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Mundabor’s “Strong, Silent Statement”

Mundabor made a "strong, silent statement". ABC News was delighted...

Mundabor made a “strong, silent statement”. ABC News was delighted…


Apparently, Pope Francis has made a “strong”, “silent statement” against abortion because he… stopped in front of a monument to aborted children in Korea. He even – we are told – “bowed his head in prayer” before the monument; which is rather big news because, as far as I know, it is more than he does in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Again, it turns out this Pope is never weary of doing what is comfortable on the moment, provided he does not land in an uncomfortable position himself. Short of speaking sternly against abortion and become a clear target of the liberal masses from which he wants to be adored, he will do whatever it takes whenever it is convenient.

Hhmm…let us see…

Today is Saturday.

I wonder if I should not gather one or two buddies and go to Stringfellow’s, or to another such establishment where rather fetching professional strippers exercise their trade. 

After which I could always “bow my head” before, say, the statue of Thomas More in Chelsea.

It would clearly be a “strong, silent statement” against strip clubs, wouldn’t it now?




Anti-Terrorism, XXI Century Style

The press has reported that some young Muslim cretins have spread leaflets on London’s Oxford Street, informing their correligionist of peace that a new Caliphate is now ongoing, and the duties of the unfaithful are, among others, to give moolah and, possibly, to move there. All rather neutral, of course, and certainly reviewed by someone versed in law.

The cretins have, though, conveniently omitted to say the “caliphate” appears to be the worst example of mindless homicidal fury since Pol Pot, or the massacres in Rwanda and Burundi in 1994. Perhaps in their mind the locals aren’t dangerous, and – as the owner of the Rottweiler said – they only want to play.

Sit, Omar.


Put down that head.

Those who read the leaflets, though, and were to decide to move there, are certainly in no doubt as to the nature of this new quasi-statual organisation born out of Obama’s senseless “peace and freedom” rhetoric. They are, therefore, moving there with the intention to take part to the jihad in some way or other (say: part-time beheader, or junior massacre operative).

I do not think anyone like that would live in the UK and renounce to give trouble. It is, in fact, very reasonable to think anyone moving to ISIS territory is already a full-blown terrorist mind, waiting for the occasion to spread death on our shores. This prompts in your truly some considerations and a heartfelt, half tongue-in-cheek, half deadly serious encouragement.

Move to Iraq, my violent Arabic friend. Do not stay here in the UK. The weather is horrible, the food mediocre, the cost of living far too high, and half the girls very fat or severely obese. The trains are often cancelled because of “signal failure”, (=copper theft?), the buses drive you to despair, and there’s a speed camera every three blocks. You can’t rape a little girl like your so-called “prophet” did, and the beer is excellent, which is a constant temptation. why live with all that?

Take the next plane to Jordan, my violent friend, and hence bring your sorry Muslim ass to Syria or Iraq. We will need no expensive trials with you; no damn human right lawyers fighting your extradition if you happen to be a foreign citizen; no costly investigations.

A guided bomb will take care of you all right. If will give you what you most crave: being stuffed in the backside, big time, for the sake of the child-raping prophet of yours. Don’t fret: it will all be very fast. You will barely have the time to think “I’m …..”, and you will be already in the next world, where 72 extremely hairy and extremely horny sodomites believe you are the male virgin they have been promised they will enjoy.

Make haste, my violent friend. Don’t delay! Think of how difficult, expensive, and time consuming would be to deal with you here in the UK, where decades of high-security detention would make you cost vast sums. Be a good Muslim, and make it easy for us and for you. I promise you: the end will be swift, and no beheading.

You want to be a martyr. Who are we to judge?


Important Instructions For The Present Times.

How to behave during an Islamic massacre 

Feast Of The Assumption: No Friday Abstinence

In case your priest has not told you and you are in doubt, today is a solemnity, which means that you can eat meat even if it falls on a Friday. 

It is, put it another way, a day in which the feast character of the Assumption overcomes the penance character of the Friday.

Enjoy the feast day, then. We can still do so without open persecution. For how long, is another matter.





The Feast Of The Assumption Is A Day Of Obligation

Mundabor's Blog


Just in case your local trendy priest has not informed you of the fact, here in the United Kingdom (and, I am sure, pretty everywhere else) the feast of the Assumption is a day of obligation, in the sense that the obligation is not moved to the following Sunday, (in which case is no obligation anymore: every Sunday is obligation) but must be fulfilled on the day. 

It might be good to plan in advance, and if possible have a plan B if the train fails one.

Again, in normal times there would be no need for this post.

We do not live in normal times.


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Egypt In Perspective

Another “religion of peace” Reblog…

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Senseless Blindness

The “religion of peace” Reblog …

Mundabor's Blog

One of the two men who savagely butchered Lee Rigby in Woolwich (yours truly has reported) made a first appearance in court today. In an astonishing show of the level of stupidity now reigning among us, even the newspapers call him “suspect”. There is, in fact, the suspicion that the two men who remained near the man they had just butchered, inviting passers-by to take videos of their feat, might be involved in the fact; but we don’t know, of course. We merely suspect it.

This utter failing of common sense and sane judgment instantly reminded me of another phenomenon familiar to all Catholics: the near-inevitability of salvation. I wonder how many would dare to say today that a sane person shooting himself in the head without one of those very rare, extenuating circumstances to do so (say: the general who knows he will be tortured and executed after his…

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Bitching Dinos

We are informed that 33% of “Catholics” are “very satisfied” with the LCWR, and only 4% “very dissatisfied”.

One truly wonders firstly if such surveys are worth one tenth of the money they cost, and secondly what it means if they are accurate.

“Catholic” is a very broad word in a world where even Nancy Pelosi says that she is a Catholic. In times of non-instruction like these ones, Gandhi would have a sky-high approval rate among Catholics. Yes, he denied Christ's Divinity to the end, but who are we to judge? One can, therefore, draw some conclusion about the 33% of allegedly so satisfied Catholics.

But then there is the other question: whether the people who have been surveyed knew what they were talking about, what the LCWR really is, the ideas the hags who compose it really promote.

Methinks, it is far more probable that the people interviewed still link the nun with her traditional image, activity and mindset. I cannot imagine many have any idea of who these people are in the first place. They approve of them because they approve of nuns, period. If only they knew!

But then again let us play this game and imagine that the people surveyed really knew. Does this prove that the hags are right? No. It merely proves that they are popular among people as bad as them. Not much of a discovery, methinks.

In the meantime, we are informed the Catholic world who allegedly likes the viragos so much does not want to be like them. Actually, it is condemning them to extinction. I do not think the figures (from 180,000 in 1965 to less than 50,000 today) give the real proportion of the hags's catastrophe as does the old age of those who are still alive and kicking, or rather screaming, and the conservative attitude of many young sisters. These women truly are bitching Dinosaurs.

Again: the world out there might like them – because it rejects Catholicism – but it still does not want to be like them!

