“The Strange Papacy Of Pope Francis”

From the blog “Call me Jorge”,

The Strange papacy of Pope Francis

an impressively vast documentation on Pope Francis and his pontificate up to now.

The extensive work (which I have not read yet, merely perused in some parts) comes from a good soul who appropriately calls himself Miles Christi (Soldier of Christ). It appears to be the most impressive work published up to now in a blog about this disgraceful man. Well annotated, the work has even been translated already, and is available in five languages.

From what I could see there will not be much that is new, as every heresy of this Pope has been dissected in the media already. But this work here is, so to speak, a reference work, a little Francispedia of Heresy, and a very useful work for future research into the mind of this character. 

This work was certainly written in order to be spread through the blogosphere. The quality seems very high. The argumentation style is terse and convincing. It is written in a blog format: short and to the point. I therefore publish the link to this work and invite other bloggers to do the same. 

I would be very surprised if Miles Christi were not a priest. In any way, he certainly is a good soul deserving of our prayers.

Hat tip to Rhizotomos for alerting me to this work.





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  1. Miles Christi has done a magnificent job, which must have been a trial indeed. I look forward to perusing it. One thing bothers me. In his additional note to the preface, Miles Xi seems to be saying that he is now a sedevacantist, having concluded that Francis is an impostor and a false pope, elected by the pseudo-Church of Assisi and VII. How does that declaration affect your reading and use of his compilation?

    • I seriously hope the author is not a sedevacantist, and the author of the blog who hosts the essay isn’t.

      I have in the past avoided to link to sedevacantist material when it was sensible to do so; but if a sedevacantist has good content to share I will listen to the argument, though I will not share the conclusion.

      Sedevacantist aren’t infectious. Merely wrong. If a sedevacantist writes forty brilliant pages about Francis’ antics and the pages are brilliant, I have nothing against publishing them. If the author then declares he is sedevacantist, I will warn against sedevacantism. At the samer time, I will not publish comments or reports in my blog principally aimes at promoting sedevacantism.

      This seems to me the only sane approach. We and the Sedevacantist differ not on the analysis of the atrociousness of this pontificate, but on the consequences we draw from it. We: that we are being tested and punished. They: that he can’t be Pope.


  2. Thank you for the link to this article. Well written, and as Miles Christi says, there are many more incidents than can be covered.

  3. Yesterday I have printed and read from the beginning to the end this extensive article. When I arrived at the question of “sedevacantisme” (p. 2 of his Note dated 04/27/14), which one could not expect at the beginning, I had the same reaction as kp100853. But I did continue reading and there was no reinforcement of this concept of “sedevacantism”. All in all I arrived at the same conclusions as Mundabor.

    I would say, concerning this mention of “sedevacantism”, that the author of the text speaks in the first person of the singular (« … it is therefore impossible for me to see Francis as the true successor of Saint Peter … I believe him to be heretical … ») ; he could have used the plural (« for us, we … ») or the neutre (« one … ») which he did not. So it is clear that he made a personal statement here and that he does not insist upon us following him on this ground.

    Besides this aspect of “sedevacantism”, the article is a great work of analyzes and synthesis, by an author being most certainly a high profile scholar, and should be kept for record before it disappears from the Internet.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

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