The Happy Few

The battle lines are forming. Many whom we thought more or less our friends will betray us (bishop Tobin is the last; no doubt, many will follow). Our lines will be very, very thin compared to those of our enemies. And our enemies will try to impress you with their white, red or purple robes, and will tell you with smiling faces and soothing voices that you see, we have now decided to “be merciful”; which, of course, we never were before.

On the other side are the few who think that what the Church always thought right is right, because it's what… the Church has always believed. Their number is small, and it is going to become smaller in the foreseeable future. They are, truth be told, very polemic and very assertive. They must be, because they are the few besieged in Fort Alamo, whilst their besiegers can smile and relax, looking at their endless cohorts, and play the nice guy whilst they line the cannons against the fort.

“Look at how bitter those people are!”, the besiegers will tell to their plauding soldiers. “So bigoted, so unpleasant, so uncharitable, so… un-merciful!” So, or in similar word, they will cry, and the many public adulterers among their troops will be those who cheer the loudest.

“Compare with us, with our serene and profound theology, approved by the Holy Father himself! Aren't we the nicest bunch! Please applaud us, and remember us in your Will!”

Yes: we are few, and besieged. We hold a little fort of sanity, surrounded by the huge army of “give me an excuse” – “c”atholics, who possibly believe that as long as the numbers are with them, heaven will be too.


There's nowhere in Church teaching that salvation is earned by siding with the bigger side. The road to perdition has always been very wide, and with TMAHICH it is being enlarged and made to a superhighway as we speak. A generation that betrays Christ is a generation that Christ will discard, and not many might be those able to claim sufficient ignorance to at least make it to purgatory. May God have mercy on as many as He thinks fit among the deceived. May He punish the deceivers with all the might of His Justice.

What I see around me is an army of purpled puttanelle offering easy excuses, and cafeteria “c”atholics pretending to accept them; well knowing, all of the former as well as very many of the latter, that this is not what the Church has always taught; that it cannot be that Christ allowed the Church to deceive the faithful these two thousand years; that what they are being offered is the potion of some ecclesiastical Dulcamara, promising them the remission of sin and the obliteration of guilt against continued support.

The battle lines are forming. Fort Alamo on one side, and TMAHICH's immense and growing army on the other. But this Fort Alamo has Christ Himself defending it. It will be battered, gunned, left to hunger and thirst. But it will never be defeated.

Cheer up, then, and do not become despondent at the sight of the immense army around you. We have Christ's promise:

Non Praevalebunt.




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  1. Your best essay yet, Mundy! Spot on, keep up the good work. We need you!

  2. Yeah! I like you brother M. Very much, indeed.
    Hug from Argentina!

  3. 3littleshepherds

    I liked this one very much! So much of the current news reminds me of St. Hildegard’s discription of the Antichrist when she wrote, “He will tear down that which God has taught in the Old and New Testament and maintain sin and vice are not sin and vice.  Briefly he will declare the road to Hell is the way to Heaven.”

  4. I doubt Jorge’s following is that immense and I’m sure it’s not growing. There’s no nourishment with which it can grow. The followers of Jorge and, thus, of the Church of Rome will continue to decline, just as the ranks of traditional Catholics will continue to grow. Someday, there will be a reckoning and it’s not clear at all that faithful Catholics will be the ones relegated to the dustbin of history.

    • What I notice is not a kind of “followers” as a charismatic person would have; rather, a household name, a popular figure for the masses, the nice chap in white, or the Pope who tries to change the church.

      is the Dalai Lama really popular? I doubt. Is he a form of popular entertainment? Yes.

      I think Francis is – and will stay – in the same ball park: the “cool guy” getting a “thumb up” by drunkards, sluts, and concubines.


  5. 3littleshepherds

    I don’t think that Pope Francis is the anti-christ either. But it looks like what is currently being promoted, by numerous people, is the spirit of the anti-christ or the building of his kingdom. Just to read about the manipulating tactic going on of trying to turn vice into virtue and virtue into vice is scary. It would be really scary except that we know that Our Lady will raise her heel and crush it.

    • I agree.

      It’s taking the side of the devil every day of the week, one does not know whether because one does not think the devil exists, or not.


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