Not even young angry lesbians want to become nuns of the LCWR type anymore. This truly says it all.



Heresy In The Cemetery

Everything for the buddies...

Everything for the buddies…




Stellar article from John Vennari, that I got from Angelqueen. It is long, but well worth your time.

The alleged fact is described in this way:

“Father David told us that because Tony [Palmer] was not a Roman Catholic he had to ask his bishop’s permission to celebrate the requiem and though Tony’s wife and children are Roman Catholics, permission still had to be given for the requiem. The bishop agreed but said that Tony could not be buried as a bishop as he was not a Roman Catholic bishop. However, Pope Francis said he should and could be buried as a bishop, and so that put an end to that little bit of ecclesiastical nonsense

I do not know whether this is true, and I think the Vatican should make a statement on this. I suspect there is more to it, because I cannot believe Francis is as stupid as the man reports. Albeit… one wonders. If Francis has made himself culpable of such a heretical behaviour for the sake of his buddy, this truly tells you everything you need to know about his worth as a Pope. It would also mean that when he said “brother bishop” he really meant it. Heresy pure and simple. 

The article goes on to discuss the particular view of the likes of Francis and the late non-bishop Palmer concerning “unity”. The operative word here is “convergence”. Convergence is, mind, not conversion. Every talk of “convergence” implies that there’s something wrong in the Church qua Church, and a new “something” will one day be created that is a fusion of Catholicism and Protestantism. To talk, or even think, in this way is to deny Christ’s Church, full stop.

No one has, in this perspective, to “convert” to anything, but rather they march in joyous heretical concord toward the creation of some vague and undetermined new entity; which, whatever it is, cannot be the Church of which Francis has said that he believes everything she believes and professes everything she professes.  Quoting Vennari again: “Or as Francis says, “no one is coming home,” but we “meet in the middle” “.

Vennari says it very fittingly:

The new ecumenism that emanated from Vatican II, and that is fostered by Pope Francis, is a head-on-collision with the Catholic doctrine and practice of the past. [7] The Catholic Faith is not the personal plaything of the Pope that he can remold at will to accommodate the ecumenical spirit born of Protestantism. He is bound to teach the consistent doctrine of the centuries without change. To do otherwise is to be unfaithful, irresponsible and unpastoral.

I would add: heretical. I have written often on this blog that Francis works against Catholicism. He works against Catholicism because his mindframe is hostile to Catholicism. I am actually persuaded that he hates it, which is why he spends as much time as he can among Proddies and Heathens, disparages the Vatican as a place rich in leprosy, and freely insults all those who, with their pious behaviour and solid Catholic faith, remind him of Her Truth and Her beauty.

Please follow the link and enjoy the rest of this excellent article. It is consoling to know that the current madness meets such well-argued and articulated resistance. 



Some Answers




I am asked (not directly; but together with the other readers) the following questions:

1. If I have a basic trust in the Holy Spirit working through the Body of Christ, the Church. 

2. If I have a rock-solid belief that that the Pope is working for the best of the church and the promulgation of the Catholic faith, and

3. if I can listen to him and obey as my shepherd and the Vicar of Christ.

As such questions are another symptom of the diabolical confusion nowadays being pushed  everywhere, I thought I’d give my answers: 


Yes. I have a basic trust. In the end, the Holy Ghost will not allow the Church to be destroyed, and He will drive Her back to sanity. But seriously, that’s it, and the assurance is no more than that.

I do, obviously, not believe that the Holy Ghost endorses every madness happening within the Church. If I had thought that way, I would have supported the Arians when Pope Liberius of Pope Honorius supported them, and I would have believed that there is no Particular Judgment before the Universal Judgment because Pope John XXII (evidently, in this logic, hand-picked by the Holy Ghost and therefore wanting the heresy) was fully persuaded of it until, apparently, the day before he died.


You got to be joking. I have a rock-solid belief that this Pope is working for the best of himself, and the promulgation of the faith in Francis The Black-Shoed Bus-Travelling Social Justice Hero. Again, the Holy Ghost never promised us we would not have a nincompoop. Actually, there is much reason to believe He would punish us with one. As long as we refuse to understand this simple fact, we will deserve further punishment.


I listen to him, and I am mostly horrified. As to the obedience, it will not stretch to the point where the Pope conflicts with Truth. Actually, with the actual red-nosed clown the confusion is such that I cannot obey to both, him and Christ. Therefore, I choose Christ.

As Francis’ disgraceful pontificate goes on, my admiration for St. Paul grows by leaps and bounds. He had the guts to publicly rebuke Peter when he was straying, and he did so with the man whom Jesus Himself had appointed, and he himself (Paul) not even one of the original Twelve. One notices a certain difference with today’s Cardinals and Bishops.

No Paul in sight, then. But this does not mean that a Pope is due obedience simply qua Pope.  He is not an oriental Satrap, and Papolatry has no place among us. 





Some Words About Blog Moderation

The Moderation Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Go away. You are not welcome.

As the disgraceful Francis throws away the mask and shows the true Jesuit behind it, it is perhaps fitting to say a couple of words about the way the highly emotional, rather short-tempered author of this blog will cope with the challenges of our time.

1. This is no place for Sedevacantists. Whilst we criticise the advanced state of decay in which the Church finds Herself, we are fully loyal to the Church.

One does not apply for a new passport – or, more fittingly put, denies the legitimacy of those issuing the passport – because one despises the bunch currently in charge. Particularly if it is Christ’s passport, and the passport to Purgatory. Every comment even vaguely reeking of Sedevacantism will be culled, because I do not want my blog to be occasion of scandal to the many good Catholics reading this effort…

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Wise Words

Via Rorate, the interview of the Coptic-orthodox “General Bishop” for Germany.

The words are clear enough, but note that the good man feels the need to say “Ich bin kein Hassprediger”, “I am not a preacher of hate”. He knows perfectly well that in a country like Germany, the Nazi Nannies might well jump at his throat for simply expressing a perfectly legitimate opinion, and might try to involve the prosecution organs to silence the man, as already done with the late “”

The game is simple: Nazi Nanny goes to the police and says “a criminal offence has occurred”. The police must occupy itself with the matter and has, in principle, no choice to discard it. Therefore, the prosecution office will be involved. Depending on the noise made on the press, the pressure will grow on both police and prosecutors to consider a certain matter worthy of real investigations. At this point, a huge reputation damage has already ensued, and the press will, once one is branded as “hate preacher”, do the rest.

The interview warning Christians of a possible persecution already contains words clearly reminding us of the more subtle persecution already in place.









Gutta Cavat Lapidem

Look at me! Me,me,me,me,me,me!

It cannot be denied that, had Pius X spoken in the same way of Francis, the scandal would have been gigantic. Probably, the mental sanity of that holy man would have been questioned, because – it would have been reasoned – only a madman can express himself in that way.

