For Francis Too, It Takes A Village



One wonders whether there is only one common place of the liberal society that the Unholy Father will leave untapped.

This time, Francis reflected – speaking, as almost always, without a prepared script – on his own school days, when he was being a rascal and the teacher clearly told him “you’ll never be Pope”, or something like that; but this was in the blessed days before Vatican II, so it does not count.

Once again, though, we see that a Pope fully imbibed with secular mentality, and utterly desirous to get along with it, cannot avoid rehashing all its most abused common places.

The idea that you must reeducate the village in order for better children to be raised is so Hillary one wants to vomit. I wonder if he will write a book in it, or perhaps he might embark in the big “It Take A Village Tour” together with the lady in question, explaining to us that it does not take good parents to raise a child properly, but everything is to be seen, in pure secular way, as a collective endeavour. 

Hillary/Frank than goes on to complain about the declining birth rates; which is strange from one who has just downplayed the role of parents in the first place. Hey, if it takes a village I do not need to make children, do I? I will be involved in the raising of the village ones instead, thus feeling I am “making a difference” as I drive a brand new Audi and contracept like it’s going out of fashion. I will not even need to be married in church, either, as if something should “happen” and an unplanned pregnancy occur the Unholy Father himself will be happy to baptise the child of concubines, evidently believing that the heroic feat of not murdering a child is sufficient guarantee of raising a child in the Christian values.

This man is confused about everything but one concept: he will be loved by the masses, and he will do and say whatever it takes to make this happen. One wonders what kind of person would behave like that, and a Pope to boot.

Truly, it takes a nincompoop.





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  1. In his school days talk, Francis repeats his concern for unemployed youth, and rails against a culture “whose financial system places money, rather than the human person, at its center.” But he fails to understand that government laws meant to protect employees from being fired are the primary reason companies will not hire youths. In other words: the European village did place “the human person at its [constitutional] center,” and this has been the result for its children.

  2. If It Takes a Village Idiot, then we’ll be just fine.

    In Frank’s case, it’s a wonderful blessing that his Argie Cobbler stamps the “L” or “R” on the bottom of his ‘umble shoes lest he gets so confused and disoriented he can’t make his way to the grappa machine installed in his hotel, inside the Gay Lobby.

  3. What does one do when one is cast out by one’s “society” for adhering to the true Faith and moral law? Those who try to stay true to the Faith and to God’s Laws are cast out, are declared anathema. This is multiplied all around the world, as the isolated remnant are persecuted by those around them. We need to be able to identify and contact each other, to support each other in this time of tribulation. God, grant us perseverence.

    • The Internet is beautiful for that.
      And countless saints are on our sides every day.
      Victory is ours already. Christ has won already.
      Let us not forget this in times of tribulation.

  4. I suggest one take a very close look at the villages whence came the proverb…

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