does not believe in God, is all. Not believing in God, he does not believe in the Church He founded on Peter. The cornerstone is the stone he has discarded. He takes the cornerstone away, and perhaps doesn’t even grasp – because a genius he ain’t – that if one follows his train of thoughts the entire edifice must crumble and his job made, on the spot, redundant.

The man who told us the Church must not reduce Herself to be a glorified NGO wants to reduce her to just that: a Christian NGO among many, and all of them with the same rank and dignity. An NGO led by an awfully humble guy, whom you should consider the best human on earth whilst he berates his office.

He does not believe in God. Therefore, he does believe in His Church. He believes in his own popularity, and will say and do whatever it takes to enhance it. When he’s gone he’s gone, he thinks. Why bother about the Church? Let men applaud him, and humbly inflate his ego whilst it lasts.

An Atheist sellout was made Pope. Congratulations to the Cardinals.



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  1. I for one welcome our new pebble overlords in the building of community that faith has established at the heart of the pebblution!

    This line splits my skull open:
    “Brothers and sisters, what happened in a unique way in Saint Peter, also takes place in every Christian who develops a sincere faith in Jesus the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

    Note that sentence: “what happened in a unique way…. also takes place [i.e.happens in a none-unique way]…” — I would have to get confirmation from the original language to be absolutely sure of the impossibility of meaning here, but one develops a kind of awareness with stuff like this the more one examines the language of the post-VII word-smithery (i.e. modernist – or even post-modernist – claptrap).

  2. Unreal. HH gives the standard Protestant interpretation of this passage. Not just the standard Protestant interpretation but the distinctive, distinguishing Protestant interpretation. And it was no off-the-cuff comment. Unreal.

  3. This over on the EF blog:


    You just got to wonder how many of the college of cardinals will vote to “take a walk on the wild side” again once Francis goes to meet his maker?

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