Francis is, very probably, not mad. The mad things he says with almost daily rhythm are not the fruit of a mental imbalance, merely of a spiritual one. One things he notices about him, though, is the shameless arrogance with which he not only gives scandal, but keeps hammering on the same scandalous points.

Just to mention one topic, the printed statement about proselytism being “solemn nonsense” was initially, from the usual Pollyannas, justified interpreting “proselytism” as “aggressive and obnoxious demand that other convert”. Francis rapidly put an end to such doubts – for soundly thinking people at least – with repeated assertions that confirmed that he really has no interest in converting tout court: the “no! no! no!” statement was followed by a tipsy video for a Proddie congregation, in which he called his buddy “brother bishop”; then by his receiving Proddie preachers on more than an occasion, and high-fiving with one of them for the enjoyment of the photographers. Then again he went to Caserta and shoot another heretical salvo about the Holy Ghost being fine with heresies. There are probably other episodes; with this man it is frankly difficult to keep pace.

Every time it is the same story: Francis says something heretical or outlandish, more or less blind people start saying “he can't have said that”, he repeats the same concept in all possible variations so that most people understand that he really means it, the Pollyanna deplore the continued wickedness of the media.

This has two effects: it persuades all but the very blind that Francis really thinks that way, and it desensitises the faithful to scandal and heresy.

How many times has Francis “confused” (polite word for: wilfully misled) the faithful? How many times has he given scandal with his words, his acts, his appointments? Fifty? One hundred? Is there one man on the planet who does not expect him to go on that way? How many are those who, faced with the scandal, meet it with the same outrage that would have been caused if the above mentioned Pius X had said the same things, or a small fraction of them?

Francis is banking on the position of seeming untouchability given to him by the, erm, tiara. He will go on and on until even faithful Catholics are accustomed to his heresies, and consider them an innocent trait of a oh so humble man. Everytime Francis gives scandal, the values he attacks are slightly diminished in the eyes of the faithful; then he does it again and again, and the faithful become slowly less vigilant, and less vocal; then he does it another thirty times, and everyone knows this is the new normal if not in the grey theory, certainly in the green praxis.

Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo. A drop hollows the stone not through force, but by falling often. This is exactly the strategy followed by the Unholy Father: repeat your heresies and your boorish behaviour again and again, with no apology and no shame, and they will end up being accepted and considered part of the character of the man, and of the new thinking of the Church.

The oxes will, in time, obediently follow, accept every heresy, and ruminate whatever Francis says without wasting a second thinking about its validity or orthodoxy. He has said it so many times now, how can he be wrong? He is the Pope after all! Who are you to judge?

Refuse this thinking. Let your scandal at the 100th repetition of the heresy be as big as at the first. Do not get accustomed to heresy, or scandalous behaviour. When Francis drops another heretical bomb always think how Catholics in the time of St Pius X would have reacted to it, and do the same.

Let us not get accustomed. Let us not yield to the slow corruption of the minds of this disgraceful papacy. Let us wear as a badge of honour that we do not want to conform to this new age of appeasement, heresy, banality, and vulgarity.

Gutta cavat lapidem. But the Truth is as hard as a diamond. Francis does not care for it, and tramples it with his black shoes for the sake of what to him is the only thing that counts: his own popularity, the edification of the monument to Saint Francis The Great Non-Judger.

Francis will ultimately fail, like all those before and after him. Let him enjoy his moment of glory, then, as many before him have done. The day will come when the fun ends.


Justin Welby Is A Heathenish Buffoon.

Babies’ Dreams

Has God Forsaken Us?

No. He hasn't.

No. He hasn’t.


The Pope goes around saying things that, had they been said by Popes of a Christian past, would have probably caused him to die at the stake, and deservedly so. Bishops and Cardinals everywhere undermine Catholic teaching at every possible and impossible occasion. Many a Mass raises valid questions whether a valid consecration has taken place. Catholicism among the masses has degenerated to a very short list of the most trite banalities; banalities in which nowadays open denial of God’s rules is automatically contained; like the “inclusiveness” that ends up accepting adultery and sexual perversion, and the “social justice” that forgets that justice is not of this world.

Has God, then, forgotten us? Has he left us alone in the midst of wolves who attack us day in and day out, and demand that we “include” them, embrace their ideology, and accept it as True Faith?

It is, at times, seriously sickening to always have to write about the latest Papal scandal; or the latest bishop or cardinal desirous to earn brownie points by him; or the latest priest thinking that Castro has been sent by God like a new prophet.

It is sickening. But it is our lot. Could be worse, frankly.

Had God forsaken humanity when the Arian heresy had swept away almost all of Christianity? What must the faithful have thought during the many decades of its seemingly irresistible ascendancy? When even the Pope was at the very least their unwilling accomplice, and at the worst their willing one?

Had God forsaken humanity when the Plague swept Europe in 1348; ravaging a Continent with a violence never seen before, carrying to an early grave countless people, and destroying entire families?

Had God forsaken Europe when the Thirty Years’ War left almost all of Europe savagely ravaged, and Germany almost destroyed, with only the introduction of the potato saving them from countless further deaths of starvation?

Shall I remind you of the First World War, which was in these days, one hundred years ago, about to engulf Europe in a conflict the like of which humanity had never seen? Followed, just as the war had ended, by a short but terrible wave of disease which made, in a matter of weeks, even more victims again?

Last but not least: has God forsaken the countless Christians all over the East and the Middle East, and whose tragedy is now under our eyes – the eyes of those who want to see, that is – as it unfolds week after horrible week?

God never forsakes us, and His promise to be with us to the end of times will obviously stay. But we have to face our lot bravely; strong in this promise, as so many generations have done before us; living and dying in faith amidst the apparence of a crumbling world; and thinking, as we do so, of all those whose suffering has in these disgraceful times a much more concrete dimension than our rather comfortable complaint about probably the worst Pope in history, bar none.

Past generations had to deal with the Arians and the plague; with war, famine and disease. Eastern Christians have to deal with ruthless Muslim persecution, most evidently in Syria and Iraq but also elsewhere, and with discrimination as daily normality in many other Countries.

We have to deal with an old deluded atheist – and if you ask me, an old filthy man, for whom to live under an homosexual’s roof and to openly protect and promote him is being just hip and progressive – as Pope, spreading heresies from the very top as he undermines Catholic teaching every day; and with his minions, rivalling each other in their eagerness to establish who is the one who toadies to him the most.

God has not forsaken us, or the persecuted Christians in Mosul and elsewhere, just as he never forsook all the Christians who had to endure terrible suffering in the past.

We must soldier on in His name whatever He allows that it should happen to us, and draw from it the energy to live a live stronger in faith and, therefore, better able to endure the trials, and better suited to stay, one day, in front of our judge.




Give Us The Bastards Back

Hafez al-Assad.  We need people like him, and on the right side.

Hafez al-Assad.
We need people like him, and on the right side.



