When Faggots Go Mad

Sanity is slowly beginning – I am the eternal optimist, I know – to go back in the consciousness of the mainstream, as more and more people realise the oppression of the Gaystapo methods.

This article here makes a very simple point:

Let me pose a hypothetical intellectual challenge: The law that forms the basis for the action against the Giffords in New York is a provision that bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Yet, isn’t that precisely what is happening to the Giffords? Are they not being coerced to accept and approve someone else’s sexual orientation? Are they not permitted to hold their own sexual orientation, one that acknowledges their God’s definition that marriage is a union of one man and one woman? The Giffords are not campaigning to prevent other people from following their own conscience as to their sexual choices and activities. It’s just the opposite. They are being coerced by the state to take part in the sexual choices and activities of others. Isn’t that obvious?”

The man is, of course, perfectly right.

The simple fact is that at some point perverts will lose their “protected status” as a sort of Indian Reserve in the US legal system, and the silent majority will discover that they have, obviously, perverted the very concepts of freedom, equality, or decency. Slowly, normality will start to creep in. We have seen this phases of hysteria followed by (relative) sanity in many issues: from nuclear plant to global warming and from rayon clothes to quartz watches; even abortion is now under strong attack.

Nothing is irreversible. Nothing stupid, anyways.

I hope this faggot-mania will be next. It will take some time, very probably decades, as the debate sets in and new generations grow up for which the faggot isn’t “oppressed” in any meaningful sense of the term, and is rather the oppressor of anyone who does not want to be I do not say in agreement, but an accomplice in his perversion. But I think it will happen one day. Communism seems triumphant in 1979, and was already dying in the most painful, inglorious way only one decade later. Two years later, it was slain even in Russia. When the pendulum starts to swing back, it can go fairly (as world changes go) fast.

It will take time. Let us salute every little step.

Victory is ours anyway.


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  1. I recently read about a man who was then a practicing homosexual who attended a reception following a ‘Pride Parade’ in San Francisco with his older, more savvy ‘partner’. This man overheard a Democrat party politician say, ‘I hate coming to these fag circuses’. The man was astonished and angry and reported the comment to his ‘partner’ who was totally unfazed telling him that the Democrats needed their support and money and it didn’t matter what they thought about ‘gays’ as long as they appeared to support them in return.

    I was glad to read that at least one apparently ‘pro-gay’ politician actually despises them, I wonder how many others have sold their souls in the same way.

  2. I am taking up a collection to buy 666 crying towels for Timmy Dolan. You see, Michael Sam has been quickly cut from the pro football team. The (lying) coach had claimed with a (lying) straight face that they chose Sam, not for the sake of political correctness and not for publicity, but because Sam really was a great player.

    The coach repeats those (lying) claims here: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24688149/michael-sam-released-by-rams Then the coach immediately contradicts himself and admits that Sam got special treatment: “I was pulling for Mike. I really was. I don’t say that very often”.

    Affirmative action for homosexuals has arrived, coming your way soon. E.g., Mozilla Corp has it, in their “Ascend Project”. Let’s all cheer for corporations and modern big business. Big business is the enemy of free market competition, they are a cabal all in lockstep.

    Btw, Dolan also wants 666 cheeseburgers to tide himself over until supper.

  3. Rather a mean-spirited effort on your part, Mr. Mundy.

    If, as you suggest, comes to pass an end to sodomite-friendly policies, wouldn’t that surely imply that Bishop Rica might lose his current positions as Head Bell Boy, Lord Protector of the Grappa, & Keeper of Reservations and Room Assignments at his present place of employ?

    BTW, is there a Motel 6 in Rome where Papa Hollywood can live more cheaply?

    • You mean Monsignor Ricca, the Faggot Friend?
      I’d say the fag lobby of the Vatican woudl have to go down in flame first. I doubt it will happen in my generation, unless as long as we keep having humble Popes…
      Plenty of cheap motels in Rome. Though I doubt Ricca would like them; this particular one is near to a number of so-called “gay saunas”, you see…

  4. And Russia now rid of the cancer of communism is, almost miraculously, passing anti-sodomite legislation, correctly treating the sodomite movement as the vilest of diseases, even sending lesbian madwomen to Siberia for invading cathedrals. Sanity, sanity once again, and with it a returning desire to survive, not to die, but to thrive! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

  5. Thank you for beginning my week with the reminder that our God will be triumphant in this matter. Now only if he would speed things up with the reform of the liturgy and the relegation of the Novus Ordo to the dustbin of history.

  6. Here you go, this photo, selected for use by Ackerman himself as his public face, is an excellent exemplar for people to test if they have well-functioning gaydar:

    On a gaydar scale of 1 to 10, this rates a… ??

    • I thought only fags have “gaydars”?
      We, the normal ones, can only make reasonable assumtpions.
      That a man with this attitude is allowed to become a bishop tells a lot anyway.
      V II produces fags and pussycats.

  7. Sanity is coming back. But slowly, very slowly. Last Sunday’s sermon at my parish was exceptionally good. SSPX-level good. Something among the lines that “faithful and clergy must preserve true faith with no aberrations, like St. Pius X demanded”. I dropped my jaw (if not physically, at least in my mind).

  8. It seems that there are two definitions of gaydar.


    “GAYDAR” colloquially refers to the ability to accurately glean others’ sexual orientation from mere observation. But does gaydar really exist? If so, how does it work?

    Our research, published recently in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, shows that gaydar is indeed real and that its accuracy is driven by sensitivity to individual facial features as well as the spatial relationships among facial features.


    from http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/03/opinion/sunday/the-science-of-gaydar.html?_r=0

    An observant person should be able to tell the obvious ones. The “non judgmental” types are too mental to do so. People should also have a sense (but most don’t) on who is a criminal or not, and might have avoided voting for e.g. Clintons.

    • I can tell the obvious one, and would smell effeminacy in a man – intended as lack of virility – from very far away; but when it gets less obvious, I am completely at a loss to discern the fag from the straight.
      Women, though, seem to be much better at that time; probably because they are far better at observing details in general.

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