The “F” Factor

And it came to pass the football match wanted by Francis to end the atrocities in the Middle East took place. It must have worked, because when I woke up this morning the birds were chirping with unusual energy, and, clearly, Love Was In The Air. Or not, as the case may be.

The Match To End All Wars took, then, place, and the stadium was half-empty.

How can this be, when Francis The Humble Black Shod Peacemaker was behind the initiative?

Where were all the non-judgmental Catholics so inspired by the “fresh, new approach” of the Unholy Father? The lovers of peace? The Sons Of The Age Of Mercy?

They were, apparently…. everywhere else.

The brutal truth is that the world does not care a straw for Francis, and never was disinterest more deserved. To them, Francis is light entertainment: a short headline on the morning paper, a momentary titillation of their most superficial feelings, a popular “celebrity” among thousands of others, somewhere between Rihanna and Simon Cowell, and in the end with no better standing than them.

The “F” factor is simply not there. What is there is a clown dressed in white, wearing a red nose even when he doesn’t, and riding a wave of popularity that is there only as long as it satisfies the desire of the urban masses to feel excited, and good with themselves. But let this alleged “Francismania” cost the price of a ticket, and all the interest will remain where the plauding masses were yesterday: outside.

Not only is Francis a third-class Pope; he appears well on his way to becoming a third-class “celebrity”, too. As the novelty of the “humble Pope who talks refreshing rubbish” wears out, what remains is a stupid old man who has divested his office of the authority and respect due to it, and now stands there, with a red nose on his face, begging you to look at him as he embraces a wheelchair.

Francis as Great Novelty is getting old fast. Unless he causes graver and graver scandal, even his present antics will soon look like the new normality, causing damage to the Church as they become unable to further the cause of the Destroyer.

At that point it will be probably be wisest to abdicate, playing the new game of Pope Cincinnatus.





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  1. It would have been oh so appropriate if this liberal feel good intereligious event had ended in a donnybrook with players and fans slamming one another over the head with chairs and trying to strangle hated religious rivals with peace banners while being attacked by angry doves from the ceremonial dove release but perhaps it was better this way. Better stick to third rate imitation protestant crackpot charismatic liturgies to fill up the stadia Francis, Hammer of Tradition otherwise you risk your showbiz reputation and the crowds will get smaller and smaller. A one way ticket to Palookaville and you rolling cigars in a hut on the outskirts of Buenes Aires, all washed up.

  2. But Mundy, don’t you believe in peace? We are all invited to believe in peace dontchaknow? We have to beleeeeeeve or can it happen? Just think, Francis knows how hard it must be, too, having faith in peace. It is a challenge, even for us faith-pebbles (petradillos?) which is why we need to adopt a clear ten point plan to enable us to realise in more relevant and modern ways how we can each make a unique copy of each other’s contribution to this relevant and modern approach more applicable to the world in which we live and walk with our fellow man in his shoes without judging or proselytizing solemnly in nonsensical none-relevant neopeagian rosary-counting miserable-faced un-modern ways. See: simples!
    Over here son, on me head.

  3. “Unless he causes graver and graver scandal..” And therein methinks lies the future.

    Meekly I add that you may be a little generous with “half-empty”. Attendance was some 20,000. Capacity 82,000. Tickets were 8€. Some of the press shots of empty seating have been comical, and give the impression of a training night – any emptier and the Stadio Olimpico might have been mistaken for a novus ordo church on Sunday.

    • You are right. 20,000 attendance is miserable, particularly considering that with EUR8 one got to see Maradona.
      I wonder how many of those were paying tickets, too.

  4. How is it that our Sovereign Pontiff and supreme apostolic authority never mentions Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the same sentence as “peace”?

  5. This was an unseemly gesture on the part of Pope Francis. Prithee, who was moved to participate in this non-event? Even the nuns on the bus stayed home. The man himself is an empty chair among empty chairs. I’m sure Obama, another empty chair per Mr. Eastwood, would have made an appearance if he was in the neighborhood.

    • AFAIK the Pope did not participate to the event, he promoted it.
      There are in rome such games every year, promoted to raise funds for certain causes (e.g. La partita del cuore), but as far as I know this was a separate initiative, called to life from Francis himself, to show that he reacted to the situation in Syria and Iraq.

  6. I wonder whether the BoR kept his diary clear in case the event was over-subscribed.

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