This is not going to please many of you, but I think in these days of atrocious persecution of Christians in Muslim Countries there are a thing or two that must be said without half words.

The Arab democratic experiment – an experiment which I had initially greeted, considering the Iraqis far better than they proved to be – has failed. It has failed so appallingly, that we are now in front of an entire region utterly desirous to sink into a pit of bloody ferociousness, as clearly seen in those Countries where they managed to do so; whilst only clearly non democratic regimes – like in Egypt, or in Saudi Arabia – can still control the mob.

The question remains whether in those prevalently Muslim Middle east Countries people are Muslims because they are savages, or are savages because they are Muslims. I tend for the second, seen that the Christian minorities present in many of those Countries do not show the same, ahem, character traits. But in the end, the conclusion is the same: you can’t throw pearls before swines, or democracies before Arabs. I once thought it was possible. I saluted GWB’s attempt to change the world for the better, in deed for once rather than just with stupid rhetoric. But now I am cured.

I see, at this point, only three possible outcomes.

1. The Muslims keep massacring each other, and the worst among them keep massacring Christians like it’s Turkey Shooting Day. The West whines, and does nothing. The Pope, the President of the United States and the main Western leaders talk of peace in a tired manner, whilst the massacre goes on undisturbed.

2. The US and their allies decide to act, and start bombing the ISIS villages and installations like it’s Doomsday, making clear that anywhere near a possible ISIS target – real, potential, or simply suspected – is the wrong place to be and not conducive to a long life, and that the dear supporters of the Religion of Peace will have to extirpate the cancer from their midst with their own hands if they want the bombs to stop falling. Still: that in the end a definitive victory will not be possible without boots on the ground all those of you who have read three things about military strategy know all too well for me to bore them.

I really can’t see any other way, and question the grasp of reality of all those who think otherwise. Talking of peace with the ISIS is, if possible, even more senseless than talking of religion with Stalin. When they die, they will get the message. Not one second before.

But then we have to ask ourselves how the West – if the West is smart; which it isn’t – is to deal with the region.

My solution is not very idealistic, but very practical: bomb the bastards as needed, and then put in power a handful of your bastards. People who know what they must do to stay alive and enjoy a life of luxury and privilege.

Forget democracy, progress, civilisation. They clearly haven’t deserved it. They can’t deal with it. It is what it is.

Put there a handful of bastards able to speak the only language that counts in those parts – violence – and take care that they do not touch your own interests, starting from the safety and tranquility of the Christians. If they deliver, they will be allowed to live, and the West will close its rhetorical and democratic eye whenever necessary. If they don’t, they’ll end up as dead as Gaddafi whilst the next bastard gets his chance.

In the Middle East, Realpolitik is the only option, because every so little amount of practised idealism leads to suffering without end.

Violence, fear, and the constant threat of the Western wrath. This is what works with them. They react to it rather well (Saddam docet). Give it to them, then.

And please, don’t give me the next “give peace a chance” song whilst another Christian community is dispossessed. Diplomacy isn’t made in the kindergarten, and reality has a terrible way of reminding us what happens if we do. Obama’s support to the revolts in Egypt, Libya, even Syria is the epitome of diplomatic and humanitarian suicide for the sake of the kindergarten.

Let us get back to sound diplomacy. Our bastards everywhere, and woe to them if they touch our interests. This is what works.

Can’t you see with your eyes that this is the only way with these people? The “religion of peace” makes it impossible for them to avoid massacring each other and massacre other people, unless they are either united by a common enemy or under a man ferocious enough to keep them quiet.

Give war a chance. Give violence a chance. Give fear a chance.

In the Middle East, it is the only way. 



Mundabor’s Thirteen Secrets To Waste Your Life And Endanger Your Soul

Francis' Stupidity Master.

Francis’ Stupidity Master.



Following the profoundly serene suggestions of our ‘umble ‘oly Father on how to life a happy life, I allow myself to give my own personal contribution. Whilst I doubt they will reach the powerful effect of our Pope’s, I am safe in the knowledge no one will be able to tell me my suggestions are even more stupid than his. And they are three more, in case you’re counting. Which, as we all know, you should not do.

And so here we are.

1. Stroke a cat.

Cats are beautiful animals. They never look for career advancement, or pray by rote. They are just at peace with the World. We can learn a lot from cats. They are so fluffy, eh? Stroke a cat every day. Pay attention, though. Not all cats like it.

2. Hug a tree

Trees are very important to us. Without them how could we breath, eh? Trees are never hurrying anywhere, either. They just (big emphasis here) are. Hugging a tree will channel in you the quiet spirit of the tree. Don’t think whilst you hug the tree. Just be.

3. Kiss a child.

Children are the very embodiment of innocence. You should like children a lot, and try to be more like them. Kiss a child every day. When the mother calls the police, switch to 4.

4. Smile to a policeman.

Policemen are important. They remind us that we are naughty at times, no? Policemen can also arrest us, and they will if the mother gets really angry. Smile a lot, then, to the policeman. There isn’t much happiness in a prison cell, no?

5. Remember to celebrate the Sunday

Sunday is, as we all know, the day of the Family. Therefore, on Sundays there is the obligation to go spend time with your family. You should eat with your family, which is why Sunday it is traditionally called a day of “meal obligation”. Sunday is for the family. Relax. Eat, drink, drink, drink, and be merry. That’s what Sunday is for. Sunday is for the family.

6. Greet the Sky

Every day, pick a moment to say “thank you” to the Sky. If it is blue, tell Her “thank you, Sky, that you are so blue today!”. If it is gray, tell Her “thank you, Sky, for gently teaching me to appreciate you when you are blue!”

Every day, try to jump towards the sky, like you did as a little child. It is so exhilarating, ah, eh, no?

7. Think happy thoughts

Every day, think happy thoughts, like: “I have the best of all possible Popes”. Dwell on his humility, his care for the poor, his social worries. Picture him as He embraces his buddy, Monsignor Ricca, or cooks kosher with his other buddy, the Rabbi. Enjoy the beautiful sense of peace and diversity. Do not dwell too long on it, though, otherwise he will become prideful, eh? Ah?

(Ain’t I the funniest guy…).

8. Do not judge

Judging will make people angry at you. Why would you make people angry? It is better if we all get along, no? And who are we to judge? Learn from Francis! For example, there is that Monsignor… erm, uh, but I digress… The only people who judge are the Neopelagians, Rosary-Counters, Old Maids, Joyless People, Rote-Prayers and assorted bad men. I am not judging, of course…!

9. Hold on to your Koran

Well, this is only for Muslims, I think? But if you aren’t, hold on to your sacred books! Yes, the Bible is fine, too! But please do not show it around too much. We aren’t “judging”. See point 8. Plus they might think you want to convert them. Proselytism is solemn nonsense! Solemn nonsense, I tell you!

