Screw Yourself, Mr Donohue

One truly can't believe the brazen shamelessness of people who call themselves Catholic.

Mr Donohue, whom I understand has effectively masqueraded as Catholic in the past, has now made it known that he supports perverts marching on St. Patrick's day parade; and the reason why he supports the change is apparently (wrong site; therefore no link) that the rules have been changed.

Funny thinking. Like supporting abortion because of Roe vs Wade, really.

I am sick and tired of these paper tigers who are against something only until a court decision – or whatever other decision – against it is taken, and then promptly run to express their “support” today for what they opposed yesterday; relieved, of course, that they are not marching too openly against the mainstream.

The reasons why perverts must (must; MUST!) not be allowed to march have not changed; therefore, our attitude on the issue must (must; MUST!) not change, either.

If these people had some guts, they would now invite serious Catholics to boycott the parade, and make very clear to them that once perverts are allowed qua perverts to take part, the march can rightfully be seen as an official endorsement of perverted lifestyle, and Catholics must not have any part in it unless they want to be guilt by association and accomplices in this promotion of sexual abomination.

Nothing of this is to be seen.

The Cardinal immediately announces he will not miss the party for anything, and the alleged Catholic activist even support the presence of perverts in their official role as “perverts”.

Mind, he is still “concerned”. He is concerned that they may take their willies out, as they often do, u caring of other people, or children, present.

“You can participate in the march as an official faggot or dyke, and I support you in doing so; but please, please don't be lewd, will you?”.

Screw yourself, Mr Donohue.

Whilst the angels cry to Heaven for vengeance for the sin of the sodomites, you support their self promotion.


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  1. Prediction: These homosexuals are from NBC. They will show up dressed in suits and looking very professional so people won’t be too alarmed. Each year it will get worse until they’ll be marching in loin clothes and leather masks. Count on it…

  2. Put on a skirt and paint your eyebrows. Pluck your eyebrows and get a bikini wax. Relax and stuff your piehoke with a hotdog and drink a beer or ten. Welcome aboard the Cruise Ship Dolan. Lighten up and enjoy the ride.

  3. In my experience Donahue’s Catholic League has always been the worst kind of Church establishment lap dog organization seemingly much more interested in milking its donors than in defending the Church against its enemies. One doesn’t raise the kind of money from the faithful saps and sapettes to pay, for example, Donahue’s reportedly near $400,000 a year salary by standing up for the faith in season and out of season. (If you doubt the Donahue salary figure just google “Bill Donahue’s salary”)

    • Thanks for pointing out Donahue’s salary, I had no idea.

      I recommend saying: websearch “Bill Donahue’s salary”
      instead of telling people to patronize the lying, spying liberal bigots of google.

  4. “wrong site; therefore no link”

    That will now encompass more and more of official diocesan websites themselves, as the hierarchy kisses gay butt more and more in their quest for popularity – and silence or outright punish any opposition to political correctness.

    This is akin to how the Obama gang are declaring that “patriots” are the worst threat to America.

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