Bishop Athanasius Schneider On Communion In The hand

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I have already written about Bishop Athanasius Schneider here and if you read the blog post you’ll see that Bishop Schneider is not one who takes his role lightly.

Thanks to another excellent comment of Schmenz, I was alerted to this great video from the “Athanasius Contra Mundum” Blog, in which this excellent bishop speaks about communion in the hand.

Many are the interesting issues touched in this fragment of TV interview. The parts which most impressed me are the initial ones, where a young boy (being raised up in a communist regime) is shocked at being informed that in Germany Holy Communion can be received in the hand as if it was a piece of cake. More moving still is the part when the bishop remembers his mother searching for a church distributing communion on the tongue and – after failing to do so – giving in to tears…

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  1. Let’s say that Gene Robinson gets ordained by Francis. Does anybody want to get communion on the tongue from him? What about the priest who is still in the closet but sets off gaydar?

    • A very extreme example.
      Let us wonder, however, whether any sensible man would want to receive on the tongue from Monsignor Ricca.
      I would avoid it, knowing that a full-fledged fag should be defrocked. But if he were to come by and give me absolution after a bus has knocked me down I would still know his absolution is valid.
      In this case, the priest is not made less unworthy because of communion on the tongue, but communion on the tongue is by far the preferable way and this is not changed by the priest so doing being unworthy of the habit.
      As to the priest who is suspected of being a fag, as long as it is just a “hunch” it would not prevent me from wanting to receive (provided, of course, I can do it).

  2. I will have to be more blunt: in either example, you don’t know where his hands have been.

    To my mind, communion in the hand is now preferable because of these upside times that we live in.

    • Ah, as bad as that, do you mean?
      What would communion in the hand change in that? The priest would still take the hosts with his own hands…
      But in general, it is obvious that the reverent form of communion should replace the non reverent one.
      The pathology of the priesthood can’t be allowed to influence the physiology of the sacrament.

  3. With Robinson giving communion, I’d ask for use of tongs 🙂

  4. The link to the video doesn’t work.

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