10. Fight for Peace and Social Justice. And the Environment, too!

Every day, do or say something showing you care so much. Express your desire for Peaceintheworld, or Theendofpoverty, or Savingtheplanet. Feel good as you say it. Your interlocutors must feel your utter superiority. Always take the moral high ground first, and squat there like it’s 1968.

11. Show Humbleness

You may occupy an entire floor of a hotel (I know some who do), but do get on the bus every now and then, and do care to be seen by your acquaintances! Remember, we must be a bit cunning in this life, eh? Jesus also did with his Disciples, eh, no? (Wink, wink).

12. Have no excessive doctrinal security

Look, every security you have will hurt someone else, right? You can gently suggest that you have your truths, but never insist on them. The World wanted that we all believe different things, because it teaches us to celebrate diversity. How smart the World is, eh? Ah? No?

13. Hug an Invalid in public

This is very important for your personal happiness. Every day, hug an invalid whilst other are looking on. Everything goes, mind: a wheelchair-ridden man will do fine, but really, they come in all flavours.

Again: it is paramount for your happiness that you be seen. Then seeing is believing, and your friends will believe you are quite the heart of gold, eh? Ah? (wink, wink…).


So, this is it.

Not as profound as Francis’, I know. But hey, I ain’t as pious and ‘umble as he is, either.


Bishop Francis Has No Time For Protocol

Mundabor's Blog

Francis hasn’t “time” for these things, and he is “not interested” in protocol. Francis is interested in the perception of Francis, the man. A couple of days ago he showed up at a meeting in Rome with the now famously “humble” Ford, without even a Vatican registration number. He also appears to have entered the church with – refers the “Homograph” – his folded mitre tucked under the right arm. As if he were embarrassed by it, or thought it just superfluous.

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On The Dwelling Of A Bishop

I am a very traditionally minded person – not only in religious matters – and to me authority has always had not only the right, but the duty to show itself. It is, therefore, rather natural to me that, say, the President of the Italian Republic would live in possibly the most stunning of all stunning Italian palaces; a dwelling once considered, ahem, fit for a Pope (before the Age Of The Bus, that is).

The same reasoning I apply, naturally as it seems to me, to a bishop. A successor of the Apostles and with the same formal rank as a Pope, a Bishop should live in a place – and, in certain matters, in a way – fitting his rank, and immediately conveying the importance of the position he holds.

A Bishop should, if you ask me, be immediately recognisable as a personage of absolute preeminence, and unquestionable rank. Even by heathens, atheist, and children. Let him live in a splendid palace, then, whenever the condition of the diocese affords (in the West, it generally does unless the money is squandered in stupid committees), and let us ask wealthy Catholics to give a sound contribution to a visible presence of the Bishop in the middle of his sheep.

This requires, though, a couple of distinctions and reflections:

1. There should be, in principle, only one bishop for every diocese. Diocese with multiple bishops, of whom de facto only one runs the diocese, diminish the importance of the role and confuse the faithful about what a bishop is. I do not know when this fashion of the multiple bishops began, but it seems wrong to me.

2. A bishop should be a man who accepts what comes with his role. If he'd rather be a country curate, let him be a country curate by all means, whilst another is the bishop; or let him be the bishop, and suffer in silence the loss of his little cottage. A bishop should have, if you ask me, as little right to play “one of us” than a Pope. A bishop living in a three bedroom flat, or even in a suburban house, is sending exactly the wrong message, because he is cheapening the office. People understand power and influence at an instinctive, not rational level. If the King lives in a cottage, he has no place being a King.

3. Such a bishop will have a far greater attention on him than the modern eunuchs in black. He will be located square in the middle of the community, with his persona as well as with his palace. With all eyes on him, the pressure will grow to behave like a leader of men should. Exactly as simplicity deprives of influence, Pomp has this beautiful side effect, that it reminds everyone that one person, that one and no other, is in charge.

4. The luxury of a bishop should be luxury that defies the centuries, not the result of his particular taste. A bishop building a splendid palace with an imposing stone facade has put Christ square in the middle of the community; a bishop spending vast amounts of money on his caprices (say: senseless modern art, or architectonical extravagances) is justly chastised. But again, a man of God will always have a clear perception of whether he is erecting a monument to the greatness of the Church, or to his own vanity. Similarly, the preeminence of the bishop should make clear to everyone the power of the Church, and Her demand to count, and to lead the lives of men. This palace, and this presence, must be as public as the Bishop is, as central as Christ has the right to be. The splendid palace near the Cathedral is one thing, the big villa in the leafy suburbs for the private enjoyment of the bishop quite another.

Well, these are my personal reflections on the matter. I am sick and tired of all these example of humble prelates living in humble dwellings, and of this proto-Socialist thinking according to which the humbler, the better. In most cases, the office will be damaged as his holder gets exalted for devaluing his role. It can't be right.

A bishop has a public role and the duty to carry it out in a fitting way, just like a king.

Let him be a king in his diocese, then; smack dab in the middle of the community, but knowing that the entire community watches him.

Methinks we would have not only splendid palaces but better bishops, too.



The Risk Of Catholic Infiltration In Ireland

The news has been widely publicised that Archbishop Martin of Dublin has criticised those young Irish priests who, uncaring of the new Age Of Catholic Protestantism, insist with such an obnoxious and uncharitable nuisance as Catholic teaching.

The way the Archbishop criticises the young orthodox priests is very telling: they would be, we are informed, “conformist”, and “closed”.

Well I never…

Last time I looked, the first duty of a priest was to espouse conformism; to be, in fact, the very epitome of it. Or since when has anti conformism become a positive trait in a priest? Who is a good priest for Archbishop Martin? One who teaches his sheep that it is not necessary to convert anyone to Catholicism?

The same goes, of course, with the “closed” thing; a word which means nothing (the bishop himself is “closed” to pedophilia, surely?) but clearly conveys a clear message that orthodoxy itself must now be seen as narrow-minded. Which explains what “closed” means in this context: Catholic.

One seems to understand how Father Martin made a career, does one not?

Still: it is a consolation to know that in this vast lake of mud, Catholic nymphaeas in the form of orthodox priests are still growing here and there; so much so, that the Bishop must intervene, lest one day Ireland should become Catholic again.

You see: certainly, Francis is a huge problem, because before him the Popes were at least presentable. But the other and vaster problem is the very many little Francis running countless dioceses; they have been left, in essentials, unpunished and even undisturbed by those very same presentable Popes now so fondly remembered, and they were allowed to slowly infiltrate the ranks of the Cardinals. The accident of the election of one like Francis to the Papacy was therefore, given time, unavoidable given the mentality with which the former Popes have made their appointments.

No, I do not think the Cardinals – most of them anyway – really knew what they were doing. But when you have so many rotten apples in the Sistine Chapel, it is unavoidable that at some point one be given a Mozzetta. Which he will then, rather coherently with his rotten thinking, refuse to wear.

My prayers are with the young orthodox priests in Ireland, whose Catholicism so much alarms the Archbishop; and with all young and less young priests who take their vocation seriously, and believe they will have to give an account for it one day.

