It’s Wicca Day In Medjugorje

As far as I can remember, the Blessed Virgin allegedly appears to the “delusionaries” in Medjugorje at individually appointed intervals. There is the man making a good life out of conventions and retreats with daily faxes with the words from, cough, the Blessed Virgin, with even the exact hour communicated in advance and well suited to the schedule (book today to avoid disappointment); there also is the one who got cold feet but still has one vision a year, or the like, just to be able to say she is still part of the club.

Then there is the one (Wicca by name, I think; not certain about that) who receives two messages a month, on the 2nd and the 25th. Punctual like a Swiss watch.

“What day is it today?” – “The Twenty-Sixth” – “Oh, let's go and read what the Blessed Virgin has said yesterday!”.

This Wicca has now become 50, and the cyber trumpets of Medjugorje are telling us how absolutely smashingly unbelievably wonderful she looks. Which is so tragically deluded it is even funny, and deserves a blog post.

Wicca looks, seriously, 65. I am well past 50, and compared to her I look almost like Dorian Gray. It's not only that her face is so tired and worn. It's this feeling of her rapidly withering under the weight of a huge lie that catches the eye. It's outright creepy.

Now, it can be that the female had health problems of her own. It can even be that, coincidentally, these health problems made her look as a life lived cheating, and leading people astray.

But boy: a child would see how sickly and worn she looks. To see in her a picture of health requires a huge dose of self-delusion, and the total inability to look at reality in the face.

Which is exactly the attitude of the followers of Medjugorje.



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  1. “It’s this feeling of her rapidly withering under the weight of a huge lie that catches the eye. It’s outright creepy.”
    I visited Medjugorje four times in the 1980’s and 90’s when I and some associates believed the apparitions to be from heaven. I never thought the visionaries who were all quite young then were lying about what they saw or heard nor did I ever believe they were delusional in the psychotic sense of the word.
    I agree the whole thing is very creepy and demonic without a doubt, and I believe the visionaries remain deluded by an evil spirit, and that their inability to give this whole thing up is largely because it was fostered by clergy they trusted at an early age and has become their life’s work, much like cultish brain-washing but with the added feature of authentic evil spirits in disguise.

    • Are they, then, delusional, yes or no?
      No, they are not psychotic. They would be in a hospital by now. Make your mind up on “liars who think it better to keep appearances because the game became too big for them and they were terrified to stop it”; making, in case, a good living out of it, too.
      But you see, the clergy can’t be the reason. An adult will, at some point, act and think like an adult.
      I think it’s because the point never came when they said “ehy, relax. It was a lie. Apologies to everyone.”
      Medjugorje always remind me of the followers of Brian in the film “Life of Brian”.

  2. Wicca! ;’D Oh, cry laughing over here. And a reference to Dorian Gray. One of my favorite posts, ever. 🙂

  3. Just looked up her pic… 65 is very generous of you, M. I’m gonna say 90.

  4. I’m sure there are many men who would find her money very attractive.

  5. Do a google image search on “vicka visionary” and I think you’ll agree that her smile, her always fixated smile, is not a nice one, no, not nice at all and getting creepier with the passage of years. It must be a terrible thing to live with such a great lie, and a lie, no less, against the very Mother of God. Pray that she will be released from this awful bondage to a lie before she goes before the throne of Truth for judgement.

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