Double Standards

“Some people have a formal, public display and then the real life they live behind the scenes,” he continued. “But when we accuse someone else and we are quick to stone him, we must remember that we all have problems and defects. With modern communications so out of control, it is easy to kill someone’s reputation without even investigating about the truth. We should be quieter and less condemning.”

if these very words had been pronounced by the Unholy Father himself, the entire secular world (including the prostitutes, the drunkards, and the homos) would have applauded the Great Man Of Mercy.

If the same Francis had drawn a parallel between Mary Magdalene and any of your “more pricks than years” women who fill the buses and trains of some Western countries, pointing out to her “problematic past before final deliverance” in a world in which, as we all know, God does no more than slap us on the wrist, it would have been a unanymous choir of approval and praise for the refreshing approach of the Bishop of Rome, humbly reminding us of the sinfulness of human condition, bla, bla, & bla.

Alas, the “who are we to judge” meme was, this time, applied to the wrong person: Marcial Maciel.

Consequently, “who am I to judge” was promptly forgotten, and the priest who had produced himself in such a prime feat of Francis-inspired idiocy was silenced and forced to promptly backpedal.

You see, the non-judgmental society is non-judgmental only when the Pope speaks, or when the people thus protected by the Pope have been declared, in some way or other, protected species.

The rule does not apply, though, whenever Francisspeak should be applied to people whom every liberal, whore, drunkard and faggot in the land think he can and should judge.

How is that for a double standard.

And yes, I do think Maciel was a bastard. I do not know if he saved his perverted, lying, thieving ass in the end, and I am not the one to say. But it strikes me as somewhat odd that all these tidal waves of mercy never apply to people who are on the wrong side of the perverted society, even when they are perverts themselves.

Maciel was, there can be no doubt about that, a first-class, certificate-of-autenticity, prize-winning bastard. But he was ordered to lock himself in a monastery, and in his last years had ample opportunity to repent and prepare himself for the terrible day when he would meet his Maker.

Can’t say we can say the same of the countless sinners who live a life of continuous mortal sin, do not care a fag for God – or if they do, think they are fine because they love the Amazonian Forest – and die fully entrenched in their own confusion and error and perfectly persuaded of their own goodness, whilst Pope Francis tells them that God will slap them on the wrist at most, noone is anyone to judge, and proselytism is a solemn nonsense.

Also, please let us reflect about this: we get almost every comparison from the leftists nutcases (this includes Francis): Jesus the dispossessed and/or destitute (wrong); Jesus the social worker (wrong); Jesus the political reformer (wrong); Jesus the illegal immigrant (wrong); Jesus the cunning deceiver (wrong). These instrumentalisations get a pass from the Catholic press and the mainstream “c”atholics, who get all fuzzy at such comparisons as they feel their own goodness growing within them. 

But woe to the one who uses the same categories (“who are we to judge”) and the same stupid comparisons (Mary Magdalene and Marcial Maciel) with a person who has fallen out of grace. 

The non-judgmental crowd will judge him mercilessly.







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  1. For a 10 out of 10 in hypocritical liberal double standards:

    “Critics say there’s a reason for the discrepancy in media coverage: race. Mr. Brown was black and the officer who shot him was white. Mr. Taylor wasn’t black — he’s been described as white and Hispanic — and the officer who shot him Aug. 11 outside a 7-Eleven in South Salt Lake wasn’t white.”


    Yes, the Church now operates in the same manner as any worldly liberal institution. Individual justice means less and less as all that matters becomes about what pet groups people belong to.

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