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Popes In Contrast.

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Rorate has these beautiful quotes from Pope Benedict. I have kept the emphases in their entirety. 

Please note Pope Benedict made all these comments far before the astonishing regress in Western civilisation achieved since March 2013 in several countries.

Pope Benedict wasn’t a lion, but at least he had the lucidity to understand he had to speak, and the intellectual depth to speak in an effective way.

The contrast is, as they say in Italy, impietoso; that is: merciless.



None of us, in fact, belongs exclusively to himself or herself: one and all are therefore called to take on in their inmost depths their own public responsibility.

Marriage as an institution is thus not an undue interference of society or of authority. The external imposition of form on the most private reality of life is instead an intrinsic requirement of the covenant of conjugal love and of the…

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SSPX, Pope, Obedience.

SSPX: Reblogging the Reblog

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SSPX, Pope, Obedience.

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Whilst Iraqi Christians Die, Francis Looks Good

Vatican Insider has another piece of papal madness, not older than a week and a half. I had missed the Franciscan logic. It is surely worth two lines.

The message in short:

1. Christians are dying like flies, and are being forced to flee en masse; but it should never be said I advocate war against Muslims. War doesn’t sound good. Makes one unpopular, you see.

2. The ISIS must be stopped, but not with war. Football matches might work. Or bus driving. or dialogue. Dialogue cures everything. Those poor ISIS sheep are just brothers an dsisters with whom no one wants to talk! Please note how good I look as I say that I want the problem solved, but not in the only way that could solve it.

3. It does not matter how urgent it is to intervene in Syria or Iraq. It is better that people die in a horrible genocide, rather than to allow one country ( = USA) to start a war. As I always say to my friend, the faggot Monsignor: who are they to judge?

4. Let us discuss in the most atrociously inefficient forum of the planet instead. The one well known for never solving one problem on the planet without in the end the USA taking things in their hands, with or without their perfectly useless approval: the UN. They are atheist, masonic, and with 21 Muslim countries as members. The ideal people to decide how many Christians should die. It will sound just right in Europe. Francis, the Pope who works with the UN. We are the woooorlllldddd, we are the childreeeeeeennnnn……

5. Just in case you would think as the Pope I consider myself a moral authority and think I can decide what is right and what is wrong, I say no! No! No! Let other people decide! People famous for never deciding and, when they decide, seldom deciding anything good! What do you say? People die? Unfortunate, isn’t it? Why don’t we make a football match for peace? 

This man is beyond belief.





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