Frankly, I very much doubt Archbishop Martin has the same belief as them.


Surrounded By Rubbish


A clear sign of the degradation of Catholic thinking was given recently by a Father Blogger, who thought he would make the smart observation that many of those those who criticised the dissenters and the enemies of Benedict now are very ready to criticise the Pope themselves. As if, in all this, there were some contradiction, or hypocrisy.

Of course there isn’t. If Catholicism is to make sense the metre of right and wrong must be given by orthodoxy, not rank. When dissenters go against the teaching of the Church they will be criticised because of that; and the same will happen, must happen, to bishops, cardinals, and Popes. This Pope being openly and shamelessly heretical – albeit in that typical “off-the-cuff”, “who cares what Catholics think” way of his – it is only natural, coherent, and very orthodox that he be criticised himself.

The writing and faulty thinking of the blogger priest shows an alarming degree of Papolatry, in that it equates dissenting from the Pope and dissenting from the Truth; as if the Pope were the bearer, qua Pope, of an authority that can be compared with Truth. Truly alarming, but not so unusual among former Protestant converts who, at times, give one the impression they have converted not to the Truth, but to a Pope. Albeit in this case I suspect the desire not to alienate a mediocre and ill-instructed readership must play a role.

The mediocre priest blogger goes on to criticise what he perceives as personal animosity against Francis. Again, one wonders. I am rather sure not many bloggers and commenters have met Francis personally, and – unless perhaps they sit on a wheelchair, or are Protestants – their probability to do so is exceedingly small. The reason why they despise Francis can, therefore, mostly be traced back to this: that as Popes (or priests) go, Francis is utterly despicable, and it becomes very difficult to be appreciative of the very occasional bout of humour of a Pope who walks over Catholicism every day that God sends on earth. This, If you love Truth, and the Church Francis so continuously attacks. If you don’t care, well of course you can relax…

Life is a simple thing, and it works according to simple rules: if you sabotage the Truth, those who love it will not like you very much. Because they love Truth, you see.

But again, at times there are blog posts that truly show one to what level of functional illiteracy most readers have sunk: utter non-arguments are given to them as if they made sense, and they uncritically accept whatever rubbish they are dished simply because Father (holy, or not) said it.

We are, truly, surrounded by rubbish.




The New Prophet

In the Time Of Mercy, God was speaking through strange people...

This is a priest in good standing, according to Pope Francis.

The FFI is still persecuted, one of its founders still kept in seclusion and slandered.

Open you eyes and behold the shameless inadequacy of this disgraceful Pope.




Francis’ Last: Heresy Live!




The man so well-known for his doctrinal surefootedness and attention for orthodoxy will, apparently, regale the world with the first live interview of a Pontiff.

What can go wrong?

I will spare you my usual considerations, that you have read many times, about the embarrassing attention seeking of this man, that has now gone past pathetic. One truly wonders where this search for novelties will end. One pities the old men of the past, who insisted in thinking thrice before opening their mouth. To Francis, having his mouth shut seems to be the only mortal sin remained. And this, from the man who said he does not like giving interviews. Oh, the hypocrisy…

What will be interesting, here, is the reaction of the Pollyanna troops. They always say:

1. that the journalists distort the words of the Pope, and

2. that the Pope might have been, perhaps, more prudent.

If after around half gazillion major blunders they discover that Francis not only says his rubbish live, but insists in doing so, on the radio, and plans it beforehand, will some of them open their big blue cartoon eyes and finally realise that Francis is always reported by the press with all those “confusing” statements because this is exactly what he wants to do?

I truly wonder.

One thing is certain: Francis does not make the work easy for the Pollyannas. His entire pontificate seems directed at persuading even the most retarded that he really means what he says, and that he will keep repeating it – on live radio if needs be – until everyone got the message.

I will now go and pray for this Pope.

And for the next one.


The Thing With The Link


In past times, journalists used to harshly criticise what other journalists had written, or their general outlook on life.

It generally ended at that.

If, say, Il Giornale criticised Paese Sera, none of its reader ran to the newsagent asking for a copy of the culprit newspaper, just to make sure they had been correctly informed and Paese Sera was really the Proto-Communist crap it was purported to be. You believed those you esteemed implicitly. The criticism was, therefore, a criticism that did not bring business to those who were criticised.

Not so today.

Today we have blogging journalists, and amateur bloggers, linking without any qualm to people whose opinions they disapprove of, heavily dislike, or even loathe. This brings business exactly to those who ideally should not have any; or at least should not have any from the right people.

It seems to me that blogdom and the advent of “linked” news has also caused another phenomenon: a controversy industry aimed not – or not only – at the excitement of their own supporters, but in a growing manner to the angering of their own adversaries; who will then angrily react and link to the culprit, moving vast numbers of people to bring money in the very pockets of their own adversaries. It is as if one would make a small contribution to the Labour Party everytime he thinks they are a bunch of senseless Commies. The worst of this is that the critics keep coming (look at the comment sections), so that it is clear there is no long-term price to pay for the short-term provocation advantage. The click is free to the one who clicks, but it brings an utility to those who are clicked. An utility so big, that entire businesses are run on that only. The more you provoque, the more money it brings, and in the long term. Not even Paese Sera could afford such luxury, and certainly not so easily.

The well-known blog multinational of all faiths and none seems to me a perfect, and at the same time an extreme example, of this. They do not have a print version, and the company as well as their bloggers profit from every click, it being utterly irrelevant whether it comes from people enthusiastic of their work or angry at their very existence. They will, therefore, be encouraged – encouraged in a very obvious and immediate way: ka-ching! – to be overtly controversial, so that their own adversaries may make their tills sing.

I do not think this is a behaviour that should be encouraged. Certainly not, when the person you – or I – deem spreading the wrong idea gets money whenever we want to make really sure that we disagree with him. It may be a smart move from their side to try, it certainly isn’t from ours to let them succeed.

Which is why I have, in the past, advisedly not linked to wrong blogs; particularly – but not only – those of the big Ka-Ching machine of all faiths and none.

I invite the other bloggers reading this to consider doing the same, and to be rather vague in their references: the reader must know enough to know that the criticised position comes from the wrong corner, without being exposed to the rather instinctive reflex to just click the link. Ideally, he should not even be interested about the particular blog or newspaper that occasioned the criticism: the argument made, and its refutation, could well be information enough; then we fight a battle of ideas and want to train each other to right thinking, rather than indulge in, say, heresy or dissent or cafeteria catholic voyeurism.

I know, the one or other will not like this, and will find that something gets lost in the way of information.

But it is, in the end, better than nourishing your adversary.

In past times, I never felt the need to give money to the Pravda, either.




