St Patrick’s Day Parade: Two Takes

Monsignor Charles Pope on the removal of his blog post, 4 September 2014, 9:30 pm


I ask your charity and understanding for the Archdiocese of Washington which has always generously sponsored this blog and been supportive of our conversations.


I also hope you will understand if I cannot explain why it was removed.


I am a loyal son of the Church and I love my Archdiocese.

The source is among the comments, here,  5 September 10:23 pm


Monsignor Charles Pope on the removal of his blog post, blog post, 5 September 2014, no time stamp.

Many of you have expressed concern about a blog post I wrote on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which was removed. I am grateful for your concern about this and all the issues we discuss here. I removed the post upon further reflection due to the strong nature of the language I had used in parts of it. I apologize if the language I used caused offense.


“Yeah” and “nay” come to mind, but the situation is, admittedly, a difficult one. Methink, Monsignor was ordered to amend the explanation after he was ordered to remove the blog post.

As I write the original post has disappeared in its entirety. There is, therefore, no desire to have it published in an amended form, without the allegedly strong language.

Dear blogger priests, the time has come when if you think about starting a blog, you are well advised to do so anonymously. It will take much longer to build an audience, but you will not have to endure this kind of treatment, and will be free to do your work without being bullied by your bishop.   


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  1. Poor Msgr. Pope. Comparing his situation w/the teddy bear and soft pink glove treatment which Msgr. Ricca receives, one wants to vomit.

    Does one thinketh that Pope Frankie would permit Msgr. Pope to caress his cheeks?

    Gay Lobby much in our Church Hierarchy? No, it’s a Gay Majority.

  2. Excellent reporting, Mundabor. The two versions are indeed opposite. I suppose that I can’t fault Msgr Pope too much, at least he had a moment of truthfulness. But the lesson here is clear: the liberal thought police now control inside the church the same as they do outside the church.

    It is now the de facto policy of the catholic church to suppress the Catholic Faith.

    It is time to start thinking about how to preserve the Faith inside of the “church” that we now have. Obedience to sin is a sin in itself.

  3. Here is a rare instance wherein the liberal bigots of google provide something useful, the post deleted by Msgr Pope and it is *with* the comments:

    Mundabor can decide if he wants to print and thereby preserve anything there, with special attentiom to Pope’s own last final comment.

  4. Excerpts from Pope’s final comment (after he refers to the many comments he’s getting from homos) :

    “…the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church against homosexual acts is not going to change.”
    Unfortunately, he demonstrates the wishful naivety that allows Francis and his henchmen to operate with impunity. Hence, Msgr. Pope doesn’t understand the gravity of what is occurring.

    “Also, I’m going to have to edit or or eliminate comments too directly critical of our bishops. I am in the chain of command, and this blog does not exist to directly criticize the bishops.”
    This demonstrates very clearly why the amoral hierarchy can do whatever they want. Obedience before Faith.

    “…going forward”
    Ugggh… he’s using the trendy phrase of libspeak? Why?

    P.S. Someone else mentioned that FrZ also disappears blog posts, so anything there might disappear at any time.

  5. I also just noticed this line from the RC post:
    “Now, a mere commonsensical post apparently (apparently) brought down the entire website of the Archdiocese of Washington.”

    I’d seen the same stated elsewhere. That means the webmaster for the diocese hurriedly shut down the whole website until Msgr Pope’s article could be individually censored out. That’s more evidence implicating Wuerl.

    • Yes, this is very obviously what happened.
      The webmaster would also have direct access to the text and be able to shut it down without even asking Monsignor to do it himself.

  6. I commented on the second version and received an email explaining that no comments were being accepted. I went to his parish’s website. Liturgical dance is one of their features.

  7. The time for anonymity is over (at least for most). It is time to stand over the truth and refuse to be intimidated into silence or anonymity. We need exemplars of courage and fortitude – especially from our priests and bishops. This will make the lines clearer and encourage the weak, frightened, those alone in a crowd of enemies. Now, more than ever we need people to stand up and encourage and lead others, even if only by the example of their being prepared to suffer greater persecution, or even public persecution for Our Lord. Dear God, give us the courage we need to stand up for the truth, in private and in public.

    • It does not work.
      The priest who is ordered to shut up will, in general circumstances, have to shut up. Monsignor Pope did not have many choices, or at least his choice should be seen as the default one, bar exceptional circumstances.

  8. Thank you bigfred for the Google link. Thank you Mundabor for being a General in the culture wars.

  9. “The webmaster would also have direct access to the text and be able to shut it down without even asking Monsignor to do it himself.”

    Well, not exactly. Blog articles are stored as database entries, not as html files.The webmaster could find and delete that database entry, but that would probably mess up a lot of pointers and so on and might mangle the blog. Also, Pope’s password is probably not readable by the webmaster.

    Btw, here’s an interview with Pope:

    • Thanks.
      But could this not be the reason why the entire blog was provisionally shut down?
      “Call Monsignor and tell him to cancel the post!”
      “He can’t be reached, Your Grace”.
      “Aaarrrggghhhh! Call The IT people! Shut the blog down! Shut the site down if must be, but rid me of that post!”

      Just saying…

  10. “But could this not be the reason why the entire blog was provisionally shut down?”

    Yes, that’s the most reasonable interpretation. Wuerl therefore likely revealed his involvement.

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