St. Patrick’s… Gay

Now available as obese Cardinal

Now available as obese Cardinal



The organisers of St. Patrick’s Day parade, who had up to now refused to allow the participation of perverts qua perverts, have now decided that not even saints can be spared from the association with perverts.

You would think that the local Cardinal would spit flames from his mouth like it’s Smaug Day, wouldn’t you?

Well, not if the Cardinal is Dolan, of course.

Mr “No sense of judgment” would never forgive himself if he allowed this beautiful stage to go to waste. Imagine: the TV stations, the radios, and all the secular press noticing how much the Cardinal follows the “Spirit of Francis”. 

This is the one with no “sense of judgment” at people outing their perversion and demanding approval for it. The one licking the plates of Muslims and telling them they are obviously saved because they like their children. The one puttign his fat belly before absolutely everythign under the sun, starting with his God and his Church.

What an obese Jezebel.

I hope – nay: I am certain – that all decent Catholic will stay away from this shame.

Let the fat prostitute spend the day in the middle of perverts. A fitting anticipation of his destiny after death, unless he repents.



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    Rollin’ Dolan sits in the Church,
    Rollin’ Dolan has a great perch.
    He’s the king’s Cardinal, this is not a prank,
    And the king of Rome is whom you should thank –
    …let’s be frank!

  2. Theresa DeSimone

    Just when I think we have scraped the bottom of the barrel ….something else occurs and to my horror I realize that this is just the beginning of all things vile that are yet to come from the men who should be true shepherds, but have chosen to be ravening wolves.

  3. Mund, I think the NYC Catholics ought to go to the St. Pat’s parade. But when Dolan passes, they ought to turn their backs on him, and tell the media and the Pope why they did it.

  4. “Guinness, Sam Adams and Heineken yanked their sponsorship” of 2014’s non-homo parade, to show their disapproval of Catholic beliefs and their support for the radical homo agenda.

    Hooray for corporations. Communism is bad so therefore corporations must be good.

  5. Archbishop Dolan is an arch-disgrace to his Office, to the priesthood, to the Faith, to Our Lord God. He has no fear of God. How he works to lead people away from the laws of God!!

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