Rotherham: White, Leftist, Cruel, And Stupid.

The BBC explains to us who was in charge in Rotherham.

What do you notice?

As I post this (the article could be changed) they are almost all whites (you must go to the very bottom to find the first non-White). All of them are linked – by way of party membership of linkage to the power apparatus – to the Left. All of them are claiming ignorance, in perfect Nuremberg trial style.

All of them allowing unspeakable crimes to be committed for years; perhaps not knowing the exact scale of the trouble (how could one, by the sheer numbers and the bureaucracy layers involved), but certainly knowing what was happening on the whole. 

White, leftist, cruel, and stupid.

Sink, Britannia.   


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  1. If one reads the article, note that all the Libtards who covered up for the Packies take “full responsibility” for their lack of action to protect children from being raped.

    I’m inclined to accept their sincere pleas for responsibility. They should be hung then drawn and quartered and their remains burnt in a dung heap.

    Can this be arranged by noon?

  2. As enraging as this is, the human trash that enabled it to happen apparently won’t suffer much by way of negative consequences. The worst consequence so far seemed to be of the one man who resigned and immediately got another job in another government agency. The liberal establishment takes care of its own, first and foremost.

    The reaction of the average weenie Brit man-on-the-street: ” I’m a bit disappointed that the authorities didn’t seem to provide the proper support for these children “. Sounds like a very “pastoral” attitude.

    • And you can notice a very generic “Asian” still is the appropriate word.
      “Pakistani” is taboo, much less “Muslim”.
      There will be heads falling, I am sure, and those whose asses cannot be saved will be sacrificed. But whoever Labour may save and get away with, they’ll do.

  3. And yet the UK announced a heightened alert status (Severe), if I read it right. And Cameron mentioned something about taking away passports, to be announced Monday. From whom, I wonder? Probably the generic terrorists.

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