Self-Delusion As Positive Value

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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

A remarkable trait of Anglo-Saxon societies is a sort of human right to self-deception, that is being pushed with increasing aggressiveness as these societies become more and more addicted to political correctness.

There seem to be a consensus according to which things are not what they are, but how youfeel they are.This tragic self-delusion aliments itself in the most tragic ways.

At school, children are asked “what is God for you”, and the class listens to a bunch of little kiddies taught to shape after their own liking the most objective, unchangeable Reality there is. They learn to be confused, and to confuse their peers, at a very young age. When they are adults, they will simply export this mentality to their own adult religious convictions, shaping their own “religion” according to taste. The great season of “I am a Catholic, but……

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