Skinning The Cat At The Synod.

I hear from various sides the reassuring calls of cardinals, bishops, priests and simple bloggers telling us that doctrine cannot change, and therefore we have nothing to fear from the October Synod.

I would not be so sure of that. I think we have much to fear.

True, doctrine can't change, because Truth cannot. Even if Francis himself would declare from the balcony in St Peter that fornication is not a sin, or that two and two is five, truth would not change in the least.

But this is not the way TMAHICH operates. He is not interested in open conflict with the strong. He does not touch the SSPX, much less 2,000 years of official Church pronouncements. What he does is to sabotage Catholicism in the praxis, in the everyday living of the Church; safe in the knowledge that 95% of Western Catholics don't know much of doctrine, but read the newspapers or receive the echo of the headlines.

Francis will not openly defy doctrine. There is more than one way to skin a cat. He will sabotage, mock, undermine, belittle, and vilify it. He will do so by creating a climate, an environment of change openly practiced but not officially proclaimed.

Take the Argentinian concubine to whom the Unholy Father would have said she can go to communion.

Has Francis officially proclaimed concubinage is no obstacle to receiving? Of course not. Has he reaffirmed Catholic teaching? No, he did not do it either. Has he at least denied he said such words to the woman? No, he hasn't. Has he affirmed he did? No, not at all.

Result? The whole world knows, senses, feels Francis is the chap to say such things. They clearly perceive he would like to say such things; and whether his tongue has slipped in a phone call or not, they know he would speak in this way for all the world to see, if he only could.

This is what everyone, bar the retarded and the inveterate Pollyannas, understands. The climate has been created. The lío is going on full steam. Dissenters, concubines, perverts know that Francis is on their side against Church teaching.

The Synod can begin.

At this synod, not much will be necessary to subvert the praxis, and it will most certainly not be necessary to attack the rules to do so. De jure, the rules will be very solemnly affirmed, for the joy of the Pollyannas happily licking their lollipop and writing on various blogs how gracious it was of Francis to give it to them. De facto, just a few carefully chosen words in official documents, saying but also not saying that the priest can, in case, when the circumstances allow, having regard for the particular situation, after weighing all the pros and cons, deal with the situation with mercy, will be enough. Actually, I now suspect that just the mentioning of this by Francis most devilishly and subversively used word, mercy, once will be enough to cause a real revolutionary outburst in the church in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and elsewhere.

One phrase, carefully worded, and passed to the news outlets as the unofficial “key to the synod”, and “reflecting the mind of this merciful Pope”. This is all that is needed.

The world will exult, the concubines will feel vindicated, the Church will be vilified, perverts of all sorts will say now it's their turn, sacrilege will spread everywhere in the West not as isolated abuse, but as the new “alternative praxis of mercy”.

The Pollyanna will, very happily, lick at their lollipop.



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  1. Cardinal Burke reassured us before the conclave that we had nothing to fear because all of the voting cardinals were put there by either Pope John Paul II or by Pope Benedict XVI.
    Now we are being reassured that we have nothing to fear because doctrine cannot change.
    Jesus said that the “gates of Hell would not prevail” against his Church, and a well known USA Franciscan has warned us that this statement by Jesus implies that the’ gates of hell’ will try. So don your battle garb or grab your favorite flavor lollipop, however you want to choose to deal with the ‘gates of hell’ depends on how you see or don’t see what is happening.


  3. Sorry – I’m reading backwards. I just found the answer to my question in the next older post.

  4. You are absolutely right on all of the above.

    False mercy. A subversion of language worthy of 1984. It is as if these men wage war against the Faith.

  5. I feel sorry for the poor cat. . .Could you please find something else to skin? Just kidding. . .

    Seriously, it is a very craven move by TMAHICH to demote such a great and FAITHFUL Catholic Cardinal, not to mention others! And now he ( TMAHICH ) is unhappy about a book on traditional marriage just fresh from the press or about to be released. This man is an unbelievable fraud of a Pope. God help us all!

  6. felicitasperpetua

    I don’t want to sound Pollyann-ish, but is there any way they could move up the Bergoglio tour of Turkey to October (that is, before the synod) and send his Kardinals along for the trip? I thought about it after I saw this:

    Just wondering if these raving morons would be competent enough to make good on their promise, or even better, mistake Bergoglio and his cronies for a bunch of ugly floozies and lock them up in a harem for the rest of their lives. Dolan would lose none of his popularity. Morbidly-obese women are a status symbol in those places, I’ve been told.

  7. Just as there was nothing to fear when all hell was unleashed after VCII, leading to the majority of Catholics, priests, religious and lay, abandoning the Faith and objective evil being promoted by same. And doctrine couldn’t change then either – oh, yes, that isn’t relevant.

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