I Had A Dream

I had a dream. In my dream, every time Pope Francis said something extremely laughable, or worse, thousands of Catholic blogger reached the nearest keyboard to openly moch his un-Catholic silliness, whilst thousands of other Catholic bloggers reminded their readers of how a good Pope should think and act; upholding the Papacy, as they make clear the unworthiness of the present occupant of the position.

In my dream, sincere bloggers who suffer at seeing an old boor walking over Truth and Tradition understood that – at least in peace time – there is no more devastating weapon than ridicule, and the end either of this Papacy or of most of his antics can be brought about by demolishing the reputation of this Pope as the dignity of the Office and the worthiness of his predecessors, are widely disseminated.

There was, on my dream, no danger that “the papacy could be damaged”, because people understood at this point the only way you can damage the institute of the Papacy for a long time is by allowing this man to go on unchallenged. They also understood that, as Francis continuously extols how good he is compared to his predecessors, relentless mockery would help even the common citizen – those who do not go to Mass and do not care for Catholicism or even religion – to understand that this is one who is mocked by his very own.

What the bloggers all had (in my dream) was a keen appreciation of what makes Francis tick: a boundless vanity. To hit him in the main driving force of his behaviour is, so they reasoned in my dream, the best, most rapid, most effective way to force him to at least downplay his senseless waffling, lest he should experience once again a tsunami of mockery in words, videos, cartoons, and the like. A deadly threat, this, for a person moved mainly by a clearly pathological desire for mass adoration.

In my dream, the result of this change of attitude was absolutely devastating. The good Popes of the past enjoyed a rediscovery, as their writings were mentioned more and more often to refute Francis' kindergarten waffle. The papacy was incresed in prestige, and this increase caused the current Pope the look the more childish, because the difference with a good Pope was made the more evident. The faithful first, and the public at large later, realised that this here is one whose statements would have sufficed to have him burnt at the stake under very many of his predecessors.

Slowly, in my dream (you know how dreams are…) an awareness of the tragicomic nature of this pontificate emerged. The mockery became mainstream, but it was in essence mockery of a horrible Pope, not of the Church; mockery of a man so unworthy of an office now more clearly understood, because the scales have finally fallen.

In the end, Pope Francis announced that his lung problem forced him to resign the office, and announced he would go back to Argentina and his 2 bedroom apartment, because he wanted to be free to ride the bus again, have a chat with the newsagent, and get the shoes from his favourite cobbler. Merriment everywhere at the hypocrisy to the end, but huge relief at his decision to get away from the ridicule and open the way for a decent man…..



Then I woke up.

I woke up, and discovered that Francis had just said, in so many words, that all Christians belong to the same “very big Church” whatever their allegiance, and the Holy Ghost wants that there are Protestants, because it's good for diversity.



100 Years Later

War is a horrible, horrible thing. I wish it to no one, and hope there’s as little of it as strictly necessary.

But war is an unavoidable product of our fallen nature, a fallout of the Original Sin. Which is why calls to end war qua war are as stupid as calls to end poverty, or sadness, or bad weather. The unforgotten senseless slogan of Paul VI in front of the United Nations, “no more war, war no more!” tells us that stupid papal rhetoric wasn’t born with Francis.

Still, God in His goodness arranges things so that out of the bad the good may come, and no tragedy is allowed that does not hide in itself the seed of spiritual advancement; a way to Heaven, so to speak, hidden below the rubble of our lives.

I can’t think of the First World War anymore without thinking of that moving episode reported by the great Garrigou-Lagrange, which I remember so: two soldiers lying in dying near each other in a field hospital: the French soldier is praying the “Hail Mary”, and dies in the middle of it; the German soldier continues his prayer to the end, on behalf of the dying soldier as it were, and dies after ending it. Can’t think of it without getting watery eyes.

100 years after the beginning of WWI for the then British Empire, as we remember the tragedy of First World War, we must ask ourselves who had it better in life: the two soldiers who had the priceless privilege of dying with the Hail Mary on their lips, or the countless oxes of our times, living and dying like heathens, with countless mortal sins on their conscience but without any serious thought about them and believing that Christ was a nice chap vaguely resembling Che Guevara, or one who today would certainly approve of their lifestyle and fight with them to save the fox from the hounds, or the earth from the evil humanity.

I say the two soldiers were, compared to the countless oxes of the XXI century, very privileged and blessed with great graces.

War is a horrible, horrible thing.

But living a life with no fear of the Lord, and no thought for its consequences, to the end is an infinitely worse disgrace.

As we pray for the dead of the First World War, we must soberly recognise that a far worse massacre is taking place on the Western Souls battlefields every day, with countless souls irrevocably losing the only battle that count. Let us pray for them too, and that the madness of the modern times, a far more dangerous and devastating one than the First World War (then every soul in infinite, and infinitely more worth than her short sojourn on earth – may end soon.




Be Strong, But Be Patient

Francis was so sad he was not allowed to spread his heresies in peace.

I never can hold a smile whenever I read statements along the lines of “the madness of V II is certainly going to end soon”. The thinking seems to be that a shameless tool like the Unholy Father must surely be the last station, where this mad train finally ends.

I would love to share the optimism, but I must say I cannot bring myself to do it.

In my eyes, God is punishing us with an overdosis of the same drug we have been demanding for now 50 years. If this is so, it is in my opinion very reasonable to assume that the aim of this overdosis is to lead the faithful to see the error of their ways, and to come to the – if not unanimous, at least very widely held – view that this mess is the direct result of V II, and we must ditch the latter if we want to put an end to the former.

It seems, to me, very optimistic to think that God would allow 90% or 95% of the Catholics to escape their richly deserved punishment for the sake of the few who continue to believe what their forefathers believed, and will not subscribe to any modernist rubbish wherever it may come from (which, nowadays, is generally from the very top).

It is, I think, reasonable to believe that mass rebellion will be met with mass punishment: an utterly corrupt clergy, fitting the utter rebellion of the sheep, and leading countless to the reward both the corrupt clergy and wayward sheep have so loudly asked for.

If this is so – and again, it seems to me only reasonable to think that this is so – we must ask ourselves whether the great majority of Catholics have seen the light. The answer to this is, in this August 2014, obvious: not only they haven't, but a large part of them actually want more of the rubbish. This is nothing more than the continuation of a process that has now going on for decades. Francis has not come out of nothing. He has come out of V II.

Every stupid act of divestment of Papal authority leads to the next stupid act of weakening of Church teaching. One Pope gives away his tiara, another renounces to use it to be enthroned, a third one is perceived to apologise for the crusades and prays together with infidels, another one beatifies him, still another one refuses to wear the mozzetta and spits all sorts of heresy. The slippery slope of V II is following its course without any sign of nausea from the faithful.

Is, then, an even worse Pope than Francis thinkable? Of course he is! If the masses applaud this cretin, what prevents the Cardinals from electing an even worse cretin, if – as we are assuming – God is allowing the punishment to continue?

