Red, Atheist, No Time For His Family: Say Hello To Ed Milliband

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Slowly, more and more details of the new Socialist-in-Chief begin to emerge. Not all of them flattering.
Now, I do not care whether the man has sense of humour, or charisma, or the ability to deal with the media; I am far more interested in the Weltanschauung he carries in his new political office. After all this man could be, one day, the next Prime Minister.

Turns out that “Red Ed”:

1) is an atheist
2) is not married with his “partner”
3) has one child of whom he is not registered as the father

On 1) , he has said that he has deep respect of believers, or words to that effects. Fine, but I’d like to know who, as leader of a mass party with government ambitions, would ever say anything different. I can’t imagine he would, whilst paying respect, ever do anything for Christian values in this…

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  1. Ahem…just noted the author of the FT piece and thought it very well written. Something tells me she holds you in thrall some days and drives you to drink on others…

  2. Oops…the above comment goes with the nuns in habit piece. Sorry!

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