And The Winner Is….?

Now around 18 months in this incredibly challenging (nuEnglish for “rubbish”) pontificate, I am reflecting of what is the most representatively infamous, ignominious, shameless piece of populist nonsense that the Unholy Father, Bishop of Rome, has donated to the world in these 18 months of “uh?”, “ah?” and “no?”. What, in other words, is the piece of rubbish that most immediately explains everything that is wrong with this man? If you had to explain to someone what a clown this Pope is, and had only one example at your disposal

Upon reflection, and mentally reviewing what I remember of the long litany of heresies, blasphemies and simple everyday nonsense, I keep coming back to this pearl of stupidity:

If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?

This is stupid on so many levels, that almost every word is a blunder in itself. Even a retard would have to make a great effort to say something so effortlessly, authentically retarded in such a pity way.

The use of the word “gay” in this context is not only, well, gay*; but it clearly denotes a complicity with the sin of the sodomite, a downplaying of sins crying to heaven for vengeance, and the will to know-tow to popular feeling.

The “search for the Lord” is clearly a misleading statement, as “searching for the Lord” has never excused from mortal sin if the conditions for it are present. Luther probably searched for the Lord, at least when sober, at least when sober and not screwing a nun, at least every now and then when sober, and not screwing a nun; and probably even Mohammed searched for his own Allah when not screwing little girls.

The one with the “good will” is so blindingly retarded I should not waste time with it. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Che Guevara, Himmler, Goebbels, Obama, they all had at some point a good dose of “good will”, that in some of them must have been extreme.

The ways of hell, and all that. Simple common sense. Too much wisdom for The Super Duper Humble Pope.

Then, at the end, the master stroke. Francis is one of us; a bloke from the barrio; a common man of everyday feelings. Nothing special, really.

“Call me Jorge, dear. And yes, I will end up suppressing your Order. No appeal I am afraid. How do you say? You search for the Lord and have good will, too? Who gives a damn? You aren’t “gay”! Heck, you’re even Catholic!”

As Francis plays “man of the people”, he makes the job of the Pope redundant. The Pope is not a moral instance anymore, merely a good chap. He has made the Papacy totally irrelevant to you, which is why you should be so grateful to him. He will be ruthlessly exercising his prerogatives, of course; but only with good Catholics, those who – incidentally – really search the Lord. The world, however, has nothing to fear from him. It will be high-fiving all around.

This is the reason why I think that among the many valid contestants, “who am I to judge” takes the biscuit. Not the most blasphemous statement, or the most heretical; probably not even the most stupid; but in my eyes, the one that tells most of what kind of circus tool this man is. A man who spends his day belittling and undermining the Church he should protect, so that he may become more popular in the process.

If any of you has other suggestions he thinks more worth, he may want to drop a line.

No links, please. Short argument. No digressions.


*”gay” is allowed to decent men as mockery: “this is so gay”, “you are gayer than Elton John”, and the like.

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  1. Frank’s “No Judge” comment was sitting there pre-prepared in His vest pocket, waiting to be dispensed from His Papal Pez machine like candy to the Gay Lobby who demand from Him equal treatment.

    If one reads Dolan’s latest interview, he unambiguously states that Frank listened to the demands of the Cardinals & Bishops and is carrying them out as directed.

    We can do very little to stop the flood of filth pouring down upon us as a deluge of malfeasance emanating from our Hierarchy.

    Get in the Ark of the Covenant – Mary- and stay close to Her. These other butt clowns will prove to be inconsequential in the long run.

  2. For me, it was the couple of occasions where in his meetings with his Jewish friends he hid his pectoral cross.  It obviously didn’t receive all of the attention that “who am I to judge” did.  But at least that sound bite could conceivably be explained away subsequently as others have tried to do even if Francis did not – he meant someone with homosexual tendencies but not someone acting on them or whatever.  But for the individual who should be the first and foremost witness in the world to the Gospel to hide the cross in such a way is so indefensibly disgraceful that it wins the prize for me…

  3. My selection for the most vacuous comment of Pope Francis’ pontificate is from his Angelus Address of June 2, 2013:

    “This is the miracle, more than a multiplication it is a sharing, animated by faith and prayer.”

