After The Unspeakably Stupid, The Blindingly Obvious

Bishop Galantino is on record with stating that concubines are not allowed to receive Communion. He adds a couple of bla blas, but the message is clear: I haven't said that they can, so get off my neck.

No, of course he hasn't. Not even he is so thick. He has said that they are not allowed, and this is too harsh a punishment and an unjust discrimination.

Galantino is not new to this kind of exercise. Search this blog and read how already in the past he has delivered a truckload of first-class bullcrap, and has then whiningly complained of how misunderstood he was.

Like Francis, this man should have had his ass kicked all the way to the church a long time ago.

Too late now I am afraid, as they are both bishops.


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  1. Here’s one aspect I’ve never seen discussed anywhere online. Let’s say that 1/2 of marriages end because of adultery. In the liberals’ scheme, the adulterous spouse automatically gets the same amnesty as the victim spouse (and Jesus says the victim can rightly get a divorce anyway).

    So the adulterer and the person they were cheating with can waltz to the altar for communion as honored recipients, which puts the stamp of approval on their adultery.

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