The Persecution Is Coming

Nine attention whores who desecrated Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in a “protest” occasioned by Pope Benedict's abdication have been acquitted.

This means, more or less, that it will now be possible to repeat such “performances” with very little fear of big trouble; like, for example, a real conviction with real jail time. As there is no scarcity for this kind of exhibitionist whores, expect these episodes to be on the increase.

I wonder what would happen if the very same whores did the same in a Parisian Mosque? Perhaps they should try? It would be interesting to see whether the judges put them in jail, or it has to be ritual beheading.

The persecution is coming. Fuelled, among others, by all those marshmallow Catholics always ready to have understanding for everyone and everything, and for whom being a Christian means firstly, secondly, thirdly and lastly to avoid any confrontation.


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  1. The worst part is that the policemen that take them away were fined. Do not expect anybody stop them next tima.

  2. Out of context (or may be not)

    I just came across the book of Fr Luigi Villa, a protegee of San Padre Pio, whose title is : « Paul VI beatified ? », and have dowloaded it from the Internet. I dont suggest you to read the 325 pages of the book but I send you this link for the numerous pictures (photographes, press cuttings, drawings …) which represent a great database for writers/bloggers concerned about the development of the Church in these last 50 years :

    Click to access Paul_VI.._beatified_english.pdf

    link given by a reader of the article « Is the Lodge Behind the Commissariat Over the Franciscans of the Immaculate ? », of August 7, 2014 :

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  3. “… for whom being a Christian means firstly, secondly, thirdly and lastly to avoid any confrontation”

    Yes, indeed – except that they will hypocritically attack anyone who behaves differently.

    I believe that Francis himself said somewhere (an early interview?) that he avoids conflict as much as possible — which means that if ever there were enough of us to put on a demonstration on St. Peter’s Square, Francis would be really put off balance.

  4. “I wonder what would happen if the very same whores did the same in a Parisian Mosque? Perhaps they should try?”

    Ha! Evil of me I suppose, but I think that would be a well-deserved wake up call. The Muslim departure from our namby-pamby treatment of sacrilege would astound. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone, but ignoramuses abound. Besides, shouldn’t the stupid a$$ feminazis have more of a problem with Muslims than Catholics, anyway? Let the demonstrations begin!

  5. Mundabor,

    I wanted to draw your attention to recent activity on the American marshmallow hierarchy front.

    Not surprisingly, one of the premier American marshmallows is Cardinal O’Malley of Boston. The Leftist Boston Globe, recently sold by the NY Times to Leftist malefactor of great wealth (and owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team), John Henry, has launched a new website dealing with “Catholic issues”. The website is called “Crux”. The Globe brought in John Allen, late of the National Catholic Reporter (aka fishwrap) to deconstruct the RC Church, and the Crux website will be the vehicle. The new website continuously climaxes over all things “Francis effect”. The website announced this summer that joining Allen will be notorious anti-Catholic columnist, and all around nut job, Margery Eagen, late of the Boston Herald newspaper. It has just been announced by the Boston Archdiocese that Cardinal O’Malley (“Cardinal Sean”) will be traveling to Rome to help this rabidly secularist website to celebrate it’s kickoff. It is also reported that Cardinals Cheesehead Dolan and even Cardinal Pell, along with supposed orthodox media like the National Catholic Register, are joining in the dance of death. Please see the links for further details:

  6. These despicable women who desecrate a Catholic Cathedral are acquitted, but when some people put bacon on the door handle of a mosque they get a jail sentence. Incredible!
    Pair jailed for Edinburgh’s Central Mosque bacon attack
    A teenage girl and man have been jailed for defacing a mosque with strips of bacon.

  7. “zoomed in” means originally identified. “GCHQ” is the UK’s version of the NSA electronic spying agency.

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