Why would the mob, asking for more rubbish, not be humoured by the Cardinals? Why would God, seeing the continuing blindness, allow the faithful to avoid drinking the bitter chalice of their own stupidity to its very end, so that future generations may be warned?

Every madness prepares the way for a bigger madness, to which the (un)faithful have now been “primed”. The ditching of the Mozzetta would have been impossible without the ditching of the tiara, the daily heresies of a Francis unthinkable without the far more occasional, but undoubtedly present heresies of his V II predecessors. You may say that if once, say, fifteen years were necessary for the material of the first “Iota Unum”, the second will take only five years, and the third one. Francis alone would, in his seventeen months of pontificate, make for a heavy tome.


I fear that after Francis, an Über-Francis will follow, unless the scandal becomes widespread enough to stop this cancer from spreading further.

After a Pope Bergoglio, is it so unthinkable that, say, a Pope Maradiaga would stretch the fisted arm in the Communist gesture? What would prevent a Pope Dolan from going to all possible talk shows and make an ever bigger ass of himself than he already is, saying he has “no feeling of judgment” towards public sodomites?

Why would the next Pope not wear jeans? The one after him, Bermudas and flip-flops?

Why would the next Pope not be openly supportive of sodomy? The one after him an old, former sodomite?

Why would the next Pope not apologise for the Syllabus or Errors? The one after him, for Christ's lack of “sensitivity”?

Have we not had Popes kissing Korans, and praying with infidels? Openly protecting public sodomites,and even promoting them? Saying to us that Christ deceived His disciples, and that “perhaps” the Blessed Virgin felt deceived? Factually denying the Only Church, and unofficially preaching some sort of unofficial “One Love” Church Of Everyone In Good Faith? Shall I go on?

Where's the mass outrage? Where's the mass awakening? Where's the mass repentance?

On the contrary: the more modernist shit the rebellious sheep are served, the more shit they want to eat. At least as per today, at the beginning of August 2014; when some theologians and intellectuals are starting to complain very loud and resistance is starting to form, but the vast mass of the Catholic world still swallows Francis' daily dosis of Modernist excrements whole, without complaining, and asking for more.

Do not be so optimistic, say I. Francis might only be the beginning of the last stage of madness, the one of open lunacy. But how long this stage will go on, with how many Popes, and to what extent of turpitude, it is not given to us to know. Particularly so, because the blind mob keeps asking for more.

They will, I am much afraid, get more than they have bargained for, and one day hell will be full of their cries. An atrocious rebellion is being punished in the harshest of ways: a very fitting punishment for people who in their arrogance refuse to believe God may punish anyone, much less them, harshly.

But as long as the sheep keep asking for more modernist shit, I can't see why God would not punish them with another overdosis, and then another, and then another. Until they see the madness of their way, and ask for sound Catholicism again.

Do not lull yourself in the thinking this is certainly the worst. We might have the flip-flops Pope, the X-Factor Pope, or the sodomite Pope before long.

A fitting punishment for people making light of the Pope's dignity and teaching, and of the perversion of homosexuality.



Commonwealth Games: A Passionate Plea For Inclusiveness.

Gender theory at work, and everyone is smiling...

The Commonwealth Games are ongoing. For those of you who don't know, these are the house-made Olympic Games of the Commonwealth Countries.

I have noticed, in the headlines I have read – I don't care to watch – a rather worrying phenomenon: the patriarchal and very oppressive division of the athletes according to biological sex.

I am flabbergasted. Where's the fairness? Why such hate and discrimination?

If, say, a faggot feels he is a woman and wants to compete among them because this is his “gender” of choice, who is anyone to judge? Isn't it fair, and part of elementary human rights, that anyone would be treated and considered as he feels he should? Why all the hate?

Yes, I know. The faggots would dominate almost all the disciplines once reserved for biological women. But why should this be a problem? The biological women should embrace the gender-elective women with open arms instead, celebrating the inclusion in the name of sisterly love. Were they not themselves, I ask you, for so long oppressed by the same patriarchal societal structures now oppressing their “sisters”?

Or should it be so, that women – of all people – discriminate against minorities for the sake of the conservation of outdated, unreasonable, fully racist sex privileges? It should never be said!

I therefore expect that, from the next Commonwealth Games at the latest, and possibly from the next Olympic Games, self-selected gender instead of biological sex be the criterium of admission to the competitions.

Fairness, inclusiveness, and a correct understanding of Human Rights demands no less.

I know that you, my good readers of whatever gender, support these battles. I therefore invite you to write to the Prime Minister and demand that this great nation be once again at the forefront of the battles for Human Rights, Justice and Inclusiveness for the FDSRTGSDER people, and refuses to participate to any international competition in which such principles are not applied.

Stand up for the rights of the oppressed, you brave persons of whatever gender and sexual orientation, aberration or abomination.

Let us put an end to homolesbotranniepervertophobia!!


It had to be said.

I feel so good with myself now.



Quite The Boor

If you need further proof Pope Humble hates to be in the middle of good Catholics and avoids them whenever he can, you only need to google a bit, and look at the last events in Caserta.

Firstly there was the blunder with the programme. Francis just wanted to spend the day with his Proddie friends, so he gave instructions to do just that.

Predictably, the local Catholics wondered what was going on, and how it can be that, of all people, a Pope goes out of town to meet the heretics and does not care one bit for his local sheep. It is because he does not give a fig for Catholics, of course; but they found it difficult to accept, and complained. The programme was then suitably amended, with some activities in favour of the local joyless rosary-counters.

And then Francis does go to Caserta, and regales us with the usual heresies about extra ecclesiam omnia salus, according to his utterly heretical, now twenty times repeated ideology. But this post is not about that.

Francis is then eating and drinking with the Proddies, and he enjoys both activities so much – presumably, the second one more – that he decides to continue to eat, drink and be merry and simply cancel his next appointment, where he was supposed to meet some nuns and, I have read, children and other faithful.

Now, the nuns were probably orthodox ones, which would explain Francis' dislike for them. What is truly indicative of the man, though, is Francis' decision to just ignore his next appointment, whatever it may be, because he is amusing himself so much where he is now. If you remember the episode of the Beethoven concert and the empty chair, you realise that for this man not showing up is always an option; only, this time he does not even have the boorish excuse of not being a “Renaissance Prince”. This time, he is truly being a 2014 Francis.

If timeliness is the courtesy of the Kings, not showing up because one does not feel like it, or is enjoying himself too much, or perhaps has even drunk too much, is the behaviour of spoiled models and rock stars. It is, certainly, not fit for a prelate, and is utterly disgraceful for a Pope. And note that this chap here is so brazen in his behaviour that he never ever looks for other people to cover his own boorishness with a veil of convenience (a headache; a light indisposition; fatigue due to the heat), but simply has no problem to let it be known he preferred to stay with the heretics and, no doubt, enjoy their wine.

Now, in case you still have not got the message, let me state it very clear in two languages: questo Papa e' un grandissimo cafone.

This Pope is quite the boor.



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