Legionaries of Christ and Waffen-SS.

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Sandro Magister, one of the most informed and attentively read Vaticanists, has obtained a rather interesting letter from a member of the gravely disgraced order of the Legionaries of Christ.

Leaving aside for a moment the acute (but well-known) considerations of Magister about the energy of the Pontiff in dealing with a man and an organisation that had been able to acquire a status of almost untouchability during the Pontificate of John Paul The Gullible, Magister points out (with the help of the letter, which he reports in full) to these in my eyes very important facts:

1) The hierarchy within the Legionaries of Christ is still largely the one surrounding Marcial Maciel before his fall from grace.

2) The scale of Maciel’s shameless failings lets it appear more and more unlikely that he could lead his double life without the acquiescence of the people nearest to him within…

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  1. As usual, a very concise and to the point analysis of the situation. I would point out that what appears in the letter revealed in Sandro Magister is not surprising given the points outlined.

    That brings up another point that flows from the key facts, which is that a religious organization shares the charism given to it by its founder. If the founder is not a saintly person it is highly unlikely that it will have an authentic religious charism, and no amount of reform can give it one. That the founder of the Legion is someone devoid, by the Church’s admission, or “scruples or authentic religious life,” speaks loudly of a dead branch that will weaken the tree until it is removed.

    The axiom “you can’t give what you don’t have” applies here, and that fact that it isn’t applied here speaks volumes of the collapse of coherent thought even in the Church.

  2. Mundy, you’re getting yourself all wound up about Hugh Hefner Maciel and his crew.

    Nothing real will happen to his crew, in terms of complete and utter reform (read: demolish, disband & liquidate).

    That privilege is reserved for the FFI.

    Just think Neocat & Medjugorje if you’re still confused.

    If Cardinal Battista Ricca – of the Diocese of Domus Santa Marta – doesn’t judge others then why should we?

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