Extreme Mercilessness

The founded rumour reaches us that Francis has asked the list of the bishops ready to give a home to those willing to leave the FFI.

Reflect one second if this is not a very reasonable suspicion. Reflect whether such a behaviour would be, through and through, like him.

A Chinese reeducation camp is the nearest alternative this man has in store for devout Catholics, of course barring laicisation. The rumour may or may not be true – considering both the source and the gravity of the accusation it rather probably is – but truth or not truth, the extreme reasonableness of the suspicion makes the difference rather limited in practice. If he is not doing it, he is certainly the type who could do it. This kind of extreme mercilessness is just the kind of thing you'd expect from TMAHICH, talking all the time about “mercy” when it is convenient to flog Catholicism.

This is the time to say “enough” and to write to the SSPX – where true Catholicism lives – asking to be admitted to be able, one day, to be a Catholic priest as God commanded. May it be true that we are being punished with many bad priests for our arrogance and rebellion, I still do not think God wants to deprive the faithful of the few priests who really take things seriously.

Certainly, for many an FFI friar it will be an unpleasant experience to realise that the SSPX was right all along. Sure, the one or other may feel martyrdom is the way God has called him to.

But I cannot avoid thinking that all of them, without exception, became FFI friars because they realised they had a vocation to be sound and faithful Catholic friars and priests, uphold Catholic thinking, defend the Truth, be a shepherd to the sheep.

Up to the SSPX, then; hoping to be considered worthy of admission or affiliation.

The SSPX is where sound Catholicism is.


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  1. Cardinal Msgr. Ricca is hoping to penetrate the SSPX in the same way he penetrates others so that he can dissuade them from accepting these fallen FFI into their ranks.

    In other news: Pope Paypal the First has just named Morrissey to be his Goodwill Ambassador to those sheep inhabiting the fringes. While these fringers are not expected to smell any better, their hairstyles are expected to improve.

  2. Ironically, the FFI priests would be better off becoming prosperity gospel advocates, having massively expensive but ineffective plastic surgery and using their profits to buy a private jet and several mansions, like the dear friend of Francis, Kenneth Copeland. That way they would have regular and friendly access to HH who would assure them that their differences didn’t really matter.

  3. What are Fellay and Muller going to speak about against the FFI background?

  4. Mundy. I think you have gone too far on this one. Its only a roumour. Francis ain’t perfect and neither are you, or me for that matter.
    Lets be happy the UK is saved from an ugly divorce.

    • The fact is – as I have tried to explain – that the fact that this behaviour would be so much like Francis makes it rather irrelevant whether the rumour is, on this occasion, founded or not.
      The persecution of the FFI is almost unprecedented in its scale and lack of justification. Only a man with a ferocious will to break their spine would act in that way.
      Therefore, the mentioning of the rumour makes perfect sense.

  5. Sir Mundy,

    Something troubles me, greatly at that.

    The REAL St. Francis amazed his contemporaries by kissing a leper. It was both dramatic and a sincere testimony to his real & living faith.

    Does Pope PayPal have the faith to kiss an Ebola victim?, or would he merely convene his Bishop Tony Palmer evangelical types, those wacky Speaking-In-Tongue Catholic Charismatics and the Kiki & Kookie NeoCats for a big tent revival prayer service?

    If Pope PayPal is so full of the Spirit, why doesn’t he take the next plane to Ebola Land and wash the feet of victims, kiss them and heal them? Isn’t that what a real BOR do?

    Just wondering.

    • Well no. I do not think a Pope – any Pope, particularly a decent one – should feel obiged to put himself at danger in order to show he is a real Pope.

      The gesture would also not be the same, because kissing a leper in St. Francis’ time (when the transmission vehicles were not known, Wikipedia says it’s nasal droplets; it was oalso not know only 5% of the population could contract the disease) was a much more courageous act than for Francis to kiss an Ebola victim, as we know today that Ebola is only transmitted through bodily fluids.

      Actually, I almost fear Francis might come to the idea of doing just that. His popularity would skyrocket, at no risk for him.


  6. Maybe all those poor priests and nuns could be accepted by SSPX and if they are no longer under his aegis might be able to remain intact.

    • I doubt more than a couple of dozen would go to the SSPX. Most will, I think, accept the persecution and wait for better times.

      A mistake, I think. Thank God Archbishop Lefebvre did not think the same way.

      With every year that passes, the stature of that man becomes more clear to me.


  7. And not one good bishop to condemn this notorious evil persecution.

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