    By saying, “more than a multiplication”, the Holy Father does not rule out the miracle of multiplication, he merely reduces or subordinates its significance to the “sharing” aspect of the event. Of course, without the multiplication miracle, the crowd would have had nothing to share. That’s why it is called the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and not the Miracle of the Sharing of the Loaves. On a good day I am capable of performing a miracle of sharing. Only God can multiply finite matter. It sure sounds like Pope Francis thinks the crowd collectively brought enough food to eat, and it was only a question of breaking them into “communities” in order to make the most efficient distribution.

  4. If this isn’t number one, it has to be in the top 5 for its endorsement of a vile, evil work of blasphemy (denying, as it does, the divinity of Jesus Christ): “Sharing our experience in carrying that cross, to expel the illness within our hearts, which embitters our life: it is important that you do this in your meetings. Those that are Christian, with the Bible, and those that are Muslim, with the Quran. The faith that your parents instilled in you will always help you move on.”

  5. When he said that having Benedict there was “like having Grandpy at home”. You need to be too evil to disguise an insult as a kind remark. And a coward.

  6. The “who am I to judge” comment takes the cake. The wedding cake, as man divorces Mary to marry his lover who looks just like himself.

    But my heart fell farthest, first, with his statement to Spadaro, regarding abortion, gay marriage, and contraception, that “it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.”

  7. I like “Peter denied Him, yet THEY made him pope,”

  8. I think you are correct on this, Mundabor. I wouldn’t really care what homos do in private (as repulsive as it is), but they have decided to force everyone to say that they are normal and natural and good. They are achieving this under the lying rubric that they are victims of oppression. They are the touchstone of the amoral, politically-correct bigotry that rules most everything these days.

    Freaky Frankie’s pronouncement was the main opening salvo in his war on Godliness and his promotion of juvenile, no-standards humanism.

    Question: how is that that one “searches for the Lord” when they simultaneously reject the Word of God?

  9. I had to have a glance at the ‘Little Book of Insults’ to refresh my memory; my goodness! So many to choose from. Trying to narrow it down, I think my choice would be the bit about ‘creed-reciting parrots’. I think it’s a fine example of his opinion of his fellow (?) Catholics.

  10. M., you mean “pithy” above.

    I agree the “who am I to judge” pierced my heart and was the first time I felt truly orphaned. Another time that felt like a hot slap in the face was when he suggested Our Fairest Lady to be nothing more than a gold digger who was “lied to”.

  11. Which is why, in all of this sickening circus, Benedict bears a lot of the blame. He should have had the courage not to resign, state of health notwithstanding.
    Benedict was no traditionalist, but he was sympathetic in latter years, if not as a V2 peritus. He has left us this plebeian moron.
    The sede vacantist position is becoming more attractive by the day.

    • The Sedevacantist position may be emotionally satisfying in the short term, but it is an absurdity and a cul-de-sac in the long one.
      Benedict would not be criticised if he had left us better Cardinals, who in turn elect a better Pope. His wisdom and long term acumen would be praised to the sky.
      But in the election of Cardinals as in many other issues – SSPX comes to mind – he just wasn’t assertive enough, and thought he had played smartly when he had, in fact, been outplayed.

  12. “Gay” is a term coined to promote a lie, a most pernicious lie.

  13. Through Francis, at Caserta, the Church “apologised” to Protestants for its past efforts to stymie the growth of their communities – professing it seems that her refutation and frustration of heresy across the centuries has been wrong. He went on to tell them that their heresies were the work of the Holy Spirit IN THE CHURCH – “unity in diversity”. This is the scandal I keep coming back to. A Pope can utter something mindless and dangerous like “who am I to judge”. But surely the Church cannot simultaneously spit on its blessed martyrs, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and deny its great commission. Can it?

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