Pope Francis Is The ISIS Of The Church.

Read here on the Eponymous Flower how Francis is treating the FFI.

I leave you to the link to get the facts.

I point out, like a commenter did, that Francis said “soon, soon!” to the elderly devout couple asking them when the situation of the FFI would come to an end. Not only there is no “soon”, but it is clear the aim is the maimimg of the organisation, leaving am amputated body full of reactionaries meant to be “re educated” to Francis’ mantra of, erm, well, mercy.

This is the man we and the Church are dealing with. A commenter asks whether Francis is the ISIS of the Church, and another assents. How could any sensible Catholic who is not blind disagree? God is punishing us with the scourge of Francis, so that we pay the price of 50 years of rebellion. He sends us this unbelievably shameless man so that even the retarded and the Pollyannas may – at the latest, when their nephews are persecuted, or raped by Muslim fanatics – understand the madness that is still going on, now raging undisturbed in the very heart of the Vatican. May God free us from this disgrace, from this shameless little apprentice Peron with no respect for the Blessed Virgin, Our Lord, or His Church. Readers ask me: what does TMAHICH stands for?

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.


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  1. Now we’re talking!

    Mundy, you must be on spiritual steroids!!!!

    Thank-you with all my heart for your passionate clarity & integrity.

    A Holy Rosary on your behalf is on it’s way!!!

  2. I simply don’t have the words for this evil targeting of the good. What’s worse is that no cardinals or bishops are shouting out in condemnation. What a sick Church. Lord have mercy! Reparation!

  3. Reminds me of the old Youngbloods song “Darkness, Darkness…” God help us…

  4. Another instance of how a comment by the BoR was misunderstood; just one of countless sad examples of the triumph of hope over experience. When he said the situation regarding the FFI would be resolved “soon, soon” what he actually meant was that they would no longer exist so the situation would indeed be resolved.

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