Fulton Sheen, The Bishop Of Rome, And The Obese Cardinal.

The news of the shelving sine die of Fulton Sheen's cause for beatification comes at the same time as the announcement that the Obese Cardinal will participate to the gay parade (because, make no mistake, this is what it has become) on St Patrick' day.

Dolan is, from what one can understand, behind the decision. But one really can't understand much because, in pure Francis-FFI-style, not much is said.

The beatification cause was now well advanced, the official approval of the miracle expected in just a few months. This is, I am informed, not a miracle in Paul VI-style, but a real one.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of both Cardinal Dolan and the Unholy Father at the prospect of such a beatification? Would they not, then, have to look for a last-minute excuse to prevent it? And if this is so, why then wait for the last minute, when the miracle is already approved? Far better, then, to stop everything in its tracks now, before things get too embarrassing.

We don't know much about this matter.

But I think we know everything there is to know.

Intercede for us, Venerable Fulton Sheen; that we may be freed very soon from this disgraceful clergy.


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  1. Joan Rivers will be canonized well before Fullie. She made the sheep laugh while Sheen was like a bucket of ice water.

  2. There has begun a movement by liberals to beatify “The Fastest Nun in the West” so that she can eventually be the patron saint for illegal immigrants.


    These things will now be handed out in the same way as they are at the Academy Awards or Emmy Awards: according to the politically correct views of the recipients.

    • How these people can’t make a difference between legal and illegal is beyond me.
      But then again I imagine to be a liberal a brain is not required.

  3. The hatred of such men is a badge of honor. He towers over them for all of history and will be loved and remembered long after the world has forgotten they ever existed.

  4. Dolan is an obese cheesehead-wearing SOB. Dumb and stupid. Never deserved to be ordained at all.

    Sorry, but we must say that the spade is a spade and not some other thing.

    And, yes, we know that he is not the root cause, rather it is that ‘umble Bishop of Rome.


  5. The last part of the press release by the Archdiocese of NY on this matter (http://www.archny.org/news-events/news-press-releases/index.cfm?i=34110) is very telling: “If, however, the decision of the Diocese of Peoria is final to suspend the cause for Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, and assign it to the Congregation for the Causes of Saint’s historical archives, the Archdiocese of New York would welcome the opportunity to assume responsibility for the cause in an attempt to move it forward, if such were in accord with the Diocese of Peoria and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, hoping Bishop Jenky’s excellent work would continue and his eloquent prayers answered.” ”

    That’s the critical point here. Did Cardinal Dolan sabotage the canonization process so that he can come along and “save” it (and gain lots of flattering publicity in the process)? It sure seems like it to me. It’s a turf battle. Now that the Diocese of Peoria has done the heavy lifting, Cardinal Bravo wants to be the one to carry the canonization process across the finish line.

    • Father Z has more news.
      My hunch: take it away from Peoria and bury it in New York; away from the established lobby and circle of donors, and just without having to justify anything with anyone.

  6. Per the Remnant Newspaper, they pulled Monsignor Pope’s blog post about the St. Patrick’s Day parade from the Archdiocese of Washington website. The war continues. God bless you Mundy:+)

    • Pope says he removed it himself: http://blog.adw.org/2014/09/what-happened-to-the-st-patricks-parade-post/

      I replied there this way:
      “That post was apparently one bright pinpoint of light, maybe the only one in the entire country.

      My fear at this moment is that all replies here will be heavily censored. Anyone, such as myself, opposing the radical gay agenda is left on their own by the Church hierarchy.”


      I doubt that my comment there will ever see the light of day.

    • Well if he was ordered to remove it, it’s irrelevant who did it physically.
      I read from him yesterday he did not want to say about this.
      I think it’s clear enough what happened.

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