Rotherham: The Inconvenient Truth, In Instalments

As more and more sickening details about the events – nay, the entire mentality – in Rotherham – wait: why would this happen only in another ham? – emerge, the first comprehensive reports appear. “Comprehensive” here means mentioning words like “Pakistani” and “Muslim”, and telling it like it is instead of trying to liquidate everything with some words of “apology”.

Go to the site of the Law and Freedom Foundation to read a comprehensive report in instalments. First two parts published as I write this. Will make a good (read: sad) Sunday reading for yours truly.

The liberal leftists want to kill our Christian society and traditional values.

Let us send them to Pakistan to learn “inclusiveness”.

Hat tip: Father Z


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  1. Prediction: it may not come today, tomorrow or even thru the next decade, but at some point our brother Muzzies who, we are assured by VII worship the very same God as do we, will be physically forced out of western nations, one after the other.

    But, much shenanigans will have to occur before we deserve another Churchill.

    • I’d be happy with the ideology being neutered, and the members westernised to the point of indifference.
      Many Muslims living in the UK do are westernised; shockingly so from an ISIS perspective.
      But even 1% of madmen is a risk too big. This is what happens when you allow them to become millions in the name of “diversity”. (Read: desire to destroy Christianity”).


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